Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maggie's Photo Shoot

Hey guys!  Just had to share some fun photos I took of Maggie for my other blog (   I realized as I was working on it that I didn't have any unique photos of Maggie, so I grabbed my camera and started experimenting.  Some of them turned out pretty bad, but there were a few that were actually quite cute.  Btw, I'm still working on Samantha.  I haven't done the downy dunk yet.  I worked on her with the magic eraser and some of the marks I thought would come off easily didn't.  I'll probably have to try the Oxy 10 skin treatment, which hasn't worked very well for me in the past (basically because I'm not patient enough!), but we'll see how things go.  Anyway, on to Maggie! Hope you enjoy!

Maggie has so many flyaway hairs that I never notice until I take a pic! :)

This one's almost the same as the last one, but I really like them both. :)

She looks so sweet and wistful here.

And now, for my very favorite! Drumroll, please...

The funny thing is, this one was kind of a last minute one and ended up looking really cool by accident!

I'll be back soon with more fun stuff, so keep checking my posts.

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