Movie and TV Reviews

Here's a page of links to all of the previous movie and TV show reviews I've done.  I will also include any music or play reviews here.

I usually say this at the beginning of each of my review posts, but I'd like to remind my readers that I am a follower of Christ, and as such, my reviews will be influenced by my Christian world view.  I try to err on the side of caution and mention anything that might possibly be offensive or concerning to my audience.  I understand that not everyone will agree with my conclusions, and that's okay.  If you feel like leaving a comment regarding something you disagree with or if you have a question, please do so kindly and respectfully.  I want this blog to be a place where everyone can discuss things in a friendly, non-offensive manner. :)

-Beauty and the Beast 2017 (live action)
-Bollywood Movies
-Bollywood Songs
-Doctor Who
-Love Never Dies (Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom sequel) (warning: this one's pretty sarcastic and ranty!)
-My Little Pony Equestria Girls Movie
-Once Upon a Time TV series (review 1) 
-Once Upon a Time TV series (short review)
-Once Upon a Time TV series (review 2)
-Team Raoul (not exactly a review but includes some thoughts about "The Phantom of the Opera")
-The Avengers
-The Hunger Games
-Veer-Zaara again (more detail)
-Wreck-it Ralph

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