Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Items from Debonair Designs on EBay

There are two new knit sets up on eBay from Debonair Designs, with more on the way. :)

 "Snow Leopard"
Click HERE to see the auction. :)

"Tundra II"
Click HERE to view the auction.

More winter designs will be coming to her eBay listings soon! :D


Claire said...

this is completely random, but did you ever watch the Waltons? I'm such a big fan! :D

beast'sbelle said...

I think I've watched one partial episode. I didn't have a TV growing up, so most of the things I saw were at my grandparents, and somehow that's a show that never came up there. They didn't have cable or anything, so that may have been part of it. :) I think the main TV show I really remember watching was "The Cosby Show" (which I loved). We watched movies or Saturday Morning cartoons more than TV shows, though.