Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Gal's Cinderella Party

Okay, I'd like to start out by saying that last week was really crazy.  I started Weight Watchers on the 14th, which has been going pretty well overall (today was my first weigh in and I lost 3 pounds!!), but I've been in that stage where I'm just HUNGRY and I'm eating carrots and oranges like there's no tomorrow.  Also, I perhaps procrastinated just a teensy bit and therefore had a lot of last minute cleanup to do the morning of the party before Little Gal's guests arrived.  I'd also like to mention that my hubby was once again working another 11-15 hour Saturday after working a full week.  So due to these factors (and also throwing in 3 children with sin natures to match their mother's), ;)  I had a complete emotional breakdown on the morning of the party.  Which of course resulted in the fact that I was NOT completely ready an hour before everyone arrived like last week's party.  And while things were much better once everyone got there (it was mostly family, so not nearly as stressful), I was a bit out of it and not quite as on top of my game.

For those of you who are wondering, there really is a point to all this. ;)  Basically, I just wanted to explain why there weren't nearly as many nice pictures for this post as there were for Middle Gal's. :}  But enough excuses from me...on to the pictures I did get!

I was so pleased with Little Gal's beautiful Cinderella cake!  Isn't it impressive? :)

Here's a closer look at Cinderella.  We used another Chelsea (FKA Kelly) doll to play the part.  She is holding a Chihuahua, for those of you who are wondering.  "Cinderella's" skirt was made of cake (the most AMAZING cake known to mankind...part cake crumbs and part frosting all mixed together!), and then her actual dress was made of candy clay.  Her black choker was a black hair band.

Another look at Cinderella.  The sleeves apparently gave my aunt fits.  One of the sleeves refused to stay in place on her first few tries!!  

The pumpkins were gingerbread cookies covered with orange frosting.  The grass surrounding the pumpkins and the coach were Hershey's Kisses (another birthday request) covered in frosting.

The pond with the Happy Birthday message was made out of candy clay, just like Cinderella's dress.

Candy clay was also used to hold the four candles in place (since we didn't want to stick them in Cinderella's skirt...that wouldn't have looked as nice!).

The gingerbread trees were such a big hit at Middle Gal's party that my mom and aunt decided to do more for this party. :)

My mom really outdid herself with Cinderella's coach.  The coach itself was made of 3 gingerbread cookies of different sizes, stuck together with frosting.  The wheels were also gingerbread.  The blue of the coach and its door and top were made of candy clay.  The white of the wheels was frosting, while the blue swirls were candy clay.  Mom was hoping the coach would stay in place for the entire party!  The cookies were attached to the "sky" (a board covered with blue cellophane) with several skewers.  To help keep things in place, Mom propped up the front of the cake board (under Cinderella) to keep it at an angle.  

Apparently she didn't need to was really hard to get the cookies off of the skewers! ;)  We had to do it, though.  Little Gal requested the door of the coach as her cookie. :)

One last view of the whole thing.

The party itself was a breeze.  As I mentioned before, almost all of the guests were family, so I just got to relax and enjoy spending time with my loved ones as we celebrated Little Gal's 4 years of life.  I felt bad about my hormonal meltdown before the party, but I suppose everyone is human. :}  And thankfully, God is always ready to forgive my mistakes.

Well, 2 parties just one to go!  I'm really glad it's not this coming Saturday, though! ;)

More posts to come in the next couple of weeks...I have a lot of drafts in progress that I'm trying to complete. :)


Jenny said...

What a creative and original cake idea! I'm glad the party was enjoyable for you and your family!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Jenny! :)

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Glad that the end result and party went great. Sorry you had a meltdown I know it is really hard to deal with life somedays and it is so good that God and family forgive and we can pick up and continue.


beastsbelle said...

Thanks, TracAn. :) I'm very thankful for God's grace, that's for sure!

Elliebob said...


beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Elliebob! :)