Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back to School Craziness and Upcoming Posts

Hey everyone!  Sorry I've been pretty quiet over the past few days.  The girls went back to school on Monday, which in theory should have meant that my week would be easier...right? ;)  Wrong.  I feel like I haven't stopped moving since the week began!

On Monday, I took my aunt to see "Frozen" (she hadn't seen it yet).  It was a tough job to see it for the third time, but I managed to make the sacrifice without complaining too much. ;)  We haven't done something with just the two of us for a while, so it was really fun to have a "girls day". :)

Yesterday was art class day.  As the first class began, I thought how nice it was to be back, teaching kiddos to draw.  By the end of the second class, I was remembering why this teaching art thing wasn't all it was cracked up to be. ;)  Let's just say that the kids are still getting back into school mode after Christmas vacation. :}

Yesterday afternoon, I took Middle Gal to the dentist's office.  Because she has large teeth and a small mouth, she has to have the top of her mouth widened....which is NOT going to be a fun process (this was the first appointment, so now I know just what we're getting ourselves into).  She has four rubber bands around some of her top teeth that are slowly making space for the metal bands they'll be fitting her for next week.  I will say that our girls' dentist's office is incredible.  The hygienist who worked with Middle Gal did everything to make her feel at ease, and the whole atmosphere was warm and inviting.  It could very easily have been a scary appointment, but Middle Gal did a great job because of the way she was treated. :)

This morning, I got to rejoin the lovely ladies from my church's Bible study after missing for the past couple of months.  It was so refreshing to study God's Word and to hear how they had prayed for me while my family had been sick.  I always feel so spiritually rejuvenated after meeting with them. :)

Later in the day, I ran errands, spent some time with my mom, and took the girls to dinner.  And at last, I have a few minutes to sit before Oldest Gal comes home from AWANA and needs a shower.  I can hear Middle Gal coughing from her bedroom, which is making me a little concerned after our long stint with illnesses these past few months. :{  Little Gal has come out for a drink...has asked for a snack...and has (I believe) at last settled down for the evening. ;)  Hubby should be getting home from his commute within an hour or two.

Okay, I'm getting tired just typing all that out. :}

So, all that to say that the week has been a bit hectic, and isn't going to slow down much in the days to come.  I just thought I'd pop in here and let you guys know that I'm still alive. ;)  Doll reviews will be coming when I have the time and brain power to get them finished...I'll have at least one up by next week at the very latest. :)

Interested in what you have to look forward to?  Here's a little sneak peak of the three review posts that are in process:

Batman Taeyang Doll (found on eBay)

"Magnificent Mile" J-Doll (found at Tuesday Morning) :D

Via E. Alexis Doll (my mom's purchase)

These should all be up within the month.  Which one are you looking forward to the most? :)


N said...

They all look fun, but I have to say that I'm most excited about Alexis. I've been following her production process on Facebook, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Juliet XD said...

Good to hear that your family is, for the most part, all better now. I'm also having a hard time getting back into school, so I don't blame your art classes ;) I looking forward to the Via.E doll the most, I had heard about them before, it'll be nice to read one of your wonder reviews.
Hoping to hear that everyone is all better soon,

BlackKitty said...

I want to see the J-doll! Everyone is getting them and I want one so badly! They are too expensive to ship here so all I can do is drool helplessly at others' reviews.

Sorry about the teeth problems. You're extremely lucky to have a good doctor. The mouth widening sounds scary. I banged my face when my permanent teeth were just starting to grow. The dentist said something about an operation to straighten the teeth and I refused because I already had a terrible experience with anaesthesia. Hopefully you'll be able to fix your daughter's teeth painlessly.

Anonymous said...

Nanananananananaan BATMAN!!!!!!! ;)

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone. :) I'm so excited to get these posts done and share them with you. :)

BlackKitty, I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences. :( It's definitely not going to be a painless process, but having a great dentist's office certainly helps. I'm very thankful for good insurance!!

I'm still geeking out over my J-doll find. There were only two of them (the same one) at my local Tuesday Morning, and they were $20 each!! I couldn't pass up a deal like that. ;)

Lol, Anonymous, your comment was the first one I read, and I had forgotten the context of my post, so I couldn't figure out what on earth you were talking about! ;) Then I remembered my Batman Taeyang and it made a lot more sense. ;) It takes a while for the old brain cells to start working in the mornings. :}

beastsbelle said...

N, I'm glad you're looking forward to the Alexis post. :)

And Juliet, thanks for the well-wishes. I have two kiddos staying home this morning. :( Hopefully it won't be nearly as long of a stint this time around...

Anonymous said...

Cute dolls! Aww, poor Middle Gal :(. I had to have my mouth widened and it isn't fun. I'll pray for her :)

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Anonymous. It's going to be a long several months. :(

Ava Rose Milberger said...

What do I wanna see? To quote "Anonymous":

Nanannananananana BATMAN!!!

Anonymous said...

The expander isn't that bad. I personally felt the rubber bands hurt the most honestly. Since they really hurt, I thought braces and the expander would be even worse, but it wasn't so bad. I was a little older though. It hurts when you first are getting used to it, but after a while it gets in the way but doesn't really hurt.

beastsbelle said...

Lol, another Batman fan! ;)

Anonymous, thanks for stopping by and sharing the info. Middle Gal is pretty sensitive to pain of any kind, but so far she's been very brave, so hopefully the whole experience won't be to traumatic for her.

Ampy Moh said...

I get your feeling about the getting back to school day, It's like your whole world is suddenly slowed down.

and that taeyang Batman is gorgeous!
do they have tony stark? I need him for reasons :P

beastsbelle said...

Hi Ampy. I haven't seen a Tony Stark Taeyang yet, just Batman, Catwoman, and Batgirl. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're so lucky to find a J-doll! Now I need to run over to my Tuesday Morning and see if they have any.

beastsbelle said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw her there! I hope you find one too! :)