Friday, October 31, 2014

New Big Hero 6 and Frozen Items on

Hey guys!  Just wanted to pop in really quickly and draw your attention to a few new items up on the Disney Store website.

First, the Big Hero 6 Go Go Tomago doll has been on the site for some time, but today Honey Lemon was added.  Both dolls are super cute and detailed.  I can't wait for this movie to come out, and seeing these fun dolls makes me even more excited. :)

Secondly, I noticed that the big new Frozen Deluxe Doll Gift Set with Anna and Elsa in their coronation outfits that includes Kristoff and Hans is up.  It's $79.95 for the whole set, which is only about $10 more than the original deluxe set was, and that only came with two dolls.

Finally, the Disney Store also has a 40% off sale on select items.  There was nothing I found too exciting, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.  You can see all of the sale items HERE.

Happy Shopping, everyone!  I'll be back later to announce the winner of the Glo Friends Giveaway. :)


Anonymous said...

thanks and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! :D

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks for this news! I had seen the Go Go doll - cute! - but not yet Honey Lemon. Hope to see the guys soon, too.

Ampy said...

yay! Happy Halloween!
thanks for posting these!
I love how the honey doll doesn't look like rapunzel.

and the deluxe doll gift set...well,
bummer,I already have hans and sewn my own coronation stuff, it seems that this set has 2 different tiaras though(the first one had 2 same tiaras.)