Monday, January 5, 2015

New Mini DAC Dolls on the Website with FREE Shipping!

Hey everyone!  I've got to get girls to school, but I wanted to do a quick post to let you know that the mini DAC (Disney Animators Collection) dolls have appeared on the website.  Even better, for two days Disney Store is offering free shipping on any purchase from their new releases (which includes the mini DACs) when you use the code SHIPNEW.

Here are the mini DACs that have been made so far:

Mini DAC Anna (original image HERE)

Mini DAC Elsa (original image HERE)

Mini DAC Ariel (original image HERE)

Mini DAC Cinderella (original image HERE

Mini DAC Jasmine (original image HERE)

I think they did a great job with these, and I love the fact that they have the same cute faces as the larger DAC dolls, but are smaller and easier to store.  I love all of their fun accessories and pets, too.

Anna and Elsa will definitely be coming home with me at some point.  Will any of these dolls make their way to your collections? ;)

Happy Shopping!

P.S. Thanks to Hollys Dollys on Facebook for bringing to my attention that these finally showed up online! :)


Farrah Lily said...

These are so cute! As my collection grows, I am always looking for mini versions of things I like as their size seems less overwhelming. I think I may have to get the two Frozen gals (their accessories are perfect!)... I hope they do mins of Snow White and Belle as well as they are my other favorite DAC dolls :). Thanks for sharing the info!

Victoria Tangled said...

This mini dolls are amazing! I must buy little Anna and Elsa <3

Meritre said...

They are really cute! I wish we had a Disney store or at least an online store. I hope they'll make all girls and boys.

Jan said...

Oh goodness, if I could afford it, ALL of them would be coming home with me!! ;-). They're so small and adorable, and I love all the fun accessories. I especially love that Anna and Elsa each come with one of the dolls Anna is playing with during Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? Disney Store sure has me pegged on what I will buy....and I just may have to order one of these cuties. :D


Shannon said...

If I walk into a Disney store and these are in stock, I will be in trouble. I've always loved the Animators dolls, but with their size, and my little girl not being that interested in them, I haven't gotten many of them.

It says they're 5", so I'm curious to see how they'll look next to other dolls.

MyLittleMegara said...

Thank you so much!! Anna should join my family any day now. :)

Jora Sluap said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah !!!!!
this the best thing since THE DAC STARTE!!!!!!!!!

akasailorsea said...

These are so cute! Anna, Elsa and Cinderella will work their way into my collection at some point. I hope they make some for Merida, Mulan, and Pocahontas.

jSarie said...

These are adorable!

I keep trying to avoid picking up mini-dolls, but lines like this are making it a real challenge!

~C~ said...

They are super cute! I think Anna, Elsa, and Cinderella will join my collection someday. I made my own blog and I would really appreciate if you could check it out sometime too!

beastsbelle said...

Yikes-a-roni!! I didn't realize I was so behind on comments! So glad you guys enjoyed hearing about these. :) My mom ordered Elsa and Anna, so I should be able to have some detailed pics for all of you within the next week or so. :D

C, your blog looks great. Keep up the good work! :)