Friday, April 1, 2016

Guest Post by Tess and Maggie: Fan Mail Friday

Hey humans! Maggie here. Did you miss us? Of course you did. Tess and I promised you a guest post here on Hannah's blog ages ago. Little did we know she was such a blog hog and wouldn't let us post until now.

Oh, surprised that we call Mama "Hannah" now? Here's the thing. Now that Hannah isn't anonymous anymore, we don't have to keep her name a secret. Tess still likes calling her "Mama." (Yes, yes, Tess, I's pronounced ma-MA like they say it in those stuffy Jane Austen movies. I think you bring this up every time we say it on the blog.) The rest of us, however, are relieved to use her real name and stop talking like some boring period drama character. (No Tess, I don't think I need to apologize to any of Hannah's readers who are Austen fans. They know me by now. And if they don't, too bad. They should go watch a real movie. Like The Avengers.)

So apparently a couple of months back, Hannah shared some ideas for possible future posts, and one of them was "Fan Mail Friday." In February she got one package and planned on doing a post. As usual, though, time got away from her. (Seriously, I don't know what this lady does all day.) 

Then March came and went (as of yesterday). She got two more cards and one more package...all from the same person! Best. Reader. Ever.

I have to say, she's making the rest of you look bad. ;) 

*Tess takes over the keyboard.*

Um, Maggie, you really shouldn't say things like that. We don't want Mama's readers to think that she's ungrateful.

*Maggie regains control of the computer.*

Whatevs, Tess. Look, if you're going to interject things into my conversation, maybe we should color code our words, like we used to do on our amazing blog, Jane Austen and Unicorns. (Yes, that was totally a shameless included.) ;) I'll be blue and you be purple, okay?

All right, I suppose that works for  me.

So, this awesome reader who keeps sending Hannah goodies is Treesa from Hannah wanted me to tell you guys to be sure you stop by and check out her website. It's all about fashion dolls, which, as most of you know, are not my favorite dolls in the world. Still, a lot of you will probably enjoy it.

I thought the blog was rather lovely.

You would. But moving right along. Treesa's first package for Hannah had this card:

A bit pink, but totally something Hannah would like.

Treesa also sent Hannah two Love-A-Bye Babies (thrift store rescues, apparently). 

She was especially excited about this dark-haired one. It's one she had as a little girl, and she's been looking for her for a while.

The babies are cute enough. A bit on the fussy side, but Hannah says that's how babies are.

Treesa also sent Mama a lovely handmade card celebrating spring...

...and an Easter card as well.

I think she makes the cards herself. :)

On the same day Hannah got her Easter card, she got another package from Treesa. But this one had a card inside addressed to us:

We decided since Hannah kept putting off doing her Fan Mail Friday post, we would do a unboxing/Fan Mail Friday post for all of you.

We hope you don't mind us taking over. I think Mama was relieved for the help. She's been really tired ever since she got back from her writers conference. With Papa's new night schedule and all three of Mama's daughters home for Easter break, it's been pretty hectic for her.

So, let's read the card already and see what it says.

Oh, she's so sweet!

Here's her message to us. I like her already. :)

Time to open the box! Oh, cool, there's a ton of stuff in here! How about we take turns opening stuff and showing it to everyone?

That sounds perfect. I'm so excited! I wonder what she sent us?

I'll go first. Here's a really cool silver pin just our size with a poem Tess and the other sentimental ones will like.

Here's a closer look at the pin. Isn't it awesome?

Oh, look! She sent us a pretty pink notebook with the word "Smile" on the front.

It has lots of pages for keeping a journal or writing stories.

Here's another one with the word "Delight" on the front.

Ooh, I like this one the best. Such a beautiful shade of lavender. It says "True" on the front.

This one's kinda cool, too, with all of the flowers and fabric. I wonder if she decorated these herself?

One last package! I wonder if this is the jewelry she was talking about?

It is! Look how many necklaces there are! 

Oh, I love this one so much! I've been needing a necklace for ages! I hope I get this one.

I'd say go for it. If you like it that much, I doubt anyone would fight you for it. Check out this one. It's perfect for Rachel.

Oh, and this one would look wonderful with Jenna's green eyes. Or Emma's.

Hmm, now I can't decide which one would be better for Rachel. She'd really like this lighthouse one, too. There was a lighthouse where she used to live before she moved here with us.

Look, another heart necklace! It matches the first one almost perfectly! It could be a best friends necklace. 

Um, before you suggest that we wear them, let me just say that cutesy heart necklaces are not my thing. But you're still my best friend. Maybe Hailey or Ella would want to wear it with you. 

This is the last necklace. I love how cool and simple it is. 

I wonder if she made these herself?

If she did, she's super talented. Try on the heart one you liked, Tess. I want to see it on you.

Oh, it's perfect! I love it.

What do you think, Treesa? Does it suit me?

So, we want to give a big shout out and thank you to Treesa for giving us so many cool gifts. We'll go divvy up the spoils here in just a bit. Thanks for thinking of us.

Yes, thank you so very much, Treesa. I love my new necklace. I'll think of you and your kindness every time I wear it. 

We also wanted to make sure we said thank you for Mama. She has been so encouraged by your sweet notes and fun gifts. :)

Since you were our only reader who sent fan mail these past two months, we wanted to give you something special. Mama will be sending you Kristoff and Anna Little Kingdom dolls. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as Mama does. They're one of her very favorite new doll lines.

We also wanted to show everyone Treesa's cards, the first three hanging in Hannah's fan mail section on her wall: 
They always make Mama smile when she looks at them.

But as you guys can see, there's a lot of space left for other cards and letters, both here...

...and on the wall next to it. So, if any of you want to send a card, Hannah would be thrilled. Seriously. It doesn't take much to get her all excited. Me, I'm partial to gifts or money. For Hannah, just nice words make her day. Weird.

Maggie, you really shouldn't say things like that, especially as a guest blogger. What will Mama's readers think?

Hey, everyone loves a snarky writer, okay? It's my signature style.

Um, sometimes less snark and more sincerity might be a better choice.

Whoa, look at you, getting a backbone and everything. Write it on the calendar!

We really should wrap this up. 

I guess. So, hope you guys enjoyed this post. After this, it'll be back to Hannah's usual sweet, semi-boring posts.


Sorry! I can't help it. I open my mouth and this stuff just comes out.  Okay, wrapping things up before Tess never speaks to me again.

I would never do that to you. 

I know. You're too sweet for your own good. So, people (and dolls, if any of you happen to be reading this), have a nice weekend and hopefully you'll hear from us again sometime in the next millennium. 

Oh, and before we go, Mama wanted us to mention that she's working on several review posts that she'll hopefully have up by next week. :)

Laters, everyone!


Tess and Mags


Meritre said...

I knew these posts will be lovely!
I have something planned but I can only send it per email :( Does that count?

AddyLovesWolves said...

Love it :)

Treesa said...

Dear Tess and Maggie,
I'm so glad you liked the care package I sent. As for whether I made the stuff myself, I guess that depends on your definition of 'handmade'. I'm not one of those hardcore crafters who can sew a journal together from scratch. I buy premade journals and then decorate the covers to make them more personal. The one with the fabric and the embroidered flowers took a little more time, but it wasn't that difficult, since the flowers were a premade iron on applique. As for the jewelry, I guess you could say I assembled them more than made them. I bought the pendants premade, then I took a spool of chain and cut the proper lengths. String the pendants on the chains, attach some clasps with pliers, and you're done. The cards are more of a grey area. I design them myself, but sometimes I do use premade embellishments. I hope my picking things apart like this doesn't cheapen the gifts for you. A lot of planning went into them, and I sent them with the best of intentions. I just feel uncomfortable taking credit for things if I don't really deserve it.
Be sure to tell Hannah (beastsbelle) how grateful I am for the gift she's sending. I'll be watching my mailbox for it.
Signed, Treesa

Farrah Lily said...

How cute, what a nice thing that Treesa did. Cute way to do a "Fan Mail Friday!" :) Good to see you again, Tessa and Maggie!

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hello, Meritre! Email fan mail is lovely, too. Mama enjoys hearing from her readers in whatever way is easiest for them. :)

Thank you, AddyLovesWolves! :)


Hey Treesa! It sounds close enough to handmade for me. ;) You should see me try to "assemble" ANYTHING. It definitely doesn't cheapen the gifts, either. Your stuff was awesome, and it was really cool getting to open everything. All the girls enjoyed seeing the goodies, and we're currently working out who's going to get what, and which items we'll share.

We'll pass along your message to Hannah, too. She'll be happy you're looking forward to your dolls.

Thanks, Farrah Lily. Glad we could be here to liven things up a bit. ;)


Zen Dolls said...

I enjoyed reading this post. What kind of dolls are they?

MyLittleMegara said...

Yay, a guest post!! Tess and Maggie did a great job. I've missed their perspectives. And what a nice thing for Treesa to do! I love all the little necklaces, they're so cute!

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hello Zen Dolls! I'm a Gotz Little Sisters Tess doll, and Maggie is an Alexander Girlz doll from the Madame Alexander Company. Mama gave her a new wig, though. The Alexander Girlz are no longer being made, but I've heard that the dolls from the "Favorite Friends" line by Madame Alexander look a lot like her.

Hello, MyLittleMegara!

I'm so glad you enjoyed our post. It was so nice of Mama to let us be a part of her blog. Perhaps we'll do more posts here in the future. :)