Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Pics from Marcotsgirls

Hey guys!  Just wanted to add another quick post.  Ebay seller marcotsgirls, the creator of my beautiful Regency dress from the last post, sent me a link to her Flickr album that shows some of her past dresses.  Note:  these dresses are not currently available, but they give you an idea of the type of work she does.  Also, she has three new dresses listed on eBay right now, so be sure to click the link above and check them out! :) 

Click HERE and HERE to see marcotsgirls Flickr.com photos.  I hope you enjoy browsing through them as much as I did. :)


Miranda said...

Her pictures are stunning!!! :D


beast'sbelle said...

I completely agree! :) Glad you enjoyed them.