Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amazing American Girl Craigslist Finds that could be YOURS!!! :D


Okay, folks, here's the post I mentioned earlier.  Last week, while perusing through my local Craigslist, I came across a great selection of Pre-Mattel AG stuff being sold in 4 different lots.  They were way out of my price range, but it was so exciting to see that much amazing stuff near my hometown, I couldn't resist calling the seller.  I asked if she'd mind if I came over and just looked at the dolls, but as she was preparing to move, they were already all boxed up, ready to go out the door with a buyer or be shipped to an out of town buyer.  We had a really fun chat about AGs and our doll interests.  When I heard she was willing to ship, I offered to do a post about her stuff on my blog.  She thought that was a great idea, and sent me all of her pictures she'd taken and her complete inventory list.

A couple of the pictures are a little blurry, but most of them are nice and clear.  All of them should give you a nice idea of what she has available.

NOTE:  I have not seen the dolls in person.  From the pictures they appear to be in excellent, hardly played-with condition.  The seller also confirmed that the dolls are from a smoke-free home.  She has a dog, but the dolls have been stored in containers with cedar chips, so they don't have pet hair on them. ;)  As I haven't personally seen the dolls, I can't answer any detailed questions.  If you're interested in anything, you can contact the seller directly (I've included her email address below) and ask her any questions that are important to you.

 If I had a little more extra money on hand right now, I would swoop this stuff up!  :)  I figured if nothing else, you would all enjoy seeing such a great collection of American Girl stuff from the past! :)

Here is what she has to offer:

   R = retired
   A = archived 2008

American Girl of Today Collection: Long Brown Hair / Brown Eyes- $170  SOLD!!

Clothes: all Clothing is retired and in excellent condition
     -Today’s Girl Outfit I: Pink Leggings and Tee Shirt, White Shirt, Denim Vest and Hat, Shoulder bag, Black flats / R
     -Jacket / Cap / Blue Jeans Basics: Black high top tennis shoes, yellow socks, black belt, red tee shirt / R
     -Ballet Outfit I: Pink, Tiara, Wand, Slippers, Stockings and Angel Wings / R
*Girls Matching Denim Hat one size fits all / R

Accessories: all accessories are retired and in excellent condition
     -Yellow Bunk Bed with ladder, mattresses and pillows / R
     -Sleep Sack / R
     -Grin Pin Banner with pins included / R


Felicity Doll Collection / Retired- $150  SOLD!!!

     -Riding Habit and Hat / R
     -Rose Garden Gown and Ribbon /R

Felicity's Accessories: Cap, purse, coin, hanky, beads and garter ties

Addy Doll Collection- $125  SOLD!!!

Clothes (not pictured):
     -Winter Coat
     -Tartan Plaid Dress

     -Addy's Accessories: Straw hat, napsack, shell necklace
     -Tin Pail Lunch / R (not pictured)
     -Needlework Kit: Needle book, hoop, apron, make-believe kerosene lamp / R (not pictured)
     -Shoes and Socks (black, beige, white)

Samantha Doll / R and Lot $550 SOLD!!!

Samantha is a retired WHITE BODY doll...just beautiful!!

Doll Travel Set / R [Included with purchase of Samantha]

Rattan Basket with ruffled cover

Garment Bag with Hanger

Ditty bag includes: hair-rollers, hairbrush, doll sized towel, washcloth and doll cleansing powder

     -Lacy Pinafore Dress and Rosebud Circlet / A
     -Flannel School Dress / A
     -Tea Outfit / R
     -Play Dress with Hair Ribbon / R
     -Cranberry Party Dress / A
     -Winter Outfit: Plaid Cape & Gaiters / A
     -Kimono and slipper / A
     -Nightgown / A
     -Lacy Whites / A

     -Samantha’s Accessories: Hat / purse / coin / handkerchief/ A
     -White Fur Cap and Muff / A
     -Victorian Valise / R
     -Samantha’s Doll I / R
     -Party slippers / A
     -Christmas Music Box / A
     -Victorian Lemonade Set / A
     -Hair Ribbons / A
     -Party Treats / A

Bed with white comforter and pillow/ A

Travel Trunk with mirror (bonus of plastic AG hangers) / A

Commode / A

Wicker Table and Chairs with cushions / A

Bonus when you buy Samantha’s Collection:

Molly’s Evergreen Velvet Dress I (retired) and Rain Slicker and Hat

Here are some pictures of this amazing lot:

Sam in her meet outfit and accessories (in white socks instead of her original black tights)

Sam's white body

Back view

And here's all her stuff!!! 

Sorry...Blogger decided to upload this and the picture of Sam's clothes sideways! :}

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the items, you can contact the seller directly at  She accepts Paypal or money orders.  The buyer is to pay actual shipping, which will vary depending on your location.

Wow, I feel like I just browsed through an American Girl history museum or something! :)  Whoever ends up with this stuff will have one amazing collection! :D


Hayden said...

I'm drooling over all the Samantha accessories... if I had money....oh yes!!! Although it's actually just as well that I don't have any because there would be no dolls left in the world if I did :)

beast'sbelle said...

I'm with you, Hayden! I love the Samantha stuff, too. I also loved Addy, and the bunk bed and sleep sack...and...well...ALL of it!! :D

Kendall said...

I've wanted those bunks for a long time......but its not like i'm getting it (im 11) so basiclly I HAVE NO MONEY!! HEHE

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Kendall. The bunk beds would be lots of fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this this stuff! This site is off the hook! My fav! :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Anonymous. :)