Friday, August 5, 2011

Tess and Maggie's 1 Year Blogoversary and Giveaways

Hi everyone!  Just thought I'd let you know that Tess and Maggie are celebrating their 1 Year Blogoversary today.  In celebration, they're doing a week of giveaways.  For the next 7 days, they'll be giving away doll posters.  They'll choose a winner every day, so you have 7 chances to win something. :)  If you'd like more details, click HERE to see today's giveaway post.  Today's giveaway is an autographed poster of Tess and Maggie, and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning, so hurry on over and enter! :) 

I also just had to share some fun pics of my daughters' dolls.  I did a big photo shoot yesterday for Tess and Maggie's blog, and the girls got into the spirit, too!  They dressed all of their dolls and lined them up in our hallway.  Then they explained what each doll was "saying".  (I had also worked on a photo story for Belle's Bulletins, so they kept asking what the dolls were saying in each photo.) ;)

Here's the lineup! :)

My oldest daughter's doll, Dorcas, is supposedly trying to adjust her tiara (according to my daughter).

Here's Rapunzel waving hello.  And yes, I did cut Rapunzel's hair.  Her hair was too overwhelming for my daughter.  I was going to re-wig her, but my oldest decided she liked her with her new short haircut. :)

Here are my middle daughter's dolls.  I didn't get the scoop on what these gals were up to. :)

Here are my youngest daughter's dolls.  I think they were saying "Ta-daa!" or something like that. :}

These are my oldest daughter's other dolls.  Josefina is doing a dance.

And here is my middle daughter's Faith and Friends doll.  She is a "swimming girl" and is praying that her swimming lesson goes well (this could have something to do with the fact that my daughter did NOT enjoy her swimming lesson today...water up the nose and accidentally being pulled under by her younger sister didn't add up to a pleasing experience!). :}

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  Don't forget to pay Tess and Maggie's blog a visit! :)


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

All the girls look cute all dressed up and photographed .. let them know they did a great job .. everyone looks so cute ..


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, TracAn! :) I'll be sure to pass the message along. :)

Korianne said...

Love the new header! And who's the tiny friend near the Josefina doll?

beast'sbelle said...

Hey Korianne! I've missed hearing from you. :) Glad you like the header...I had a lot of fun putting it together. :) The "tiny friend" with Rachel is a Thor action figure from the Marvel movie that was released this year. Rachel is my Marvel superhero nut. :)

Bama said...

Happy anniversary to Tess & Maggie!

Your daughter's did a great job. Too cute!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Bama. :)