Thursday, September 6, 2012

My New Doll Rooms Post #4 (Tess and Hailey's Room)

Thanks for hanging in there through all of these doll room posts. :}  I wanted to share as many details of the rooms as I could without creating the longest blog post known to mankind. ;)

So, for those of you who are new to this, I've provided links to the first 3 doll room posts here:

      Hayden and Jenna's Room
      Emma and Charlie's Room
      Rachel and Maggie's Room (plus the BFC Ink/Hearts 4 Hearts Room)

Now, it's time to move on to the 5th and final room:  Tess and Hailey's room. :)

This was another one that took me a while to figure out.  Tess and Hailey have been there from almost the beginning, so they have a lot of stuff and several cute pieces of furniture that I really wanted to fit.  It took some time and lots of trial and error, but I finally figured out the best way to get everything just right. :)

First off, we have Hailey's Hello Kitty nightstand/shelf that my mom found for me at Goodwill.  On top, Hailey has her pink Hello Kitty figure, a box of CDs, and her Littlest Pet Shop chameleon...or maybe it's an iguana?  She prefers to think of it as a chameleon, since then it reminds her of Pascal. :)

The first shelf has her Hello Kitty tape, hole punch, and stapler, along with her scrapbook and other books.  The Hello Kitty drawer is full of some of her extra books, collectibles, and other various items.   

Here's Hailey, having fun with her Rapunzel and Flynn dolls.  Her chair is the same one that used to be in Hayden's room.

Hailey's shelf is one of my favorite pieces of doll furniture, because it has so much display space. :)  The top shelf has, from left to right, her Hello Kitty calendar from McDonald's, her mini Valentine's Day kitty figure, her Hello Kitty bubblegum that Charlie brought back for her from Eureka, her mirror, a Hello Kitty figure, and her Hello Kitty gumball machine.

The second shelf holds her Hello Kitty pencil pouch, her Hello Kitty eraser/paper doll, 4 Hello Kitty Squinkies, her Hello Kitty hot chocolate, her Hello Kitty clock, two kitty Squinkies, and her Hello Kitty picture frame with a picture of Tess inside.

The third shelf has her Rapunzel doll, another Hello Kitty figure, a framed picture of Hailey and Charlie, her camera, a Hello Kitty pin back button, and her stuffed Hello Kitty made by TY.

The narrow shelf underneath holds her notebooks and other art supplies, and the drawer has even more random stuff (she must be a pack rat like me!). ;)

Next to her shelf is her cute stuffed bunny.  She loves him because he's so soft and cuddly.

In the middle of the room is Tess's curio cabinet, one of my other absolute favorite pieces of doll furniture.  It was originally supposed to be for jewelry storage.

On the top Tess has a porcelain doll, some framed pics, the miniature tea set Maggie brought her from Eureka, a clock, and her Holly Wildwood Sylvanian Families bunny.

A quick look at some of Tess's figurines and Kitty Squinkies.  I've probably mentioned this in a previous post, but my dad made a special wooden box to fit inside this so it would have shelves like a real curio cabinet.

Tess keeps an extra framed picture and her music box next to her dresser.

And speaking of her dresser, here it is.  At the risk of sounding repetitive, I have to say that this is yet another of my favorite furniture pieces.  It was a Salvation Army find.  

The top of the dresser holds Tess's books, her Hedgehog eraser, more framed pics, her miniature cottage, another mini tea set, and her beloved Anniversary Samantha doll.

Tess also has posters from some of her favorite Jane Austen movie adaptations, along with a little inspirational poster she got at Ladies Retreat last year.

Tess and Hailey's bed sits in front of Tess's dresser.  True, it's a bit of a squeeze to get both of them on there, but it works. ;)

Hailey and Tess both have a Miss AG Bear now. :)

Tess's cat, as yet unnamed (he was originally Marisol's cat Rascal), guards her "Pride and Prejudice" book.  I'm thinking I might name him Diamond or Ace, and "he" might end up being a "she" instead.  I haven't decided for sure yet.

Oh, and their rug is another place mat.  It technically doesn't match very well, but it's lovely and old-fashioned looking, so I decided to use it anyway. :)

So now that you've made it through all of my doll room posts, here's a look at the entire doll room section of my bedroom.  Yes, I have an amazing hubby.  And as you know, these are not all of my dolls! :}

I've also taken some pics of the way I've rearranged the rest of the room, so stay tuned! :)


Cindybin said...

Great work, I could look at these pictures for hours! Such inspiration. I also have that same Ty purple bunny, it's so cute!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Cindybin. :) I love the bunny, too. He was a hand-me-down that was just right for the dolls. :)

Chris Jeffery said...

It’s amazing that, just like your daughters, their dolls also have their own room! Haha! I really find it cool. These dolls treated as though they are like us, provided with all the basic necessities they need. :))

beastsbelle said...

Thanks. :) I really enjoy trying to make each room as realistic looking as possible.

I've always enjoyed displays in miniature. When I was in Junior High, I used the bottom shelf of my locker as a room for a little sand-filled stuffed lizard. I even gave her a Christmas tree at Christmas time. :)

I also like having doll rooms because they're rooms I can actually keep organized and clean, unlike the rest of my house. ;)

Susan Cole said...

Your doll rooms are amazing. I really enjoyed viewing them andvactually got some great ideas from yours. Beautiful job. Thank you for sharing.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Susan. I'm glad you enjoyed them. :)

Chris said...

Your doll room looks really good! It seems you put a lot of time and effort into getting all your dolls in place, and they seem be taken good care of. I know it isn’t easy to take care of so many dolls, so kudos to you! :)


beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Chris. I've really enjoyed setting all of this up.

As far as taking care of them, the main problem I have is dust. As you can imagine, it takes quite a while to pick every little item up and dust underneath and around it, so I don't dust the rooms nearly as often as I should. ;)

Other than that, I find it pretty easy to take care of them. I don't think I could add too many more without feeling overwhelmed, though. ;)

butter said...

*gasp* What a great idea to use for that pink shelf! I have the same one, but rather then just one drawer, I have two. It's Molly's doll shelf. The top is where she has her favorite Snow White mini Lalaloopsy, her mystery bag My Little Pony's and a trophy. the next shelf is the rest of her lala's and the third shelf is the furniture for them from the 7 dollar packs. ;)

beastsbelle said...

Sounds perfect! :)