Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Little Break

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that I'll be taking a couple of weeks off from active blogging.  Things are really busy right now, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I have a few bloggy things I'd like to rework and rethink in the next few weeks.  I'm also horribly behind on my emails, so I'm hoping to attack those and get all caught up (my apologies to those of you who are waiting on return emails from me). :(

I have some great stuff planned for next month...I'm tentatively planning a blog party, but I have to make sure I can get all the details arranged. :)  I also have a TON of posts in draft that I hope to get all caught up on.

(Speaking of blog parties, Kellie is hosting her annual Literary Heroine Blog Party at Accordion to Kellie.  I was really hoping I could participate this year, but I just couldn't quite pull it off.  Be sure to stop by and check out the fun...her blog parties are always enjoyable.) :)

I'll still be publishing comments, but I may not be able to respond to them immediately like I normally do.  Also, comment moderation is on (as always), so don't worry if your comment doesn't show up right away.

I guess that's about it for now.  Be sure to check out my Disney Store Toddler Elsa and Toddler Anna review that I published earlier today. :)

Hope the rest of your month goes well, and I'll talk to all of you again in March!! :D


Kelly said...

I hope your blogging break is refreshing for you. :)

beastsbelle said...

Thank you, Kelly. :) I'm sure it will be. I just feel like I need to take a breather and relax for a between teaching art, catching up on emails, catching up on draft posts, planning a blog party, planning a family party, doing a blog interview, keeping my house clean, exercising, spending quality time with my kiddos and hubby...yeah. One day at a time. ;)

Gracie said...

I hope you enjoy your break! I know you have a very busy life so it will be good to lay off for awhile. And who knows, you might think of some great ideas!

I might not be on much during march.I thought I wasn't moving until summer, but all of a sudden my Mom said we will be in the new house by the middle of march! And that means my internet might not work unill about the end of march. :( Plus i'm putting all of my dolls in thier original boxes and keeping them in the car with me, so that will take awile. On top of that I have a HUGE test in a few weeks. So I guess March will be pretty hectic.

Thanks for reading my slightly oversized comment,

Anonymous said...

Will Tess and Hayden still have their posts up?

Mia said...

I'll miss you!

beastsbelle said...

Hi Gracie! I hope your move goes well...I know how hectic it can be. :)

Anonymous, Tess and Hayden's posts are two of the things I need to work on while I'm "on break". ;) I've really fallen behind on "helping" them post over there, so I need to get a little more organized and figure out what I'm doing. :}

Thanks, Mia! :)

Sunny_Harper1994 said...

I will miss you! My birthday is March 3rd, very excited since I might get some dolly goodies that is on my long, long, long wishlist!

Ampy Moh said...

it's bittersweet knowing about the break thing..
bitter : no posts/updates
sweet : better posts in the future(as always ;));possible new doll reviews

I hope you get to relax in your break!

also I have doll news!
There are new fake Elsa dolls circulating the black market.They sport Disney Store face with hollow plastic legs and bodies.They aren't fully rooted.None of them(as of now) have a fashion that is movie accurate and they all have mattel Anna dolls boots(minus paint details).
here's a link,Position,1-1,1

I have one wearing the short blue dress.she is not very fun to play with because of the hair issue and she may fool some people because of the face(everybody knows how expensive that facemold is nowadays)

beastsbelle said...

Hi Ampy!

Sorry I didn't end up getting to your comment until now. The good news is, now I'm back and you don't have to wait around for new posts anymore! ;)

Interesting news about the black market Elsas. I wasn't able to see anything when I copied and pasted the link, but it sounds interesting. It's good to be aware of these kinds of things, though, especially for readers looking for the real thing!