Thursday, August 28, 2014

American Girl's "BeForever" Launch

For those of you who don't know already, American Girl launched their re-vamp of their historical line, called "BeForever", last night on their website.  I haven't said anything about this new look for the line before this because I wanted to see actual photos before I formed any opinions.

I don't have much time now...I've got to get the girls to school and then I meet with my writing friends at the library for a few hours.  I plan on sharing my thoughts...and my daughters' thoughts...on BeForever later this afternoon.

Until then, here's a link to all the new stuff to tide you over. ;)  Talk to all of you soon!


Farrah Lily said...

Eeeek, I am kind of disappointed...I don't have any AG dolls yet and really liked a few of the original historical girls...their new outfits look too modern so I am not sure how I feel. These are totally taking the place of the old ones, correct?

Aileen said...

I'm really liking the new Samantha with all her pretty new clothes. I've read comments of people saying the new things aren't historically accurate. I haven't read any of her books though so I don't know about that but I like how everything looks especially her Frilly frock.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for beforever! You can buy the meet outfits SEPERATE from the dolls! I love this! I'm totally getting Samantha's! (I'm planning on buying Julie, Addy or Rebecca, so I don't want to buy their meet outfits.)

But I sure do wish Samantha's ice cream parlor was cheaper! :( and her bed, too.

Beastbelle, have you realized the true spirit outfit (MAG meet outfit) has a onesie style neckline? That's so odd!
I'm also planning on getting MAG 40 because she is basically me in doll form! I'm gonna name her my middle name(not saying what that is, though!)

Anonymous said...

I also want Isabelle, but I don't think I could save up 120$ by the end of the year....

Manta said...

Overall, I don't like the BeForever revamp at all. I didn't like it when it was announced and I don't like it now.
Most of the new meet outfits are lame in my opinion. They look like modern outfits that are trying to look historical...and they don't appear to be as detailed/well-made. Granted I haven't seen them in person though, so MAYBE they look different in person...
And SO MUCH PINK!! Doesn't AG know that not all little girls like pink??
Also, please don't call me on this because I'm not 100% sure (I'm, like, 90% sure;)), but some of the stuff doesn't look historically accurate either.

The one good thing is that they brought back Samantha...even if she is pink-ified.:P

(If you're reading this and you really like the revamp, please don't be's just my opinion, nothing else:))


beastsbelle said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I always enjoy hearing your thoughts. I'll save my own thoughts for my official BeForever post, which should hopefully be up sometime tonight. :)

beastsbelle said...

Claire, didn't get a comment from the person you mentioned, and I didn't publish yours. :)