Sunday, April 19, 2015

Zelfs Season Four (And Some Season Three, Too)

Well, my plan for an end of last week post turned into a beginning of this week post instead. Hope you don't mind too much. ;)

It's been a while since I've talked about one of my favorite current toy lines, the Zelfs. For those of you who haven't read my previous Zelf posts and want to start from the beginning, you can find them here: 

All caught up now? ;)

We've had a hard time in recent months finding the newest releases anywhere...until the beginning of last week. My mom found a bunch of the newest ones at the closest Toys R Us and brought them back for us. Hooray!! :D

The picture above shows all of our newest Zelf friends. The girls and I each have two new ones (Oldest Gal's Polly Roger pirate Zelf is still on her way in the mail). In this post, I'll focus on my two newest Zelfies, Ooma and Cyril. I'll also share detailed photos of the other Season 4 Zelfs, as well as some of our Season 3 Zelfs. 

Let's get started with Ooma and Cyril.

Here they are, still in their packages. The Zelf packaging is smaller and more streamlined than it was originally. 

Ooma the Red Panda Zelf

The back of her packaging.

Ooma's info and bio.

More package details:

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my Zelfs this time around. They no longer have clear rubber bands holding them in place. You just open your Zelf and lift him/her right out.

Ooma out of her packaging.

She came with a hair barrette and comb, as well as the typical Zelf "leaflet" and hair rubber bands.

The leaflet has bios and descriptions of each of the Season 4 Zelfs. A few of them (Petal, Cupie, Billy, Sugar Bunny, Chi, and Pandela) were originally released with Season 3 but have joined the lineup of new Zelfs again.

The other side of the leaflet has a map of Zardenia. My girls enjoyed looking at the map and finding all of their Zelfs in their "fabitats".

Ooma is a new favorite of mine. I love her bright coloring and cute expression.

Her little face is so sweet. :) She has a brand new face mold.

Unlike some of the other Zelfs, her body paint is quite simple, without any embellishments...

...aside from the little white Z on her bottom. I love the detail on her tail. :)

Her hair is fun with its golden tinsel. It will be interesting to see how it holds up compared to the regular Zelf hair.

Since Ooma is similar in coloring to Kitsu (the Fox Spirit Zelf from Season 2), I thought it would be fun to photograph them together. It's interesting how much shorter Ooma seems than Kitsu. I think it's Kitsu's tall ears that give the impression.

Their faces have very different molds and unique paint details.

Here they are from the back.

Their tails are quite different, too.

Let's move on to Cyril, the Squirrel Zelf. Here he is in his packaging.

Details from the front of the package:

Cyril's comb and barrette.

The back of Cyril's package...

...and his bio and other facts.

Like Ooma, Cyril comes with a comb, a barrette, a leaflet, and some hair rubber bands.

This little guy is so adorable! He was the Zelf I wanted most out of Season 4. :)

Aww!!! :D

His hair has an interesting, wavy texture, quite different from the other Zelfs in my collection.

Like Ooma, Cyril has a brand new face mold.

He has a few more details on his body than Ooma... well as a little Z on his backside and a fluffy squirrel tail.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of our new Season 3 and Season 4 Zelfs, since I haven't covered them on the blog yet. Most of these are my daughters' Zelfs, lent to me for the review. :) 

The rest of this post will be pretty brief, more like a visual guide than a review. The Season 3 Zelfs are still in some stores, but are getting harder to find. The Season 4 Zelfs are just starting to show up in Toys R Us. I'm pretty sure that's the only place to get them in the USA now. I've labeled each Zelf by season. Zelfs that appear in both seasons are labeled with a "Season 3 and 4".

Unicorn Zelf
Season 3

Moth Zelf
Season 3

Seahorse Zelf
Season 3

I thought I'd take a quick comparison photo of Sealia with my poor, well-loved Mermalade. ;) I think these two would make good sisters, or perhaps distant cousins. :)

Cloud Zelf
Season 3
(Sorry, I should have cleaned out her hair before this picture.) :}

Ty Foon 
Storm Zelf
Season 3

I also had to include a picture of Float and Ty Foon together, since they are sister and brother. :)

Garden Pixie Zelf
Season 3 and 4

Sugar Bunny
Bunny Zelf
Season 3 and 4

Ducky Zelf
Season 3 and 4

Panda Zelf
Season 3 and 4

Shooting Star Zelf
Season 4
(The next Zelf on my wishlist!) ;)

Robot Zelf
Season 4

Cowgirl Zelf
Season 4

Galaxy Zelf
Season 4

Monkey Zelf
Season 4

Zelicious Flitter
Pineapple-scented Dragonfly Zelf
Season 4

Zelicious Flitter comes with her own pineapple stand.

Doesn't she look cute? :)

Here is Zelicious Flitter next to the original Flitter.

Zelicious Elfa
Hibiscus-scented Forest Elf Zelf
Season 4

Zelicious Elfa comes with her own pink hibiscus chair. :)

Zelicious Elfa with original Elfa. These both belong to Middle Gal. She likes to pretend they are twin sisters. :)

Since I gathered all of these guys for photos, I thought it would be fun to do a few group shots. 

Here are all of the Zelfs belonging to Oldest Gal, Middle Gal, and Little Gal.

Here's a shot of my own Zelf collection.

I had to do an honorary photo of the two little Zelfs that started it all, Mermalade and Buttershy. Buttershy was my free sample Zelf, and Mermalade was purchased shortly afterwards. :) From there, the collection just kept growing. These little guys will always hold a special place in my heart. ;)

Here's the whole gang together, my Zelfs and the girls' Zelfs. And yes, it took a while to get this picture all set up. ;)

I'm not going to do my usual rating system this time around. I've reviewed the Zelfs enough that I think you all know how I feel about them by now. ;) 

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the newest releases from the line. If you would like more information, you can check out the Zelf website and Facebook page. There are lots of new Super Zelfs and several other Medium Zelfs that I didn't review in this post. :)

So, are any of these guys on your wishlists? :)


Nene said...

These are so cute. They still remind me of trolls, but they're also totally different. I think the animal ones are the cutest. I especially love the look of the red panda. So adorable!

Farrah Lily said...

Ok, so I think the Season 4 Zelfs have officially sold me! I can't get over how cute they are. I am a huge animal lover so these versions really appeal to me. I can't get over the seahorse one and the panda one. They are all really cute. They remind me so much of the trolls I used to collect back in the 80s! Awesome review.:)

MoxieFun said...

So cute!!! Congrats!

KiciaKocia said...

How strange! My Lullaby is missing hearts on her legs. (Also, could you provide better 'Please prove you're not a robot' thingy? This one is just annoying...)

beastsbelle said...

Thanks so much for all of the comments, everyone! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed the post.:) I really love all of the new Zelfs they're creating for these later lines. :)

KiciaKocia, I'm sorry the "please prove you're not a robot" thing is such a pain. I know Blogger changes it from time to time, but I don't know that I have much of a say in which one they use.

When I don't use the robot thing, I end up with a TON of spammy comments, which is very frustrating and time-consuming.

I'll try to look into it and see if I can select a different tool, but I don't know that I can on Blogger.

KiciaKocia said...

I fine with 'type this or that', but one, that you have picutres you have to choose is just unintuitive - I had to click on random pic untill it allowed me to post.

Meritre said...

I saw today them for the first time at a store. It was a Buttershy. They are really cute!