Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zelfs, Hearts For Hearts Girls, and Other Random News :)

Hi everyone!  Just a few little updates for you today. :)

First off, Hearts For Hearts Girls just posted on their Facebook page that they've entered a "Get on the Shelf" contest through Walmart.  If they get enough votes, the dolls could be sold in Walmart stores.  I know not everyone shops at Walmart, and not everyone even likes Walmart.  For those of us who do, however, I thought I'd pass the information along.  :)  To see their original post about it, you can go to their Facebook Page.  I've also included a link to the voting page HERE for those of you without Facebook.  Feel free to check into it, but it seems like everything is straightforward and legit.  I thought all of you Hearts For Hearts fans out there would want to know. :)

In other news, my mom found some of the "Lil Zelfs" at the nearest ToysRUs, so I have a few piccys to share with you. :)

The Lil Zelfs come in these adorable plant pots.  They are sealed with plastic, so they're a lot like blind bags in that you don't know which one you'll end up with. 

The top of the pot.

Info on the back.

Once you remove the plastic, you can see the Lil Zelf's hair.

The lid comes off to reveal your Lil Zelf.  

Here is Middle Gal's Zelf. :)  She got an Elfa in a pearl finish.  (Each of the Lil Zelfs come in either standard/normal, pearl, or glitter finishes.)

The Lil Zelfs also double as pencil toppers.

They include a leaflet that shows all of the available Lil Zelfs.

It also shows the three finishes.

The little plant pots have a small post at the bottom.  The hole between the Lil Zelf's feet fits around it just right, holding the Zelf in place.

Here is Little Gal's Zelf.  She got a standard Howlette.

Howlette has a little bushy tail in the back.

And here's a closer look at Elfa.

She has a little bottom just like my Medium Zelf Buttershy, but no tail.

And speaking of Buttershy, here she is with the two Lil Zelfs so you can get an idea of the size difference. :)

(By the way, in case any of you think I'm a horrible mother, Oldest Gal got a Zelf too...I just didn't get a picture of it for the blog.) ;)

The official Zelf website is now up and running, so if you want more information about these adorable little guys, click HERE.  You can also visit their Facebook page HERE. :)

And last, but not least, I will be working on the first part of my vlog today.  My camera battery is charging, and I just finished transferring all of my pictures from my camera card to my computer so I'd have plenty of memory storage.  I ended up with around forty four questions to answer, so I think the vlog will be a series instead of just one.  I mean, you know me...I'm so wordy, there's no WAY I'll be able to answer everything in one video! ;)  I did a "practice round" yesterday to help me think through some of the questions.  So stay tuned for that!  I'll post here when the first vlog is up. :)

Okay, I think that's about it for now!  Hope you all have a wonderful week.  I'm starting to feel just a wee bit panicked about everything I need to accomplish in the next two weeks...but with a lot of prayer and maybe some chocolate, I should get through. ;)

Talk to you soon!


Sparkie said...

I'm asking for the Zelf starter set for my birthday, since it's such a great deal. Six Zelfs for the price of...two or three medium, I think.

beastsbelle said...

What?! Zelf starter set? How did I miss that? Sign me up! ;)

Hope you get it for your birthday. :)

Sparkie said...

It's on BuyZelfs.com (I think).

beastsbelle said...

Thanks! I'll check it out. :)

Caitlin Dundas said...

I got a mini self today. it was flamy. She's so cute!

Tamsykens said...

I saw the Zelf's at Toys R Us yesterday. There's a large size too, bigger than your first one. They're about 7" tall I guess.I think they're much cuter in that medium size though. By the way, the ones I saw seem to have a theme of some sort. One was a mermaid.