Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Veer-Zaara Again (with pics!)

Hi everyone!  I finally found some downloadable pics from Veer-Zaara so you could see them and see where I got the idea for my Zaara doll.  I found LOTS of pics, so prepare yourself. :)

This is one of the posters for the movie.

After saving Zaara from a bus accident, Veer helps Zaara take the ashes of her Bebe (like a nanny or governess) to the place where her ancestors' ashes were spread.  On the way, she gets to see some different places in his country, India.  Here they're at a fair together.

The cinematography is so lush and makes you want to travel to India!

This is a picture of Zaara in the outfit I would love to have custom-made for my Zaara doll.  Her outfit is so bright and unique, and she wears it during my favorite song from the movie, "Lodi".

A still from the movie...this takes place during "Lodi", a funny and entertaining musical number.

Zaara and Veer together on the eve of Zaara's wedding to the son of one of her father's political colleagues.

Here are some stills from one of the most touching scenes of the movie.   I don't want to give too much away, so I'll just say that Veer and Zaara make a very selfless decision, thinking of others before themselves.  If it makes you tear up to see men cry, have a box of tissues on hand for this scene!! 

Some shots of Veer and Zaara:

Cast of Characters: 

Zaara Hayaat Khan:  a beautiful, spirited young Pakistani woman who travels to India to fullfill her Bebe's dying wish of spreading her ashes in Kiritpur with her ancestors. On her way there, she is in a bus accident and is rescued by a young Indian Air Force Officer.  Her life will never be the same.

Veer Pratap Singh:  A young Indian man, part of the Indian Air Force, who rescues Zaara.  After an initial misunderstanding, he finds himself hopelessly drawn to her, and asks her to spend one day with him in India. His life will be just as affected as Zaara's.

Maati (pictured here with Zaara):  Veer's loving but feisty aunt who has raised him like a son.  She and her husband become dear to Zaara after they welcome her in their home with open arms.

Chaudhary Sumer Singh:  Veer's sweet teddy bear of an uncle who's raised Veer as his son.  Chaudhary and Maati are the founders of their village, respected by everyone.  He is taken with Zaara and hopes Veer will marry her.  Zaara also inspires Chaudhary to start a high school for girls in their village.  

Saamiya Siddiqui:  The beautiful young attorney determined to discover the mystery of "Prisoner 786", even though he hasn't spoken in the 22 years he's been there.  She is doing this not only for him, but for women everywhere, trying to break into the masculine world of law. 

There are other characters, too, but I didn't find good pics of them.  This is just giving you a taste, anyway. :)

Veer and Zaara-reunited after 22 years.

Veer gives his touching speech in court.

If you can't tell, I really enjoyed this movie.  There was one song that was very sensual that I didn't care for (it's called "Main Ya Hain").  And you have to watch this movie in the right frame of mind.  Remember that Bollywood movies are always musicals, and they have a somewhat different style than our American musicals.  Some things might be considered corny in our culture, and some things are a bit over dramatic (like a close up on a face with suspenseful "duh duh DUH" music, which I may have mentioned before).  And in case anyone's forgotten, this movie is in Hindi with English subtitles.  So if you're not into foreign language movies with subtitles, this is not the film for you. :) 

The other thing to be aware of is that the characters' cultural beliefs, practices and rituals are displayed as well.  There's nothing obscene or anything.  I just wanted to give my sisters in Christ who are following my blog a "head's up" that this movie is not from a Christian world view.  Both Veer and Zaara at times doubt the decisions of the god they follow.  Zaara questions why she is being punished by her god when she's never done anything wrong in her life (which I find rather humorous...I've never yet met a person who hasn't messed up, even slightly, at least once in their life.  I think the idea is that she's never done anything major). :)  Veer has an almost fatalistic, "there god goes messing with me again" attitude at one point in the movie.

What I loved most about this movie was the character of Veer.  He portrays the type of selfless, unconditional love for Zaara that I think every girl dreams of.  It's the type of love Christ has for us, love that made Him willingly die for the sins of the world, so that we could be free.  Love can be so shallow in our world today.  It's nice to see this sacrificial, selfless love displayed in a movie.  

I also appreciated what this movie did for me.  Ever since 9/11, it's so easy to put all Muslims, Pakistanis, or Sikhs into one big lump and be suspicious of everyone.  This gave me a small glimpse into the East Indian culture.  It put faces and names to the people and places I've heard about.  I don't agree with the Muslim religion, but I am to show Christ's love to everyone, whether I agree with them or not.  This movie served as a good reminder of that.   To be quite honest, I find studying the cultures of other countries fascinating.  I think we can understand others more when we get an idea of their upbringing and their world view.   

I hope you guys will take the time to check this movie out.  I know I said this in my previous blog about my doll, but I'll say it again, just in case.  It's on Netflix and on the instant play option.

So, what do you think?  Did I capture a little bit of Zaara in my doll?  :)  I'd love to hear your comments.


American Girl Dolls Rock!! said...

this looks a like an outfit she would wear! Great job! Also thanks for following my blog!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks! I had lots of fun trying to get her look right. And you're welcome (about following). :) Have a great weekend!

Mary said...

All she needs are a few bracelets and she's a dead ringer for Zaara!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks Mary. :) I had so much fun figuring out the best way to portray Zaara in doll form. I'm glad she turned out as nicely as I'd hoped. :)