Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Veer-Zaara and My Newest Doll

Something amazing happened two weeks ago.  My husband, who'd been spending his spare time trying out some Bollywood movies on Netflix instant play, came home from his morning job with a huge bouquet of roses and carnations.  Shortly afterwards, when he went in to take his shower, he started by scrubbing the bathtub.  The next morning, he unloaded my dishwasher. 

Now, let me clarify here.  I have a very sweet, loving husband.  But he's a very busy, tired husband.  He does get me flowers every once in a while, although it has been several months since the last bouquet.  I guess I'm trying to say that the flowers weren't a total shocker.  The bathtub and the dishwasher were, though.  As sweet as my husband is, he's completely oblivious to things around the house.

This can work to my advantage, as being a mom of 3 girls 6 and under is not very conducive to a tidy least for me! :}  But the disadvantage is that he also doesn't notice when I might need a hand with things.  Quite honestly, one of the most special ways my husband can show his love for me is to help with the housework.

When I asked him to explain this strange phenomenon, he said that 2 of the Bollywood movies he'd watched inspired him to be a better husband and made him appreciate me more.  All I was thinking was, Okay, I've GOT to see these movies!  And then maybe buy them and play them randomly throughout the year!!

So, we watched them together.  The first one was called "Wake Up, Sid".  I enjoyed it as a once or twice kind of movie.  It did definitely help me understand my husband a little bit more. :)  There were a few things in it I didn't care for.

The next one was called "Veer-Zaara".  This one, I absolutely LOVED!!  I'll admit, it took a while to get used to a serious movie with random song and dance numbers interspersed (and speaking of the songs, I loved the music and the guy's voice, but I really didn't care for the girl's voice).  By halfway thru the movie, though, you're totally hooked.  The story is so sweet (have a box of tissues on hand if you decide to watch it).  There's one song I didn't care for as much.  It's pretty sensual in parts, plus she's basically going crazy, seeing this guy everywhere when he's not really there.  And a word of warning:  You have to be in the right mood when you watch this movie!!  If you're in an analytical or completely realistic mood, it will seem like one big joke.  In fact, it actually surprised me that my husband liked it so much (he even teared up when we were watching it together!).  It's the type of movie that he and my brother would usually make into an MST3K commentary (Mystery Science Theater 3000, for those of you wondering what that means).

I really loved Veer-Zaara.  I even found the songs on and added them to my playlist.  It was neat to see the strong character of Veer.  It also touched me how much my husband looked up to his strength and was inspired to have that sort of love.

Okay, so for those of you wondering what on earth all this has to do with anything, :)  I started playing around with the idea of trying to make a Zaara doll (Zaara is the name of the other main character in the movie, the girl that Veer loves).  As I might have mentioned before, I'm giving dolls to my daughters and my 2 nieces around their ages for Christmas this year.  I had an extra Madame Alexander Friends 4 Life Doll that I ended up not needing for them after all.  She just happened to have the right skin and close to the right eye color for Zaara. 

I'd sold some things on ebay, so I had a little money to play around with.  On ebay, I was able to find an Indian Sari, sold by ebay seller Carpatina.  It wasn't the same color as anything Zaara wore in the movie, but it gave the idea.  I also found a fantastic wig, originally for Blythe dolls.  The ebay seller shopoholican has a great selection of wigs for Blythe dolls, and they fit AG, Gotz, and Madame Alexander dolls too.  They're a good tight fit, but they end up going down the forhead a little too far, so you have to work with them.  And I think if you got one with bangs they'd have to be trimmed.  I first got the idea of using Blythe wigs from stephenswodadancer of YouTube.  So, thanks again, Sarah! :)

The particular wig I got probably wouldn't be good for play because you can't brush it (it's a permed-look with gel in it), but some of the straighter wigs would be better.  For a collector, though, these wigs are great!  

So, without further ado, here are some pics of Zaara.  She's a work in progress.  I'd still like to add some of her jewels and things.  The necklace she's wearing in the picture at the top of my post is a necklace from Wal-Mart.  Eventually, I'd like to use the alchemy option on and have someone design one of her actual outfits from the movie.  I'd most likely try for her Lodi outfit because it's so colorful and interesting.      

I also found these really pretty little jeweled boxes that are just the right size for Zaara and have an East Indian flair to them (see pic below).  They open up to store trinkets and treasures, and were only 25 cents each at my local thrift store! :)  The silver jingle bell anklet is one I found on eBay.  The silver anklet Zaara wears in the movie plays an important part.   I'm hoping to make this shorter so that Zaara can wear it around her ankle. 

Here are some pics of my Gotz doll Emily and my Alexander Girlz doll Maggie with Zaara's wig on, just so you can get an idea of how the wig fits them (sorry, I don't have any American Girl dolls without hair to try it on).

Emily, feeling a little odd without her blonde locks...

...and Maggie, seeing how she would look with a perm.  She decided she prefers her straighter hair. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!  I'll give you updates as I modify her look.  I'll also try to find some downloadable pics from Veer-Zaara to put on my blog.  And I would totally recommend watching it on Netflix if you have it.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll get your dishwasher unloaded, too. :)


Shari said...

I think she's beautiful! The wig just doesn't work on the other two dolls, so I think you picked the right one to makeover. I had someone asking me about re-wigging recently. I've never done it myself. What exactly do you mean when you say "you have to work with them"? Just adjusting the positioning?

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Shari! :) I think the wig looks best on her, too. It probably helps that her head is a little bigger and rounder, closer to the shape of a Blythe doll. As far as my comment about having to work with the wigs, they basically come down a bit far on their forehead and look a little funny. Like you guessed, though, you can just reposition it. I pulled it back a little bit at the forehead and pulled it down around the ears a little more.
Most of my re-wigged dolls don't have their wigs glued on yet. I've glued a wig on a doll once (successfully). :) Since I don't play with them like a little girl would, their wigs stay on just fine. I kind of like keeping them unglued so that if I want to change wigs later, it's not a big production. Plus, if you glue it on and it's NOT in the right position, it's a big hassle to fix it! :}