Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Off to Ladies' Retreat! :)

Hi everyone!  Just a quick post.  Tomorrow morning I'll be heading out of town for my church's Ladies Retreat.  I'll be back Saturday afternoon.  I wanted to be sure to let you know because I won't have Internet access where I'm going, so I won't be able to publish or respond to comments until I get back. :) 

I'm taking Tess with me, so she'll be able to share her adventures on her blog when we get back, too.  And for those of you who also follow Tess and Maggie's blog, I'm sorry, but we just couldn't quite get everything together for their special 105th post before this weekend.  Be on the lookout for post 105 (plus a new Belle's Bulletins post) sometime early next week. :D

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  For those readers who are my sisters in Christ, I would appreciate your prayers.  I'll be giving the devotional on Friday morning and sharing special music Thursday night.  I may also be needed to help lead the singing.  It will be a busy weekend, but a fun one, too. :) 

Talk to all of you again soon!

P.S.  I checked my shipping info online, and it looks like Hayden should get here sometime around the 24th!!! :D


Mary said...

Yay! Belle's Bulletins are awesome!! I can't wait!! And I'll be eagerly waiting for the 24th. I remember how I went nuts the day Emily, my first doll arrived....the mail was late that day and a few minutes before it came I was positive I would go insane if I had to wait any longer! :)

And sure, I'll pray for you. :)

Ashlyn said...

I'm so excited for you! Already in my prayers :) May the Lord minister you to others who need you :) But most of all have a fun sister time with all the ladies! I can't wait for the upcoming posts! :D

Claire said...

Have a great weekend! I think my mom has done several ladies' retreats at our church, too, so I know how that works. :)

I am so excited to hear that Hayden should be here by Monday!!! I can't wait to see pictures of her. :D

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks so much, everyone! :)