Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Couple Memorial Day Sales You Might Be Interested In

Hi guys!  I thought I'd post this really quickly before church. :)  I checked my email this morning and found a few special Memorial Day sales that might interest my readers.

Pottery Barn Kids has some major discounts going on, including discounts on their toys.  Some of their 18" doll dresses and accessories are included in the sale.  I've linked directly to their toy page  HERE.  I believe the sale is for today and tomorrow. :)

Disney Store has a special sale as well:  an extra 25% off their sale prices.  You just have to apply the code MEMORIAL25 during checkout.  I was super excited about this one at first, because the last time I'd checked, all of the classic prince and princess dolls were on sale for $8 each.  Unfortunately, though, they are now back to regular price, so this sale won't apply to them. :(  The 17" Singing Tiana doll was on sale, though.  There were also some Avengers and Toy Story items on sale, so it's definitely worth checking out.  You can click HERE to see all of the current sale items.  This sale may only be good for today, because they had a different promotion yesterday, so they might be doing something new each day of the weekend.

Happy shopping, everyone! :)


Mickey's Girl said...

I may just get the Marvel "Funko" Thor and Captain America plushies. :) With the sales its about buy one get one free if they weren't on sale! I hope your able to get something! ;)

Mickey's Girl

Rhissanna said...

Thank you for sharing. I didn't know Pottery Barn did dolls clothes.

beastsbelle said...

I love the Marvel Funko plushies too, Mickey's Girl! :) I probably won't get anything this time around. We just paid off one of our credit cards (yay!!), but we have school tuition due, a mortgage payment due, and a couple of trips coming up, so I've got to be a good girl. ;)

You're welcome, Rhissanna. :) I've purchased a few things from them in the past and have been very pleased.