Monday, May 14, 2012

Even More New Brave Merchandise at!!! :D

Hey guys!  I just popped over to and saw that they had a lot more Brave merchandise listed! :D  You can see everything HERE.

My favorites are the Merida and Angus set ( Angus that actually looks like he's the right size!), the mini doll set, and the 14" plush Angus.  There's also supposed to be a Queen Elinor 12" doll coming, but she's not on the site yet.  What are your favorites? :)


Mickey's Girl said...

I am so getting one! I love her because she looks a lot like me! EEP, I can't wait for the movie. I must get the doll before and bring her to the movies! :)

Mickey's Girl

beastsbelle said...

That would be fun! :) You'd probably get some people interested in the Disney Store Merida, too. :)

Elliebob said...

Her hair is CURLY! :) I love it. :) i wish there was a way to make her hair more like it is in the movie though. :) They are all cute.

beastsbelle said...

That would be fun to get her hair more crazy-curly like it was in the movie. It might make it hard to take care of, though. As it is, I'm curious how hard it will be to maintain her hair! :}