Thursday, August 15, 2013

Update to the Facebook Lottie Doll Contest

For those of you who already entered the ginormous Lottie giveaway on Facebook (I posted about it yesterday), you need to go check the Lottie page again and make sure you are still listed as liking and sharing the contest entry photo.  The photo was repinned to the top of the Lottie page and somehow lost the first set of likes and shares.  If you're not listed among the likes and shares anymore, simply like and share again so you don't miss out on the contest (remember, it's for a complete set of Lottie dolls and accessories, sponsored by the makers of Lottie...and separate from my individual Lottie giveaway I'm doing here on the blog). :)

I'm off to work on a classroom bulletin board and attend a teacher's meeting!  Things will probably be a little bit quiet around here (and on Jane Austen and Unicorns and Belle's Bulletins) until after this coming Tuesday...there's just so much I have to prepare for the first day of Art Class, not to mention getting the girls ready for their first week of school! :}

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