Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Frozen Blog Party: My Answers to the Questions :)

 It's time for me to share my own answers to my blog party questions. :)  Those of you who have not participated yet can see the original post HERE. :)

 Kristoff and Anna, just 'cause they're adorable. ;)

1. Who is your favorite Frozen character (or characters) and why?

   I really love them all, but I'd have to say my top favorites are Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf.

   I love Anna because she's so cute and awkward and just a normal, likeable person.  I think she's the type of princess a lot of girls can relate to because she's not perfect. :)  Even more importantly, just like Eugene and Rapunzel in Tangled, she is willing to sacrifice herself to save someone she loves.

     Kristoff is great because beneath his gruff exterior he's a big softie.  I love that he's not the typical handsome prince you see in so many animated movies.  He and Anna are really cute together, and it's fun seeing their friendship progress throughout the course of the movie.  I also love the fact that he is willing to let Anna go when he thinks that's what's best for her.

    Olaf is a character I did not expect to love.  When I saw the previews, I assumed he'd be another goofy sidekick character, thrown in for comic relief and not much else.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover the heart and depth to his character...and the fact that he was really quite funny. :)  As an added bonus, he shared one of the best definitions of love:  "Love is putting someone else's needs before your own..." 

2. Which is your favorite Frozen song (or songs) and why?

    I adore the entire soundtrack to this movie, so this was tough to choose.  Honestly, though, I really like "Love is an Open Door", even though Hans is not what he seems.  It's so fun to sing, and I just love the way Kristen and Santino's voices sound together.  I especially enjoy the last chorus, when the string section does that cool thing in the background and Hans hits that awesome high note (I know, my musical terminology is very technical). ;)

   I also love "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" and "Frozen Heart".  "Let it Go", "In Summer", and "Fixer-Upper" are nice too.  Who am I kidding?  I really love ALL of the songs. ;)

3. If you could make one change to the movie, what would it be?

    I would be tempted to make Hans just a shallow jerk instead of an attempted murderer...just because I was so excited that Santino Fontana was in this movie, and so crushed when I found out he was the bad guy.  (And now every time I hear him as Prince Topher in the Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella Broadway soundtrack, I keep waiting for him to say, "Oh Cinderella, if only there was someone out there who loved you!") :}  At the same time, I think the movie works the way it is, which is obvious from its huge success. :)  

4. Would you want to see a Frozen sequel?  What would you want it to be about?

   I would be interested in a Frozen sequel if it was well done, like the Toy Story sequels.  As some of you have already mentioned, I feel that Frozen does well as a stand-alone, and I would hate to see that ruined by a less-than-stellar sequel.  I'm sure Disney is looking for ways to make the most of this franchise since it was such a big hit, but the story and the characters have to be there to make any additional films a true success.  There have been too many disappointing Disney sequels in the past that have almost ruined the originals for me, because I always think of the sequels when I watch them.

   I also think it would be rather difficult for Disney to please everyone with a sequel.  For example, so many people loved the fact that Frozen did not focus as heavily on romance, but what a lot of viewers would want to see in a sequel would be more of Anna and Kristoff's relationship, or even their marriage (like Eugene and Rapunzel's in "Tangled Ever After").  And I'll admit, I wouldn't mind that myself, as long as it was set a few years down the road and not right away.  This might frustrate the crowd that were so happy with the first film, though.  "And we're back to the romance again!" ;)

   On the other hand, if they chose to focus on Elsa and Anna once more, there could be a great story there.  Think of how interesting it would be to see their relationship grow now that they could be together again.  It would be nice to see a little more development of Elsa's character, too.  While Frozen was about both of them, a lot of it focused on Anna (which I didn't mind).  Maybe the second film could focus more on Elsa.

  I have to say, though, I kind of like leaving the ending the way it is.  It gives the audience the opportunity to come to their own conclusions about what happened after the movie.

  And you know, to avoid all of the possible disappointment, how about this great idea from someone on Pinterest?

(Repinned to my Frozen Pinterest board HERE)

A short sequel all about Rapunzel and Eugene's time in Arendelle.  How cool would that be? :D  I would pay to see that movie! 

5.  Ice Palace or Arendelle Castle?

   Arendelle Castle...I'm not into icy furniture, and I hate being cold. ;)

6.  If you could choose a sidekick from the movie, would you choose Sven or Olaf?  Why?

   Sven is a big cutie, but I'd have to say Olaf.  He would cheer me up when I was feeling blue. :)

7.  Do you think all men pick their noses, as Kristoff claimed?

   I can neither confirm nor deny this theory, but I have my suspicions that it might be true. ;)

8. Which Frozen character is the most like you (or the one you relate to most) and why?  

   Probably Anna.  I've always been kind of clutzy, and I've always had a problem with just blurting things out and then having to backtrack. :}  ("I mean, not don't look fuller...") ;)


9.  How many times have you seen Frozen so far? 

   Six.  Four times in the theaters, once online for Little Gal's birthday party, and once on Blu-ray Tuesday night. :)  And Friday, it looks like I'll be watching it again with a friend who hasn't seen it yet. :D

10.  In keeping with my overall blog theme, ;) which of the Frozen dolls that have been released is your favorite?  (e.g. the Disney Store fashion dolls, Disney Store Disney Animator's Collection and Toddler dolls, Limited Edition Disney Store dolls, Mattel dolls, etc)

   I'm definitely a fan of the Disney Store fashion dolls.  I'd love to get the Deluxe Fashion set with Elsa and Anna in their coronation gowns, but not for the $70 it would cost to get it through the store, or the even higher price I'd pay on eBay. :}  I'll stick with my original classic dolls...I'm very thankful to have those with how difficult they are to find. :)  I love the DAC Kristoff and Toddler Anna and Elsa dolls, too. :)  And if I was independently wealthy, I'd go for the Limited Edition Elsa in her coronation gown and the Limited Edition Anna in her winter attire. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the answers!  Thank you to all of you who have joined in the fun so far. :)  It's been great hearing everyone's thoughts on the movie. :)

Stay tuned for more Frozen fun, coming soon!


Juliet XD said...

I love your answers! Gah, I totally forgot to post my own today :( I'll do my best to get it up tomorrow ;)

Cat Bru said...

"A short sequel all about Rapunzel and Eugene's time in Arendelle. How cool would that be? :D I would pay to see that movie!"

I would love to see this. I still squeal like a girl half my age when I see that brief glimpse. Heh.

Nina said...

Cool! I love Frozen! I'm answering the questions soon on my blog! (Probably today or tomorrow, depending on homework load;))

Gracie said...

I didn't even notice they changed dresses for the coronation untill now!

Wow six times!? I've only been able to watch it once (due to $20 price;)
but i'm saving up to buy it

Gracie said...

I found out that Elsa was supposed to be very girly an princessy when they first started making the movie but they decided that it would be better to have princesses that viewers could relate to.

I'm glad they made that change!

beastsbelle said...

No problem, Juliet. :) The party lasts for a week, so you have plenty of time. :)

Lol, Cat Bru, I'm the same way! "Eep!! There they are!!" I've imagined what Rapunzel and Eugene were up to throughout the course of the movie so many times. I'm sure Disney could come up with a pretty hilarious short film about it. :)

Great, Nina! I'd love to see your answers. ;)

Gracie, it was slightly cheaper for me because I'm not into 3-D and I try to stick to matinee showings, so my movie tickets were around $5-$6 dollars each. The most expensive ticket was around $11, when we were on the girls' birthday trip, and my mom paid for that. I definitely would not have seen it that many times if I was paying $20 per ticket!! :}

Interesting trivia about Elsa. I agree, I think it was good they didn't make her too overly girly. ;)

Unknown said...

I agree that a Tangled-Frozen Cross over would be fun...Though I wonder how Eugene & Kristoff would get along. I predict quite a few slapstick fisticuffs and heavy sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I would love a COMBINED sequel of Tangled and Frozen! XD
BTW, where do Eugene and Rapunzel show up? I was looking for them, but never spotted them (I've only seen it once so far, though...).

Aaaarrrrgggghhh, I missed out on an Elsa doll last December, but was thrilled when I saw they were back in stock at Disney... and then they were out of stock again :(. I'm going to be at a Disney store tomorrow, so I have my fingers crossed that they just might have a couple left, but I'm bracing myself for disappointment just in case....

Loved reading your answers! I'm probably a little weird in that, of the two princesses, Elsa was the one I identified with for several reasons, but mainly because I'm really introverted and probably seem standoffish or, heh, "cold." ;)

P.S. LOVE your drawing of Anna and Elsa!

beastsbelle said...

Lol, I quite agree, Unknown...Kristoff and Eugene's personalities might clash a bit, at least at first. ;)

Katie, Eugene and Rapunzel make a split-second cameo during the song "For the First Time in Forever", shortly after Anna goes through the open castle gates. It's super quick and at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. If you Google "Eugene and Rapunzel Frozen cameo", you should be able to find a picture to give you an idea of what it looks like. :)

I hope you find your Elsa. It's incredible how quickly they've been selling out!! I have heard that more Frozen stock is supposed to be on the way again, but there's no way of telling when.

I don't think it's weird that you related more to Elsa...I know there are a lot of others who did, too. That's the beauty of good writing: well-rounded characters who are appealing and relatable to a wide audience. :) Depending on one's personality, they'll find Anna or Elsa more like them. :)

Glad you liked my picture...I had such a fun time drawing it! :)

Jen said...

I love your answers! "Love is an Open Door" is really fun to sing - and I find myself singing Hans' part, because he has the cool four-note thing in the chorus while Anna just sustains a high note I can't hit and hold. :D

I normally don't do headcanon crossovers, but I love the idea that Rapunzel is Anna and Elsa's cousin. (My further headcanon is that Rapunzel's wedding was the reason why Anna and Elsa's parents went on their ill-fated voyage.) Of course, that throws a wrench into Hans' takeover plans, as Elsa's "treason" and Anna's "death" would have made Rapunzel heir presumptive, and can you tell I think about this way too much?

I too would have loved the Deluxe doll set - I only wish the winter dresses weren't pared-down versions. I probably would have jumped on that, if Elsa's dress had the snowflake-patterned cape and Anna got her cape, hood, mittens, and boots. It was sold out by the time I stopped waffling!

beastsbelle said...

Lol, I end up singing Hans' part too. Even though I can hit Anna's, I find it rather boring compared to his moving part. ;)

I love the headcanon crossover with Rapunzel because it adds so much fun to the cameo. ;) I definitely don't get as deep into it as you do, though. My brain explodes when I try that hard. ;)

Yeah, if the winter dresses had been up to par with the originals, it would have helped my decision as well. Like you, though, I missed out while debating whether or not I should go for them. ;)

Cat Bru said...

Setting: Arendelle
Location: Under a pile of as many blankets as Rapunzel felt comfortable taking and then the ones Eugene...acquired.

Rapunzel: We should probably go out there and see if they need help.

Eugene: I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the chattering of my teeth.

Rapunzel: No, really! We need to...EEK!

Eugene: What?! What was it?! Are you hurt?

Rapunzel: No, I stuck my foot out.

Eugene: Has frostbite set in yet?

Rapunzel: EUgene.

And so they stay huddled under a mass of blankets for the rest of the movie.

But let's not forget the end of credits scene!

Rapunzel: It's finally warm out! Don't tell me you're going to 'enact revenge against the Queen.'

Eugene: (sneezes) No...I'm too sick.

(Actually, I do think Eugene would hate the cold, and my reasoning results from too much time spent over thinking things. If the patrons of the Ugly Duckling are any indication of how the 'lower caste' are in the kingdom, it's not that far of a stretch to believe that their orphanages would not be well funded. (My adoration for the King and Queen relieves them from blame and places it on the greasy palms the further down the line the funding goes.) So it's not impossible to believe then that Eugene saw far too many of his peers not survive long winter months. And though Rapunzel's history is not as bleak physically, her tower would have been well stocked with wood and coal.)


(I really should stop leaving you comments at late hours. (ALL THREE OF THEM!) I get rather wordy.)

beastsbelle said...

Loved this, Cat Bru. :) I could totally picture the whole scene. :)

I love wordy comments, by the way, so never feel bad for leaving them! ;)

Jen said...

"I definitely don't get as deep into it as you do, though."

I've found when I like a book/movie/TV show/etc (and often, when I really don't like something!) I have a tendency to nitpick at everything, because I love the world of the story and want to dig into it and see how it works. Also, I spent quite some time at a very boring past job listening to a podcast called Stuff You Missed In History Class, which often dealt with royalty and the shenanigans that happened whenever the usual succession of the throne was disrupted. Realistically, if Hans had dispatched both sisters, Arendelle would have sunk into a nasty civil war as various factions competed to rule...but that doesn't make for a feel-good story! :D

beastsbelle said...

Jen, I have complete respect for people like you who can do that! ;) I try to go that far, but I end up feeling like I'm wading through a swamp, just keeping my head above water. I feel that way with my own writing sometimes, too. I'm not a really logical thinker, and I tend to be the type that just accepts something at face value when I love it. My husband is quick to notice all of the improbably scenarios in my favorite films and point them out to me (thus ruining many of my formerly favorite movies). ;)

I did think about along similar lines with the kingdom of Arendelle when Hans conveniently made up the lie about marrying Anna before she died. Was there no one in that room who felt like looking into that and confirming it? ;)

beastsbelle said...

Whoops...that was supposed to be *improbable*. :}