Monday, June 20, 2016

New Disney Store Classic Dolls are Online! :D

Hey guys! Hubby and I are back after a wonderful weekend together. I'll have a post up soon to share all about it.

Meanwhile, it's time for my annual "Hooray, they're here!" Disney Store doll post. ;) The new Classic line for 2016 is officially up on the Disney Store website. You can see all of them HERE.

As far as I can tell, the Princess dolls all have the same face paint as last year. They are wearing the same outfits, although there appear to be minor changes, at least for some of the dolls (such as the addition of Belle's gloves...yay!). Each of the Princess dolls comes with a sidekick/pet. :) The Prince dolls appear to be pretty much exactly the same. Sadly, the Princes do NOT come with any pets/sidekicks.

(Original Image HERE)
Any surprise that I started with my favorite? ;) Belle has the same sweet face paint from last year, and I love that she has her gloves! Her included sidekick is Chip the teacup. :)

As you've probably guessed, this doll will soon be a part of my Belle doll collection. ;) 

(Original image HERE)
I was a bit disappointed that the Prince dolls are just the same, but I suppose it's nice for moms and collectors to not feel tempted to buy one of every doll every year. ;) 

As you might remember from last year, I wasn't a huge fan of this particular Beast doll design, so I don't think this guy will be joining my collection. :)

(Original image HERE)
I've always loved this little Pascal. I'm so glad they're using him again this year. :) I can't tell at this point how different Rapunzel's dress is from last year, but I am planning on eventually adding this doll to my collection as well, so I'll have a better idea of the differences then. ;) 

I have to say, I love the packaging this year, too. I'm almost tempted to leave these gals in their boxes when they get here.

Right. Like that'll happen. ;D

(Original image HERE)
Again, there don't seem to be any changes here. I love this face mold, but he pretty much seems to be exactly the same as last year. :)

(Original image HERE)
Kristoff, however, is finally in a different outfit...yay!! :D He will probably end up on my shelf at some point, too. 

Sadly, at this point there is not a new Classic Anna doll. (The only one on the website right now is last year's edition, which you can see HERE.) Anna is my third favorite Disney princess, so of course I'd like to see her included in the lineup. At the same time, I'm not sure I want to start the same tradition with Anna dolls that I've started with Belle and Rapunzel dolls. Still, I'm hoping Anna is not overlooked, especially since there's a new Kristoff. Maybe they'll bring out an Anna doll in the next few days or something.

(Original image HERE)
They did bring out a new Elsa doll. Interestingly enough, I saw this particular doll at the Disney Store on Saturday and had my suspicions that she was from the new line, since she included Olaf (without his nose, you'll notice). 

Which means that I probably missed seeing all of the new Disney Store dolls in person by two days. Phooey. ;)


Here's a look at some of the other lovely Classic dolls:

(Original image HERE)

(Original image HERE

(Original image HERE

(Original image HERE

(Original image HERE)

(Original image HERE

(Original image HERE)

(Original image HERE

(Original image HERE

I'm so excited about this year's revamp of the line. I love the fact that the dolls come with their sidekicks. Belle and Rapunzel are my obvious favorites, but I love Tiana, too. Tiana herself is lovely (and wearing my favorite of her dresses), and the little puckered up Naveen is just adorable. ;) 

The dolls are currently on their usual "2 for $10" sale. I'll probably hold off until the next free shipping option or my next trip to the Disney Store. :)

So, stay tuned in the coming month for my traditional Belle/Rapunzel doll reviews and comparisons. In the meantime, which of the new dolls are you guys excited about, if any? Will any of these make their way to your shelves?


tofanpw said...

I'm always interested in Rapunzel dolls, but if she has the same face I'll skip her. Pascal: good, glitterred dress: bad, look at those sleeves, it's too tight. Unless their hands are removable.

Nikki Fielder said...

I love that the dolls include sidekicks! It makes me want to buy them all! I also like that the outfits this year don't seem to have last year's random rhinestones. :P My favourites are Ariel, Rapunzel and Snow White, but I also love Belle and Mulan. (I don't like the Mulan doll so much but Mushu is adorable!) I may end up buying Ariel and Rapunzel (My two favourite princesses besides Elsa).

Meritre said...

I always liked that the unboxed and boxed pictures were different, so I could see two pictures of the dolls face to decide if I like them or not. This year they are very similar and I can't see for exampel Rapunzels face properly.
Belle is very pretty, she has her gloves back and she has actual ribbons on her dress again and not just a glitterpattern of the ribbons.
I'm disappointed but not surprised that Mulan is all the same again, poor girl.
The boxs are pretty and the sidekicks are a nice touch, though the way they placed Abu on Jasmines arm looks a bit odd to me.

Treesa said...

Dear Hannah,
My Frozen Anna doll has been pestering me to find a Kristoff. But I'll have to see this new doll in person, 'in the harsh light of retail', before I decide if one will be coming home with me.
Signed, Treesa
(P.S. My Anna doll also has some very specific personality guidelines for any Kristoff doll I buy, so wish me luck. I'll need it:)

Farrah Lily said...

I just saw these yesterday as well! Of course I thought of you and figured you'd be doing a post soon regarding their arrival. :)
I agree with everything that you've said. I think I will be adding Ariel (as I like to collect her) as well as Rapunzel because I don't have her with the new face up yet. I'm tempted by Cinderella (to keep in the box) as well as Tiana. I like Aurora's dress this year so she is tempting as well.
Of course, I don't NEED any, so we'll see. I will also try to make it to my Disney Store to see them in person first!
I also noticed that the newest Disney princess has been released as well (Elena)...she's a beauty!

jSarie said...

This might be silly, but I have to admit I was excited to hear that they were coming with a pet this year because I imagined that Pocahontas would come with Meeko (and I love that racoon!). But since it's Flit instead, I think I'm going to pass.

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hello everyone! How fun to come back and see all of your comments. :)

Tofanpw, as far as I can tell, she has the same face. And I don't believe her hands are removable. It's interesting, in my Rapunzel and Belle reviews, I usually don't remove their clothing, so I never thought about checking to see if the sleeves were difficult to remove. Maybe that's something I'll check this time around. :)

I love the sidekicks, too, Nikki. :) I definitely prefer this year's dresses, too. Without the rhinestones, they look more accurate to me.

Isn't Mushu cute? :D I love all of the sidekicks, but he is pretty adorable. :)

Ariel and Rapunzel are great choices. I love Flounder! :D

Hi Meritre! That's a good point, usually the angles of the two pictures are different. You might try checking drj1828 on Flickr. He's put up high-quality versions of the website stock photos, and you can see the faces a lot closer there. Drj1828 also usually posts lovely, detailed review photos of the dolls he purchases.

Isn't Belle lovely? I'm so happy they've finally given her face paint that doesn't make her look angry. ;)

I know, poor Mulan. I wish they'd change things up for her one of these years.

And yes, the boxes and sidekicks are some of the best things about this year's offerings, I think. :)

Maybe they could have put Abu on Jasmine's shoulder instead. I have to say, it would be so cool if they would release a Rajah in the right scale. After all, Abu was Aladdin's pet, not Jasmine's. I'm sure it would be more expensive to release a full-scale plastic tiger, though. ;)

Hi Treesa! Nice to hear from you. :) Lol, I wish you all the best in finding the "proper" Kristoff for your Anna. Maybe you should take her with you to the store and let her interview a few of them. ;)

Believe me, it's worth it making sure they're happy with their future spouse. ;)

Hi Farrah! I've been waiting for this since the beginning of summer. :D

Lol, I completely understand being tempted by dolls you don't NEED. I honestly try to keep to just Belle and Rapunzel each year, but I am SOOO tempted by Tiana this year! ;)

Elena is lovely. I suppose I should have mentioned her as well. I guess in my brain I just categorized her as a "TV" princess, not part of the regular line up. ;)

Hi jSarie! My daughters mentioned the same disappointment with the Pocahontas doll. I think a Meeko would have been adorable! Maybe another year...

Have a great day, everyone!

Rebecca said...

Thqnk you for sharing the picturd. How cool that the pets are included! I have a few from when they were in the outfit packs several years back.

I don't have a ton of space so I try to get Disney dolls sparingly unless I love them. That Tiana is really pretty. I have the singing one, in the white dress with short hair, but this may be different enough to justify both.
Since Elsa's Olaf doesn't have his nose, it gives me hope that Anna will be released soon with one who does.

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

You're welcome, Rebecca! :)

I'd forgotten that the outfit packs came with pets that one time. Good reminder. :)

I think the Classic Tiana would look great with the singing one. Of course, I'm probably not the best judge, since I have a gazillion Belle dolls in various versions of her yellow ball gown. ;)

Maybe you're right. Olaf with his nose would make the most sense for Anna's sidekick. Hopefully there will be a new Anna doll added to the collection soon. :)

MyLittleMegara said...

I plan to pick up Rapunzel and Kristoff, although I am very disappointed by the lack of an Anna doll. Maybe she will come with a little Sven, although your theory about Olaf with his nose makes the most sense. Thank you for posting this!

Nikki Fielder said...

I think Anna is likely to come with Olaf-with-a-nose, because that's how that animator dolls come - Elsa has a little stuffed Olaf without a nose, and Anna has one with a nose. :)

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Great choices, MyLittleMegara! :) Oh, a little Sven would be so cute. I doubt he'd be the right scale, though. :(

Nikki, that does make sense. I can't imagine them completely neglecting Anna. There are a lot of Anna fans out there, too! ;)

Priscilla Beaulieu said...

I've been wanting a Merida doll for a few years. I think I might get her this year. And I really like the Rapunzel doll. I might be going somewhere this fall that has a Disney Store, so I think I'll wait to see them in person to pick the best ones.

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hi Priscilla! :) Sounds like a great plan. It's nice being able to pick the ones with the nicest face paint and clothing. :)

It sounds like my mom will be at a Disney Store next week, so I might possibly have her pick out Belle, Rapunzel, and Kristoff for me. :D