Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tangled Opens Today!! :)

Hey, just a quick reminder that Disney's "Tangled" opens in theaters today.  I was planning on going to see it tonight, but my babysitter (aka hubby) fell through.  He works for Coca-Cola and UPS, and both places need him this afternoon and this evening. : ( 

So all of you lucky ducks who get to see it today will have to tell me what you think.  Don't give me too many details, though.  :)  I still want some surprises (although I flipped through the coloring book in Target yesterday and it pretty much gave away the entire plot). :}

Now all I have to look forward to today is acting as referee for 3 cranky kids (my oldest has the day off from school and everybody's been arguing all morning).  Whoop-de-doo!  I just hope they all nap today...because I need one too!!


Claire said...

I'm so excited for "Tangled" - my cousin should be here in less than two hours to pick my sisters and I up for the movie. Hopefully you'll get to see it this weekend!


beast'sbelle said...

Have fun, Claire! :) I'm hoping for this weekend, too.