Saturday, April 2, 2011

Toy Story Party

At long last, I'm sharing pics from my youngest daughter's Toy Story party.  I don't have a whole lot to share, especially since my hubby's not comfortable with me putting pics of the girls on this blog.  He's very protective of all of us, and I appreciate that. :) 

Anyway, here are a few pics of my girl's party. 

Here's the table, all ready for the cake.  I found the Toy Story lunch bags, the Woody puzzle, the red plates and the plastic tablecloth at Dollar Tree.  You can't see them very well, but I also bought a pack of Toy Story napkins at Walmart. 

My middle daughter (who is 5) wanted to make some special decorations for the party.  So she did the pics of Bo Peep and Slinky dog (above) and Woody and Jessie (below). 

This was our lovely weather the day of the party.  It was absolutely pouring!! You should have seen my mom and aunt trying to get in the door with the cake, keeping it and themselves as dry as possible! :)

Here's the birthday cake!  My daughter's favorite color is red, and she informed us early on that she wanted a red cake.  Since red was the desired color, my mom and aunt thought it would be fun to make a cake that looked like Jessie's hat.  They have their own special recipe for fondant frosting that tastes a lot better than the stuff you get at the store.  So the cake looked great and tasted great too! :)  The cake mix they used was strawberry (the closest thing they could think of to red, as my daughter wanted the actual cake part to be red, too).   I'm showing the cake at this angle so my daughter's name remains anonymous. :)

Here's the mini cake they made for my girl to use for her candles.  Since most three-year-olds aren't that great at blowing out candles without using at least some saliva, we decided it would be nice if the rest of us could eat a cake that hadn't had her candles on it. :}  The big cake looked just like this except for the words.

Since my daughter doesn't really care for ice cream (it's too cold for her), we had mixed nuts and chips and salsa with our cake.  [The salsa was still in the fridge at the time of this pic. :)]  These are two of her very favorite snacks.

And here's an overhead shot of the birthday girl opening her goodie bag. :)


AlexAndrea said...

Is that a Morris Minor in the driveway?

Sorry . . . it's just a guy thing.

beast'sbelle said...

Hee hee...I was wondering if anyone would notice that. My hubby would be so happy! :) Yes, that's a Morris Minor in various stages of repair. My husband actually got it running for a while, but the brakes don't work. Kinda crucial! :} He's kind of at a standstill with it because we don't have the extra funds to make it run right now. He's really had fun with it. :) His favorites are Datsuns, though.