Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Update on Debonair Designs and Another Addition to the Doll Family :)

Hi guys!  For those of you who were interested in the Archipelago pattern by Debonair Designs that I had as a giveaway prize, I thought you might like to know that Deb has listed her three completed Archipelago sweater and hat sets on eBay.  You can see her listings HERE. :)

And here's a picture...just to remind you what they look like. :)

So, as the title suggests, I officially have a new addition to my doll family! :D  I wasn't planning on getting another doll this soon after Hayden, but things just kind of fell into place with this doll.  She was listed on AG Playthings, and the person selling her was willing to do a partial trade, so I got her for a really good price! :)

It was really hard being patient while waiting for my package, but it finally arrived! :)

And as the box says, my new doll is...Rebecca! :D

She came in a cute pair of pjs with a very sweet note that her former owner had written.

Here she is! :D

So, you know me...I had to take a ton of pictures of her. :)

It may be a while before she's introduced on Tess and Maggie's blog.  I want to take my time and really figure out her character and everything.  I'm pretty sure her name is going to be Jenna Rose Benson.  She'll be Rachel's 12 year old little sister.  

So far, I know she's in to carousel horses! :)  My mom found this really cute set of carousel horse miniatures from Avon at an antique store here in town.  They're the perfect size for her! :)

I also decided that she's going to be another Sanrio fan.  As you can tell from the pic, her two favorites are My Melody and Chococat (just like Piper). ;)  I found these adorable plush guys on eBay from the seller cleanitupandout.  There are still some available.  HERE is a link to Chococat, and HERE is a link to My Melody. :)  You can also get Hello Kitty, Kerropi, and Deery Lou.  

They're the perfect size!  (And yes, I snagged a Chococat for Piper, too.  He's now with her at my aunt's house.)

I've admired Rebecca since her release a few years ago.  I have to confess, though, I was a little concerned about having a Rebecca and a #55.  I was afraid they'd be too similar with their brown hair and hazel eyes. But I was delighted when I took pictures of them side by side and saw just how different they were from each other. :)

First off, their hair is very different shade.  Hayden's is much darker (and longer, too).

Here's a picture of the hair color difference with the flash.

The other thing I was concerned about was the fact that I would now have 3 dolls with hazel eyes.  Interestingly enough, though, I discovered that Jenna (aka Rebecca), Hayden (#55), and Charlie (aka Mia) all have a different shade of hazel.

Here's a close-up comparison of the different eye colors.  The order is Jenna, Hayden, Charlie, and Emma (#41), just to show the difference between the hazel and green eyes.  I tried to do these in rows, but Blogger is not cooperating with me. ;)

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to accurately capture the eye color differences, so I also did some close-ups of their faces.  Once again, the order is Jenna (Rebecca), Hayden (#55), Charlie (Mia), and Emma (#41).

It's very interesting comparing their eye colors.  Rebecca's eyes appear to have some of the bright green from the Mattel Felicity dolls with a bit of brown added.  My AG #55 has a much darker shade of hazel, while Mia's eyes are more of a brownish-green hazel.  My AG #41's are a beautiful deep green. 

Two lovely dolls! :)  

I have a feeling that Jenna and Hayden are going to be pretty close.  I've already got some ideas about some of the adventures they might share. :)

I wasn't sure if I would stick to my original idea of having Rachel and Jenna be sisters, but these pictures confirmed it.  They don't look all that much alike, but I think I can see a bit of family resemblance. ;)  Especially since they're both Josefina molds.

Rachel especially looks like an older sister in these pics because she's wearing such thick shoes. :)

I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures.  I'll be sure to let you know when Jenna makes her debut on Tess and Maggie's blog. :)


Serenata said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your new doll, she is lovely and looks like she is going to settle in really well.

I was quite proud of myself today as I managed to tighten the limbs on my Ebay Kirsten, she is as good as new now :-)

Claire said...

Congrats on Miss Jenna! :D She's absolutely you're making me want to get my Rebecca out and photograph her! ;)

Speaking of new dolls, I've finally got enough for Miss Lucy!! :D I've decided to wait to get her, though, until after my birthday (it's in two weeks) just in case I get her or something, since I told my mom that she's pretty high on my wishlist. :)

Congrats on your gorgeous new girl!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, ladies. :)

Serenata, congratulations on getting your Kirsten restrung. :) I love completing a project like that, especially one I've done myself that's saved me money. :)

Congratulations, Claire! :) I'm so glad you finally have enough for Lucy. #41 is a lovely won't be disappointed! I can't wait to see pics! :)

Mickey's Girl said...

She's BEAUTIFUL! I think Rachel and Jenna could definetly be sisters! I don't know why I've never considered getting Rebecca. :) I'm very much leaning towards #41 (Your Emma) She's just outrageously pretty! ;)

Can't wait to see Jenna on Tess and Maggie's Blog! ;)

Mickey's Girl

Anonymous said...

Dear Beast'Belle,

I have Charlotte(Hayden) and Rebecca(Jenna). Love the name Jenna.It suits her :)

Carly :") (":

Elliebob said...

Rebecca is adorable!! Love her. My little sis wants her for her bday! :D

Anonymous said...

Where do you go on American Girl Playthings to see the dolls for sale? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! She's so beautiful!! What did you have to trade to get her? I didn't know you could buy things on AgPlaythings. Thanks for the info.

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for all of the lovely comments, everyone! :)

Anonymous #1, the for sale section on AG Playthings is on their forum and message board. You have to sign up to become a member. Once you've signed up and had your account approved, you can view the forum. The items for sale are under the "Stuff for Sale" thread.

Anonymous #2, I ended up trading 2 AG dresses, a doll purse, and a mini anniversary doll, plus paying some money as well (it was only a partial trade). It was a very pleasant experience all around.

Claire said...

My apologies for sidetracking, but have you watched Downton Abbey this season? I seem to recall you mentioning it in the comment section of a previous post...

It's driving us nuts that we have to wait patiently each week for the next episode! Thankfully we've preordered season 2 from Amazon (we already own the first season), which should be arriving within the next week. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Claire! Yes, I have to confess I have been watching it. I'm also going nuts having to wait to see the outcome!! :)

It has a more objectionable content than I care for, but I think Season 2 has improved in that respect. I've also really enjoyed seeing Mary "grow up", so to speak. I never thought I'd be rooting for her and Matthew after the end of last season when she was so horrible!! But poor Lavinia...she's so sweet! I feel bad for her.

I'm already waiting anxiously for next Sunday night! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh i've wanted rebecca forever she is just gorgeous as i am a little jealous i am so happy you got another doll and she fits in your doll family perfectly:) I think she looks like the perfect sister for rachel. Oh and i love the little carousel horses.
YOur reader

Claire said...

I will agree; there is definitely more objectionable content than I care for...thank goodness for fast-forward buttons! ;)

I agree that Season 2 has improved in that way...there still are some "fast-forward" scenes but not as many as there were in the first season. I didn't think I'd be rooting for Mary and Matthew, either, but I guess now I am! Although I do feel bad for Lavinia, considering she was so nice to everyone.

We are so anxious to see what happens next, too - I can't wait to see what's going to happen! :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Savanah. :)

Hello again, Claire. :) Yes, I've wished for the option to fast-forward a few scenes this time around, too.

I'm eager to see how things turn out.

Mary said...

Wow! Now all the dolls have sisters, and very pretty ones too!

I need some doll hair info...Do curls like Emma's and Rebecca's straighten out if you brush them like you would straight hair? I am thinking about getting Lanie and changing her name and brushing out to have a sorta-straight-haired non-Lanie doll named Holly. What do you think?

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Mary. :)

If you brush out a curly doll's hair, it just becomes fluffy or wavy. To get it really straight, you'd most likely have to steam it or use a porcelain straightener on the lowest setting. I've never done either and you do run the risk of ruining your doll's hair if you try it. I think there may be some video tutorial's on YouTube, though. If you're a member of the AG Playthings Forum and Message Board, you could also check there.

If you wanted a doll with wavy hair, then lightly spritzing Lanie's hair and brushing it gently afterwards would work.

Hope this helps! :)

Mary said...

Thanks Beast'sbelle! :) I'll just have to take your word for it, because Mom doesn't like me going on YouTube and I don't see her letting me joining any forums. :( But I'm sure your word is good. :) I just don't want the fuss of caring for tons of curls, as much as I love them on Lanie.

Oh, guess what? I just put freckles on my Emily doll with a colored pencil, and it looks SO adorable, I can't get over it! She reminds me of a Charlie with a few less freckles. She's so cute!! :D

I saw on Jane Austen and Unicorns you have a cold. Get well soon!! :)

beast'sbelle said...

Sorry about that, Mary. I know it's probably tough for you when everyone else is going anywhere and everywhere online, but be thankful you have a Mom who cares about your safety and well-being on the Internet! We could use a lot more parents who paid attention to what their kids were doing online. It's so easy to run into trouble without even realizing it.

I understand your concern with curls. I was pretty stressed about them myself, but then I found a YouTube video that showed me how to take care of curly hair and it works pretty well. Since I don't want to tempt you to go there once again, I'll give you an idea. Basically, you use a mini spritzer bottle (the AG ones work great!) to dampen their hair (be careful of the eyes!). Then, you carefully and gently brush their hair with a regular AG doll brush (or a similar off-brand brush with wire teeth, not plastic). After you've brushed it out, you can "finger curl" by taking a strand of hair at a time and twisting it around your finger. I don't know that I'm doing a great job at explaining it, but I've done Emma and Hayden's hair this way and it's really helped! :)

Congrats on trying out freckles on Emily! I'm sure they look adorable. And the great thing about colored pencil is that if you want to remove them later, you can! :)

Thanks for the get-well wishes. I'm feeling a lot better than I was, but I still have a ways to go. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon! :)

Jen said...

Ooooh, so so jealous. Rebecca has been on my doll wishlist for a while, but she's been pushed to the back since she's the most likely to be available for a while yet. :D

(We did make a trip to the Disney Store today, and Pie added a Mother Gothel doll to her Tangled collection. The hair is GREAT.)

beast'sbelle said...

I know what you mean. She's been on my wishlist for a while too. I actually debated getting her new through the website last October instead of Hayden. But then I decided that Rebecca would be easier to find secondhand than a #55 (a lot easier to search on eBay or Craigslist, too!). ;) I'm so glad I ended up getting both of them...they're both such pretty dolls. I feel kind of bad, though. Aside from one blonde and two redheads, the rest of my 18" dolls are brunettes. ;) And ALL of my 18" dolls have either brown eyes or eyes that are some shade of green. So much for variety! :} On the plus side, I really like all of the dolls that I have. :)

Ooh, Pie is braver than my daughters! If I brought a Mother Gothel home for them, they'd cry! ;)

Hey, just out of curiosity, did your Disney Store have the set of four mini Tangled dolls from Tangled Ever After? I keep checking and they haven't showed up yet (the 12" Mother Gothel was just added this last week). I really like the smaller dolls because one of them is a Rapunzel with short brunette hair! The set also comes with a Mother Gothel, which is totally silly, since she dies in the first movie. I was thinking it would be funny to have this little power-hungry 6" doll with all of my 12" dolls, though. It could make for some pretty hilarious storylines on Belle's Bulletins. ;)

Thanks for commenting! :)

Jen said...

Rebecca is one of those AGs that just looks great in every single photo I've seen. But #46 is top of the wishlist (2/3 of my AG crowd is light-skinned, and I want a little more balance before adding yet another white doll), with #21 of the perpetually-rumored-retirement coming in 2nd.

Pie wavered a bit when she saw Snow White, but Mother Gothel won out. (Pie even took Mother Gothel to preschool and let her go down the slide. Kids.) Disney Store didn't have any of the new mini dolls yet - I saw one of the multi-princess packs, and that was it. :/

beast'sbelle said...

Oh, I agree! It was pretty much looking at photo after breathtaking photo of other people's Rebecca dolls that made me want her so badly! ;)

#46 is a lovely doll. If I get another AG doll, it will be #47. I love the Sonali mold and really need some racial diversity in my little group! :} I love #46 but I think her hair would be a bit too much for me. ;)

I'm laughing so hard at the thought of Mother Gothel going to preschool and going down the slide. I'm sorry, I anthropomorphize things way too much. I'm just picturing her cringing at the degradation of her day's activities! ;)

Thanks for letting me know about the new mini dolls...or lack thereof. I hope they get here soon!! :)

Bama said...

Congrats on your pretty new girl! I love that face mold and have been considering getting Rebecca for myself one day.

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Bama! :) I'd definitely recommend her...she's so lovely. :)

Makenzie & The dolls said...

Wow! I never realized the difference between their eye colors! Except for #41.

beastsbelle said...

Yeah, it's really amazing how subtle the differences are. :)

leah said...

my Mom & I think yes they do look like Sisters. p.s. Where did you get Rachels Shoes. SEE YA

beastsbelle said...

Hi Leah! I found Rachel's shoes at a thrift store in a bag of goodies. I'm not sure what brand they are or where they're from originally. ;)

Dorcas S. said...

Does anyone know why a person would not be approved as a member on the agplaythings site? I have tried twice and was ignored both times. I can't figure out why no one will answer me. Thanks!