Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Frozen Arrivals at Disneystore.com! :D

Hey guys!  Just had to do a quick post this morning.  I just discovered that more new Frozen stuff has arrived at the US Disney Store website! :)  You can see all of the Frozen items (older and new) HERE, but I thought it would be fun to discuss some of the new stuff in more detail, too. :)

I'm going to start with the one I'm the most excited about, the Frozen Deluxe Fashion Doll Set (see it HERE).  I really love this set, especially since it features Elsa and Anna in their other dresses.  Anna is my favorite thing about the set...I love her hair and her dress. :)  Unfortunately, the price is a definite setback for me, especially since I already have both dolls (and as such already have the extra fashions, which are probably more detailed than these versions anyway).  I just can't see spending $69.95 for this.  Maybe it will go on sale or something. ;)   

Here's another fun new arrival (see it HERE).  If I'm not mistaken, this was the set available at D23 this year.  I love the packaging and how cute the sisters look together.  This is not one I'll be adding to my collection, though, since I already have both dolls.  And just so you know, unless you really like the idea of keeping both dolls in the box for a fun display, you actually save $1.05 by buying them individually.  The dolls are $16.95 each, and the set is $34.95.  The dollar difference might not matter to some people, but for me every dollar counts. ;)

It's fun to see that they're still doing larger 16" singing dolls for Frozen, even though they did 12" singing dolls for the other princesses this year.  Here is the Elsa Singing Doll (see her HERE).  As far as I can tell, the Anna Singing Doll has not appeared yet.  Elsa sings part of "Let It Go" in her original movie voice (Idina Menzel).  

Singing Elsa retails for $39.95, which seems a bit more expensive than the other larger singing dolls.  I may be remembering that wrong, though.  At that price, she probably won't be coming home with me.  I've also discovered that while the larger singing dolls are beautiful, they can be difficult to display when you have limited space. :}

One thing about Singing Elsa that I thought was interesting is that she is motion activated instead of button activated like the other dolls.  I was disappointed that Disneystore.com didn't have a demo of her singing (perhaps they're trying to keep things as spoiler-free as possible for a while).  Thankfully, one of the people I follow on Flickr had a great demo video.  You can see it HERE.  

The Disney Store also released these super adorable Toddler dolls of the two princesses (you can see Elsa HERE and Anna HERE).  These dolls are the same size as the Disney Animators' Collection Princess dolls. 

 Much like Tangled, at the beginning of Frozen, we get to see a glimpse of the two sisters as little girls.  I think it's great that they brought out young versions of the Princesses, especially since the DAC dolls are such a big hit. :)  Elsa and Anna as toddlers retail for $24.95 each.

A couple of the releases are great in theory but are probably items I will not purchase.

First is the Frozen Castle of Arendelle Set (you can see it HERE).  This seems like a great purchase.  The castle itself looks highly detailed and includes lots of accessories.  However, aside from the fact that this set is way too expensive for me ($99.95), I was not interested as soon as I got a closer look at the characters' faces.  

You can't really see it here.  It's best to click on my above link and zoom in at the Disneystore.com page.  While Hans and Kristoff look okay, Elsa and Anna's faces are quite horrid.  You'd think on a set this expensive their faces would be painted a little better. :(

Another set I love the idea of is the Frozen Mini Doll Set (see it HERE).  Anna is actually pretty cute, but Elsa looks too short and very plain compared to what she's supposed to look like in that dress.  And the mini doll boys always have heads that are WAY too big for their bodies.  If you go to the link above and zoom in on Kristoff, you'll notice the sloppy attachment of his head to his body.  The head piece isn't even the same width as his neck.  I ran into this same problem with Eugene in the mini Tangled Ever After set (a review that is still lost among the draft posts, I'm afraid). :}  If I could buy Anna individually, I might do so, but I'm not interested in the other three.

On the other hand, for those not as picky as I am, at $24.95 this would be a great way to get all four of the characters for a better price.  The small little dolls are especially nice for kiddos (they're a great size to play with), and they might not mind the oversized heads on the boys. ;)

I'm really wishing we were near a Disney Store.  I'd love to go in and see the Frozen displays. :)  I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with browsing the website for now. ;)

Which of the new releases are your favorites?


Unknown said...

I love the toddler dolls! Especially Anna! I might have to get these for my current & (possibly future) nieces! :)

Anonymous said...

The deluxe set with the two girls and all the accessories is awesome, but there is NO WAY I'm paying $70 for it. Yikes! It also doesn't come with Anna's cloak, hat, boots, gloves, etc. that the basic doll comes with (or are the gloves and cloak Elsa is wearing compatible to the others...?), and besides that, I love the basic dolls' hairdos.

I do love the fact that Disney made their princess dresses, though. I wish Disney had decided to release the other dresses as a double fashion pack like the sets they had for the dolls last year, because I would have bought it. :(

Ah well, like you said, maybe it'll go on sale after Christmas. Fingers crossed! :D

--Kate :)

Ruby Danderfluff said...

They've really gone all out with the Frozen merch, haven't they? No complaints here!

Just can't get over how cute all the dolls are; Disney really hit the mark on the head with their darling faces. It seems like they might have had a harder time keeping Elsa looking the same between the different kinds than they did with Anna... she definitely has an other-worldliness about her that (I imagine) might make things a little trickier. Still so, so pretty.

Disappointing to see that the castle play set isn't quite to the same scale as the small doll set. That would be a nice little set-up if the figurines have too many paint issues for some's taste. Ah well.

Toddler dolls! So darling! and the dresses! Oh me!

(Really would be nice if they's release extra fashion packs for the toddlers like they do for the 12" fashion dolls)

Love that little small doll set, but poor Kristoff. He looks like he needs a nice collar like Hans'. No purple cape on Elsa either. So sad. Great hairdos though!

Do you recall whether the small Tangled dolls bend at the waist, Beastsbelle? Have to admit, I'm more than a little tempted by these guys. =>

Jen said...

That Deluxe set is really tempting, since I missed out on the last two "boutique" sets (Tiana and Rapunzel) and Disney Store no longer offers the accessory sets. I prefer normal-Anna's adorable pigtails, though - and that $70 pricetag is hard to swallow!

KrissyLou said...

Oh my goodness!!! Toddler Anna is SO CUTE!! Gotta show her around to my dolly friends :)

Ampy Moh said...

it's really nice looking at the new DS frozen stuff,but the niceness ends when you see the price and quality xD!

the deluxe fashion set is too pricey :S,the "extra" clothes are cheaper versions of the classic dolls,and for that price I wish they included the 2 boys(I don't really care for their movie significance anymore but for the price I think it's just right to include them)

as for the mini dolls,they do look really cute,though we don't have disney stores here nor do I have dollars,so I might have to wait >w<

and for the DAC dolls,theyre cute,but I think I'll have to wait till I see the movie before I judge...and did you see the new DAC belle? she has a new dress,but ive been seeing negative reviews about her quality being cheaper....

Nina said...

I love the toddler dolls so much! I can tell I'll love Frozen!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for all the comments, everyone! I've got to get kiddos off to school, but I'll to come back and respond to them later. ;)

Anonymous said...

At target they have 18 inch princess and me Anna and Elsa dolls. I also saw 18 inch Merida and I bought her and modernized her

beastsbelle said...

I saw those just the other day! :) I like Elsa, but I wish they would have done something different with Anna's bangs. :}

Congrats on your Merida! :)