Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oldest Gal's Tangled Party! :)

Okay, I'm determined to get a bit caught up on this blog!!  This week is going to be full and crazy, so I'd like to know I have things squared away here! ;)

I believe I mentioned before that Oldest Gal chose a Tangled theme for her birthday party.  It was very convenient of my girls to all want princess parties in the same made it very easy when it came to party accessories like plates and party favors. ;)

So here is Oldest Gal's birthday table:

Ta-dah!! :)

Here's a closer look at the "cake", although there wasn't actually any cake on it. ;)  You might notice that the gingerbread trees and the Hershey's Kisses bushes from the first two parties made another appearance. :)  They were such a big hit before that we decided to do them again.  

I thought "Rapunzel" turned out really cute. :)  Like the other "cakes", this was made with a Chelsea doll (fka Kelly), the littlest sister of Barbie.  Her skirt (underneath the frosting) was a giant banana muffin, as Oldest Gal is not a big fan of cake.  Rapunzel's dress was made of candy clay.

The sparkly part down the middle of her skirt was made of decorative colored sugar.

After we took the first few pictures, Mom and Aunt Amy realized they'd forgotten to add Pascal, so they took a minute to do that before we did the rest of the pictures! :)

This is actually supposed to be an iguana, but I figured he was close enough to play the part. ;)  He came with the Chelsea doll.  This was what gave me the idea to do the doll cakes in the first place.  I saw the cute little blonde with an iguana and immediately thought of Rapunzel. ;)

My aunt did this cute braided hairstyle on her to make her look more like Rapunzel.  I was very impressed, because I'd tried braiding it and had no success!  The hair was super slick and a rather awkward length.  Good job, Mimi! :)

Rapunzel's tower was made of various sizes of round gingerbread cookies, stacked up and held in place with a wooden skewer.  Then everything was covered and decorated with candy clay.

The top of the tower was a pointy ice cream cone covered in purple candy clay.

The vines were made of candy clay, and the leaves were frosting.

Here's a closer look at a couple of the bushes:  Hershey's kisses covered with frosting and flower-shaped sprinkles. 

As a fun extra this time, Mimi and Mom made these really cute Pascal banana muffins.  They used green frosting and edible candy eyes to make Pascal's face conveying different emotions.  Mimi didn't think it was her best work (the artist is always the most critical of her own art), ;) but I thought they were adorable. :)

I bought a packet of Rapunzel napkins from Walmart and used the leftover pink plates from the last party. :)

Oldest Gal's Mattel Rapunzel graced the table, and I used a few of the same sheets of scrapbooking paper I'd used to make invitations to add some color.  Also, we bought a plastic tablecloth that looks like a lace one from Walmart.  We'd used a similar one for Little Gal's party, and I liked the look so much that I decided to use one for this party too. :)

This time around, I was able to find lots of nice but inexpensive Tangled treats to put in the girls' goody bags.  Each bag contained 3 large Rapunzel stickers (purchased on eBay in a big lot), a Disney Princess paddle-ball game (Rapunzel was even on them!), a mini Rapunzel notepad, a Rapunzel stamp, and a Disney Princess ring, all from Dollar Tree, a bracelet (selected from our stash of barely used hand-me-downs), and two Rapunzel crayons.  Michael's had sets of Princess crayons in their dollar section that just happened to have crayons with Rapunzel, Cinderella and Snow White on them, so I bought several boxes at the beginning of the year and used them for all three parties! :)  The goody bags themselves were also purchased at Dollar Tree.  So for this party, each goody bag including its accessories cost me about 87 cents!  I think that's a record! :)  The great thing was finding so many party favors at Dollar Tree in packs of 6 or more. :)

Middle Gal decided that the walls needed some decorations, so she drew this Rapunzel poster for her big sister. :)

One of the things the girls always look forward to is getting a birthday balloon.  Oldest Gal really loved hers. Unfortunately, it had a very short life span.  Before the party even began, she managed to poke a hole in it while pirouetting with her balloon and a CD case.  

Now, not trying to be unsympathetic here (although it wasn't one of my most compassionate mom moments, I'll admit!), but if you're going to dance around with a balloon and something that has four pointy edges...what exactly are you expecting to happen, especially when you're holding them right next to each other?  I know...I'm such a mom! :}

Thankfully for Oldest Gal, Daddy was able to save the balloon from complete annihilation with some Scotch tape.  It definitely didn't last or float as long as birthday balloons normally do, though! ;)

I decided that the living room needed a little something too, so I used my Eugene and Rapunzel dolls to decorate.  I also put out my "The Art of Tangled" book (a fabulous read, by the way...I recommend it 100%!).

Pascal even made an appearance! :)

The party was a wee bit crazy (we did have 12 girls under the age of 10 in 1 house, after all!), but the birthday girl had a great time with her friends.  As an added bonus, my mom, my aunt, my sister-in-law, and one of the moms stayed almost the whole time, so I even got some fun conversation with other adults in at the same time! :D  What more could you ask for? ;)

Oldest Gal got a lot of thoughtful gifts (some of which will be featured in future review posts!).  One of the things we got her was a Flynn Rider doll from the Disney Store, since her Rapunzel was lonely. ;)

All three girls love seeing me do my "Doll Set-Ups" for my photography, and they've really gotten into doing it themselves.  This is how Oldest Gal set up her Tangled characters:

The Battat baby horse is a stand-in for Maximus, by the way. ;)

Later that night, when I went to check something in the playroom, I saw how Oldest Gal had put away her Flynn and Rapunzel:

Apparently, they're very glad to be reunited! ;)

Hope you enjoyed the post!!  I've got a lot more to come, but they may not happen right away.  This week is the Ladies Spring Event at my church, so I'll be busy getting all of the last-minute details ready for my devotional.  I'll be sure to let all of you know how that goes and share some pictures as well! :)

Also, the week after this one is Middle Gal's Kindergarten graduation, so we'll be a bit busy then, too.  I'll be around, though, even if I don't post quite as regularly for a while. ;)

Oh, and A Spicy Muffin (I still have to stop myself from typing "Spice Muffin"!), I'll do my best to get to the 11 Tag if I can, but I can't make any promises.  I've been absolutely horrible at tags and blog parties lately...sorry about that everyone!  Hopefully this summer I can be involved in some of those a little more!

Talk to all of you soon! :)


MulanFan_95 said...

Hahah this was so cute! So your gals had Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel as their themes! I wonder if yours might be Belle! :P I laughed at the way how were Rapunzel and Flynn posed XD

Claire said...

My sister and I were smiling reading your post; especially my sister (she's not one for blogs; but she thought this post was SO cute). We were laughing at the idea of Oldest Gal poking a hole into the balloon before the party - that sounds very much like something we would have done at her age. ;)

On another note, I'm glad to hear that "The Art of Tangled" was a great book! I asked for that for my birthday but I ended up getting "Tale as Old as Time: The Making of Disney's Beauty and the Beast" instead (which is also a great book, I might add). :)

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for commenting, gals! :)

MulanFan_95, my birthday party theme would TOTALLY be Belle (although I wouldn't mind a Rapunzel party either!). ;) The only problem is that I normally share a birthday celebration with my mom and my sister-in-law, and I don't know how they'd feel about that! ;)

Hi Claire! :) I'm glad you two enjoyed the post. Honestly, I would probably have done something like that as a kid, too...although I was a little bit less impulsive than Oldest Gal is. At least, that's how I remember myself. My mom might have a different story. ;)

I should have been a little more compassionate. It didn't help that I was trying to get all of the last minute details ready for the party and it was one more thing to deal with! ;) Poor Oldest Gal. Good thing she has a very compassionate daddy. :)

I really enjoyed "The Art of Tangled" a lot. The funny thing is, I actually almost got "Tale as Old as Time" instead! It was a tough decision, but ultimately I decided to go with the Tangled book because I wanted to know more behind the scenes stuff, and there wasn't much of that on the Blu-Ray. Not only that, but I already have quite a few behind the scenes books on Beauty and the Beast. I definitely am planning on adding TAOAT to my collection eventually, though, so it's nice to know that it's a good book too. :)

MulanFan_95 said...

Mine would totally be Ariel! She's been my favorite Disney character since I was a kid. Do you like her? Then Rapunzel, and the Mulan.

beastsbelle said...

Ariel was the first Disney Princess I obsessed over as a girl. ;) I knew all of the songs from the movie by heart and swam like a mermaid in my next-door neighbor's pool for the next 3 summers after the movie's release. ;)

I still have a soft spot for Ariel, but we don't do a lot with her around here. I don't really want my daughters picking up on her attitude, and Hubby does not appreciate her attire (he's big on teaching the girls about modesty). ;) Plus, Ursula is one of the scariest Disney villains ever! I don't think the girls are quite ready for her. ;)

My favorites are Belle and Rapunzel. I also enjoy Ariel and Jasmine, just because they (along with Belle) were the princesses I grew up with, but I prefer Belle and Rapunzel's characters a little more as an adult. :)

MulanFan_95 said...

Oh, that's cool! My childhood princesses are Ariel and Mulan, all the way. I remember having a Flounder plush and watching the VHS every single day! I'm going to get the Disney Store doll eventually! I wasn't very familiar with Beauty and the Beast, to be honest. It's a great movie!

beastsbelle said...

:) For a while there, from "Oliver and Company" on through "The Lion King", my family went and saw every Disney movie when it was released. Some of the movies after that were ones we didn't care for as much, so we stopped making it a tradition to see each Disney release.

Of course, shortly after "The Lion King" was when "Toy Story" came out, and I got really interested in all of the Disney Pixar films. :) "Beauty and the Beast" has remained a steadfast favorite, though. I love the message it conveys of looking past the surface rather than the "love at first sight" theme that is so common in many of the other films. I also love that Belle is one of the few more modern Disney Princesses that truly loves and respects her father, enough to sacrifice her own happiness to keep him safe. Her love story came about as a result of a sacrifice she made rather than a selfish pursuit of her dreams, and I really appreciate that about her. :)

Alice xox said...

How cute!

Good job Daddy for saving the balloon, at least for the length of the party! ;)

MulanFan_95 said...

Nice point! Well, I guess Belle wins over Ariel, Rapunzel and Tiana on that but shares it with Mulan and Pocahontas! And well, Belle surely has the best signature gown, for sure. Too bad there are few dolls who truly capture her dress.

beastsbelle said...

I agree, Alice xox. :) It's nice that Daddy's around to help divert such disasters. ;)

MulanFan_95, I also think that there are definitely better ways Belle's dress could be portrayed in doll form! I remember being really bothered by that fact as a girl. ;)

There are things I enjoy about each Disney Princess, by the way. Belle will just always remain one of my favorites (with Rapunzel trailing right behind). ;)

Thanks for the comments! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! This is soooooo ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I love it!!! Check out my blog at!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Aimeebob. :) I'll have to stop by soon!

Rhissanna said...

Wow! This looked like such fun and I loved the cake!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Rhissanna! :) We had a great time.