Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthday Pics and Exciting News

As promised, here are a few pics of Oldest Gal's birthday "cake", although it was actually a cake plate covered with "S'mores Cups" (a recipe of my aunt's).

Here's the whole thing.  Didn't Mom and Mimi do a great job?

Hubby helped by actually toasting the mini marshmallow that Dot is holding. :)  The bonfire is made of candy clay and broken toothpicks.

A closer look at the yummy S'mores Cups. :)

Dot looks like she's enjoying herself. :)

I believed I mentioned before that Oldest Gal requested a bonfire and S'mores for her birthday (which would explain the theme of her "cake").  Here's the larger of the two bonfires we built.  Unfortunately, this day ended up being one of the hottest we've had all year, so it was too hot to cook the S'mores at this fire.  Thankfully, the guys made a smaller, smoldering bonfire as well, so the birthday girl and the family were still able to have their S'mores. :)

And since it's the third birthday of the year, as always, I completely ran out of steam and forgot to take pics of Oldest Gal's gifts.  She got some very nice things, though, including mini Crumbs and her sister Sprinkle (Lalaloopsies), the book "All of a Kind Family", and more.

I took a lot of doll-related photos tonight to share with you, but I won't be able to get to the posts that accompany them until later.  And this brings me to the "exciting news" I mentioned in the title:  my uncle is giving my husband and me his old truck!   A very nice truck (that to us is not very old) with enough seating for the girls.  It's a huge answer to prayer, as our car has been having issues.  Tomorrow I'll be traveling several hours away to go pick it up, so I'll be gone for most of the day.

Then Saturday afternoon I'll be going to a local production of "Fiddler on the Roof" with my mom, my aunt, and my mother-in-law.  I'm very's been a while since I've been to a live performance. :)  Even better, one of the kids I used to babysit is playing the role of Perchik. :)  I'll have to tell you how it goes. 

So in the meantime, don't worry that I've fallen off the face of the earth or something like that.  I'll be back with more fun as soon as I can. ;) 


Tamsykens said...

Love the tiny 'fire'! I wonder about using those dry Chinese noodles for sticks. (If there were some straight enough it would be good and make the whole fire edible!)The smores cups look interesting too, and I think I'll try to make some.:) Also, just a heads up about Target's Lalaloopsy sale. I went to Target a couple of days ago and they had selected Lalaloopsies for half price.(Got myself a Bea Spellsalot!)

beastsbelle said...

That's a great idea, Tamsykens! If we do this again, maybe we'll try the Chinese noodles. :)

Thanks for the info about the Lalaloopsy sale, too. :)

Tamsykens said...

Oh, just a question. We're vegetarian so we don't eat regular marshmallows and the veg ones don't melt very well. (Unless you buy the super expensive ones. They're really worth it, but you only get about6 or 8. Don't want to use them up that quickly!) Do you think Marshmallow Fluff would work, or be too disgustingly sickening? Does the marshmallow need to melt much? Maybe we could use the other ones after all.

beastsbelle said...

That's a good question. I've never used Marshmallow Fluff before, so I'm not sure. If you'd like, I could get the recipe from my aunt and get it to you...perhaps you could email me? (

If nothing else, I can at least ask her about the recipe and whether she thinks that would work or not. :)

Tamsykens said...

Thanks. I was going to fake it out with graham cracker crust, etc. I'll leave you an email.

beastsbelle said...

Got it! :)