Wednesday, June 5, 2013

American Girl Saige and My AG #55 Comparison (a Few Pics with Felicity, too) ;)

My mom recently had the opportunity to purchase an American Girl Saige doll secondhand from an AGPlaythings member.  For those of you who don't know, Saige is the Girl of the Year for 2013.  

Because she was purchased secondhand, Mom didn't get Saige's meet outfit or accessories, so for these pictures she is wearing Gwen's sundress (Gwen was one of the GOTY dolls from 2009, along with Chrissa and Sonali).  

Here's Saige!  Such a cutie.

I have to admit, when Saige was first released, I thought she was cute, but not really distinct enough from my other dolls to make me interested in her.  I figured she would be too similar to Hayden, my #55, to make it worth getting her. 

I was wrong.  For one thing, pictures just do not to this gal justice.  I mean, sure, she's another freckled classic mold with blueish eyes and reddish-brown, curly hair.  But the shades of her hair and her eyes are both stunning.  Her hair is a deep, coppery red, quite similar to Felicity's. Her eyes are amazing, too!  They're a beautiful blue that almost looks like aqua. 

 I thought I'd start with a few pics of Saige and both of our Felicitys (one Pre-Mattel and one Mattel):

Here's a Pre-Mattel Felicity, Saige, and a Mattel Felicity.

As you can see, there are just slight variances between their hair.  

Pre-Mattel Felicity's hair is a bit lighter...

...but Saige's is just slightly lighter than Mattel Felicity's.  It's such a slight difference that sometimes it's hard to even see it. 

So here is Saige next to Hayden, my #55, and as you can see, my fears that they would be too similar were unfounded.  I love the way Saige stands out next to Hayden.  Wouldn't they make great sisters or cousins or something?  Similar, but unique enough to be complimentary.  I wouldn't object to having a Saige in my collection, except for the fact that there are other dolls I want more.  Besides, now that my mom has her, I can enjoy her every time I visit but not have to worry about finding space for another doll. ;) 

Here's a full-length shot of both dolls.  Fun fact: Mom and I had Hayden and Saige both dressed in Gwen's sundress without even realizing it.  I thought it was fun for the pictures, though. :)

And here they are from the back.  As you can see, Saige's hair has a lot more red to it and is also much longer.  Her hair is very similar to Hayden's though, more wavy than curly.  I've had great success with Hayden's hair, so I'd imagine that Saige's would be the same.  It might be slightly more high-maintenance since it's longer. 

Two cuties. :)

I also thought I'd mention that I read the first Saige book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Some of the friendship issues Saige was dealing with were similar to the issues Oldest Gal is having right now, so it was a very good discussion starter for us. :)  I haven't read the second book yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so.

Do any of you have Saige?  What do you think of her?


Jen said...

No Saige here...but if you do get a chance to take her picture with Felicity, I'd love to see the comparison! Part of me is tempted to buy a Saige and steal her wig for Lissie...

Anonymous said...

We have Saige, she is Tayla here at our house and we love her .. I love my #55 Taryn too, they are not really alike so they do compliment each other quite well and are not just alike. I was afraid of that too. The only bad thing about her is that her hair is so beautiful I do not want to do much with her to mess it up. lol


Michele said...

Saige is a very pretty doll, my daughter wants her very badly. A little girl at our church has her and she is really pretty in person, you are right that pictures do not do her justice. Enjoyed seeing the comparisons and how lucky you are that your mom collects them too! :)

N said...

Saige is quite cute, but her hair is a challenge to maintain. Best of luck, and I hope to see her in future posts.

Nina said...

Cute! I have Saige and I love her! You may want to tell your mom that she doesn't need a hair pick for her hair, even though AG says you do. If you brush her hair around your finger, the curl comes back. I really want #55, too. Is her hair like Saige's?

Isabella said...

Saige and I have quite a lot in conmen! Although I don't have her, I wish I did. She is a total cutie!!! My sister's read the first and second Saige books, and she loved them! I will have to read them myself. Ok I have to say those white dresses are adorable!!!Oh I wish I had one for my dolls! Loved this post, wish I had her.


beastsbelle said...

Hi Jen! I'll try to get a picture up later this week. :) I just have to borrow Saige again. ;)

Hi TracAn, good to hear from you. :) I can understand how her hair would be's so long and beautiful. If it's anything like Hayden's though (which it appears to be), it should be fairly easy to restyle...just time-consuming. ;)

Thanks, Michele! :) Yes, I do enjoy having a mom who collects dolls as well. It's so nice to be able to enjoy and see dolls I wouldn't otherwise come in contact with. :)

Thanks, N. :) I'm sure she'll pop up again sometime. ;)

Thanks, Nina. I'll let her know. AG said the same thing about Hayden's hair, but I've also found that a brush with some spritz works just fine. :)

Thanks, Belle. I'd definitely recommend reading the least the first one (as I said, I haven't had a chance to read the second one yet). ;) I hope you get your Saige! :)

Nina said...

Thanks beast'sbelle! I am planning on getting #55 next year!

beastsbelle said...

Fun! :) She's one of my very favorite dolls.

Tonya Onemoredoll said...

I love this comparison. My daughter us getting Saige this year (in a closet waiting) and I want 55 and was wondering if they were too similar but I think they compliment each other. I love 55!

beastsbelle said...

Glad you found the comparison helpful, Tonya. :) I also thought they might be too similar, but I agree. They look great together. :)

I'm sure your daughter will love her Saige...and maybe now you'll have to get yourself a #55. ;)