Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frustrations and Infections

Hey everyone!  I thought I should stop by again just so you would know that I haven't keeled over or anything. :}

I've been feeling pretty lousy for over a week now.  At the end of last week, I went to the doctor's office and was told I just had a virus.  The gal I saw gave me some cough syrup to help me sleep.  Unfortunately, I could only use it one night over the weekend because I was so loopy, I slept the rest of the following day as well.  Since I'm the one responsible for the kiddos during the week (with Hubby working so many hours), I couldn't take that and still function as a caregiver. :{

When I felt even worse on Tuesday, my mom took me to a walk-in clinic.  They said I had the beginnings of an upper respiratory infection and gave me antibiotics (Yay!!).  I'm on day three now and am finally starting to feel somewhat like myself (I actually had the energy to do dishes and make breakfast before I had to rest). ;) 

As you can imagine, I haven't really been up to being creative this past week, which explains the lack of posts.  And we're still dealing with computer issues.  We have a temporary program that's running so we can at least access the Internet, but Hubby still has to install some drivers and reinstall a lot of programs.  Which means:  A) I cannot access any of the pictures on my camera, including some really awesome snow pics I took from the other day...and then coughed the rest of the night as a result. :}  B) I cannot listen to my Christmas playlist on Rhapsody because we have to install whatever we have to install to listen to stuff (can you tell how incredibly computer literate I am?).  C) Belle's Bulletins and Jane Austen and Unicorns and the pics I have for new Christmas headers are all on hold until I have access to my pictures.

I'm feeling so stressed and frustrated right now.  Last night was one of those nights where NOTHING I tried was working.  I printed off my Christmas letter to go with my Christmas cards and ran out of ink in my printer halfway through.  I tried to view the pictures I'd taken on my camera and couldn't access them.  I tried using the laptop instead and it died.  I seriously felt like I was in the middle of the book "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". ;)

Okay, and now that I've gotten all that off of my chest, time to end on a few positives. :} 

1.  I'm starting to feel better, which means that I'm not going to feel weak and sick forever (and hopefully means I'll be able to make it to art class tomorrow and to my Doll Club Christmas Party on Saturday). 

2.  Thanks to my mom's help, I'm almost done with my Christmas cards (a Christmas miracle!) and have the pictures I needed for a gift ordered on

3.  My kids have been well for two weeks now!! Hooray!!

4.  Since Rhapsody is a no-go, I've rediscovered these interesting things called "Christmas CDs". ;)

5.  Just one more week 'till Christmas break. :D

6.  I'm actually not all that behind on my shopping.  Still trying to figure out the perfect-yet-not-too-expensive gift for my dad, though.

7.  We got two unexpected checks in the mail this month, one from our mortgage company and one from my great uncle.  Both will really help with the added expenses of the season and the new (to us) car we still need to find.

8.  God is in control and loves me, even when all these silly little things around me add up and seem overwhelming. ;)

So, I don't really know what to tell you on when to expect another "real" post from me on any of my blogs.  Lord willing, within the next week or so things should be cleared up, but at this point I just can't make any promises.  I hope you understand. :{

In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and have the chance to spend time with your family and friends.

Talk to you again soon...


Nina said...

Aww! Feel better soon! Don't worry, God will make things better!

Juliet XD said...

Aw,it sucks that you're still sick! Glad to hear of all the little things that do go right ;) We also have a some internet trouble, but my dad's job is completely dependent on WiFi, so that was a stressful few days for my family. Get well soon, I look forward to seeing your holiday pictures! We have yet to get any real snow here :'(

BlackKitty said...

Oh hun, how I understand you! I'm nursing a stray kitten with fungus here and now I have what she has in addition to my own skin conditions :( Get well soon!

RagingMoon1987 said...

Hey, if you get a chance, go over to Carpatina's website. They have some new outfits available, and one of them is called the Austen Romance Collection. I remember that some of your little girls are Jane Austen fans and they might enjoy looking at the clothes. Hope y'all get your technical and health issues resolved!

Ampy Moh said...

ampy here...
congrats on getting prescribed w/ anti-biotics...those things can really heal you real fast.I really hope you'll get better reaaal soon..

me and my dolls miss your posts...
btw,I just got a Disney Store 2010 Tiana Doll , New in box...I found her @ Uncle Sam's(a store here in the philippines w/c sells american stuff =3=).She was on sale,and I'm proud to say she's my very first Disney Store doll!
Im very happy with her articulation! Now I know how much fun you have with your dolls,and I also discovered the pains of opening her and the glitter all over the place,but overall Im really happy.

get well soon

P.S. Sorry for bragging or anything,as a boy , I just don't know anyone else that I can tell about the news..

Freja Damgaard said...

Good to hear whats going on :) offcors its okay and offcors we understand. Im glad things go in the right direction and I hope you get better soon.

Your new header, is absolutely beautiful. Im Jealous that you got snow, here in Denmark we might not get any this year. I dont have a garden myselvf, but yesterday I visited my parents who have a beautiful garden. I took the opportunity to take pictures of my liv dolls outside, but I really wished there had been snow.

Charlotte said...

I take it your husband has fixed the photo thing on your computer, because your new header is absolutely beautiful! I hope you get better soon!

(Just a quick question- I don't know if you know, but what wigs and wig sizes fit BFC Ink. dolls? Bit of a random question, but if you know, thanks in advance!)

Emma said...

Awwww, what a bummer you are sick. I wish you a speedy recovery! Also, I adore your new Frozen doll pictures on your header, they look great! I adored Frozen and have been singing the songs all week. Even in public. (I regret nothing...) ;) It's such a great movie and even the second time I watched it i still got goosebumps!Disney never fails to disappoint after all these years...

Feel better soon! Happy Holidays!


beastsbelle said...

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments, everyone. I'm finally feeling better and my computer problems appear to be over!! :D Glad to be back.

Ampy, I didn't think you were bragging at all. I know how nice it is to share a new find with someone who understands how special it is. :)

katrina the blogger said...

on the $10 thing :my mom would totally do that.

beastsbelle said...'s amazing what we moms will do when we're desperate. ;)