Monday, October 27, 2014

New Frozen Items up on the Disney Store Website!

Well, my source was correct!  There are several new Frozen items up on, including the Ice Skating Set and a new DAC Elsa and Anna set. :D  You can see all of the Frozen stuff HERE.

I did end up staying up too late, and I did go ahead and purchase my Ice Skating Set.  I can't wait until it comes!! :D

It seems the Disney Store has gotten better about supply and demand with Frozen stuff, so the new items shouldn't sell out right away.  Still, if you're interested in any of this stuff, I would purchase sooner rather than later, just in case. ;)

Happy Shopping, everyone!


Farrah Lily said...

Wow, I love the new toddler dolls, Anna's hair is much more accurate and their night gowns are cute! I also love the ice skating set as well and how it includes her green dress. Cute stuff and thanks for the heads up again :). Glad you were able to get the ice skating set!

All AG said...

Ahhh Frozen!! XD

I already have the 1st Wave DAC Elsa, but ugh it's tempting. I managed to snag both Singing Dolls at my local Disney Store. They keep releasing all these items that I need for my collection ughhh! Those DAC things are already sold out though. ;-;

Guess I could make my own costumes but the difficulty. XD

I am not a seamstress, but I have been waiting for Disney just to make a fashion pack for my Elsa. It would cause much of my money to leave but hey xD

The snow dress, even if it's not movie connected to her age, it would be very cute for such an outfit. My DAC's are amazing, might even topping AG, for quality AND a cheap price. The Wave 1 however, might have had a better quality, since DAC tends to lose quality in different waves.

It's such a disappointment I can't buy the outfits separately, it would be so much nicer, since I already have one of the dolls. I couldn't spend 100 dollars on a doll I already have. ;-;

-All AG (So much time without a comment, goodness! XD)

Ampy said...

Yay! congraaats!
Ive heard that elsa from the ice skating set has new shoes. anyways,for some reason I can't visit the DS site, but did you see a new frozen 12" doll set? I heard they were making a new one,like the first set,anna and elsa come in coronation gowns, but I think they added hans(possibly kristoff too,I saw a picture of the box but it was too low quality to share,sorry)

anyways,have you heard the news about hasbro?
it seems that they will make disney princess dolls in 2016 instead of mattel(they also got hold of frozen). It's all over the net...

also,there is an unreleased rapunzel doll that I want to show,she's from mattel...

she'll get a new facemold for 2015! she's so pretty.

also,there has been a lot of ever after high news lately,pictures of ashlynn ella's shoe shop playset and images of duchess swan,kitty cheshire and a new girl have been appearing on tumblr,along with new lines of dolls. Also ever after high's thronecoming will be a movie,there was a french version leaked on youtube(it was 47 minutes long),it was awesome and well made,lots of character development and everyone has equal spotlight,it's pretty filled with magic and it's a bit scary at some parts(for me at least) and i've heard from one of your ever after high doll reviews that you do not like that too much, but still it's an awesome movie(plus,we get to see a bit of ravens mom!) it is said that it will air on nickelodeon on english somewhere in november,

well sorry for the long-ish comment, hope you have a good day, goodbye :))

beastsbelle said...

Farrah, I think the toddler doll set is great too. I can't believe it sold out so quickly!!

Glad I could give the heads up, and I'm thrilled I got the Ice Skating Set, too! :)

Hi All AG! :) Congrats on getting the Singing Elsa and Anna. I have Singing Anna and hope to add Singing Elsa to my collection eventually.

So sorry they sold out already, although I understand what you mean about spending that much on a doll you already have. :} $100 is pretty steep!

It would be wonderful if they made fashion packs for the dolls. :) Maybe they'll do an ice dress version of Elsa sometime down the road. After all, the other DAC dolls have dresses from their adult lives. ;)

I love my DAC dolls, although I think that AG still beats them quality-wise in the hair category. I love their adorable faces and clothing, though. :)

No problem on the long's always fun to read new comments, long or short! :)

Hi Ampy! Nice to hear from you. :)

Yes, Elsa has blue ice skates. :) I can't wait to get a better look. :D

I had heard the news about Hasbro taking over for Mattel. I'm excited to see what Hasbro will do with the Disney Princess line. I haven't been very impressed with the quality of the Mattel dolls for the past several years.

Thanks for the link. I hadn't seen the new face mold for Rapunzel. It's really cute!

Thanks for the Ever After High updates. I had heard some of it, but I must admit I haven't been the greatest at keeping up with all of the EAH news.

Hope you have a great week! :)

tofanpw said...

There's a new classic doll line too, Palace Pets, basically this year's classic dolls with different dresses + pets. There're Rapunzel, Ariel and Cinderella for now. I don't think their pets matched the characters, the glitter are awful, the lower part of the dresses lacks details (rapunzel looked ridiculous with her detailed top but blank skirt). I might pick them up if they go on sale though, I wonder when that is...

beastsbelle said...

I noticed the Palace Pets doll sets, too. I did like the bodice and sleeves of Rapunzel's dress, but I haven't been a fan of the whole Palace Pets line. My girls LOVE the PPs, but I don't think they're as appealing to adult collectors. ;) I agree with you, too, the glitter overload on the pets is not a good look, and the pets seem to be way too big and cartoony for their princesses. I kind of hope the line fizzles out soon.

Then again, I need to remember that the target market is not 30-something collectors, but kiddos. ;) My girls think they're adorable, so Disney must have something figured out with what appeals to younger girls.

Manta said...

I just KNEW this was going to happen! The ice skating set finally got released and I don't have any money.:( Boo.
I hope either my mom or dad will buy them for a Christmas present...they're not THAT expensive.:P (Like I'm not asking for something that costs $200 or something;))

Congrats on your set, though!:)

beastsbelle said...

So sorry, Manta! :( The dolls happened to come at a time when I could snag them, but I've been in the same position before.

Hope you get them for Christmas. ;)