Friday, January 30, 2015

Free Shipping on Frozen Merchandise

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that has free shipping with the purchase of anything from their Frozen items when you use the code FROZEN.  In the email they sent me, they also said there were some new Frozen arrivals, but I wasn't able to find anything that looked new.  You can see their Frozen shop HERE.  

Also, for those of you who are interested, several YouTube reviews have popped up of the new live-action Cinderella dolls.  I've pinned some of them to a Pinterest board HERE if you want to check them out.  I'm still undecided on the dolls.  I think I like the Mattel face better, but I like the Disney Store hair and clothing better.  I just wish they hadn't given Cinderella such a wide jawline, and I wish they'd made both Cinderellas and the Prince look a little happier.  Like Barb the Evil Genius mentioned in an earlier comment (which I'm still working on responding to...sorry, Barb!), this is supposed to be their wedding day, and they both look rather miserable. :}  The hefty price tag is also causing me to hesitate.

Anyway, I hope these links help you guys make some dolly decisions of your own. ;)

Happy Shopping!


Meritre said...

Maybe they restocked some stuff? And I've seen a pictue of Frozen Fever costumes for kids, which looked quite official to me, so I think they'll turn up on the site soon.

beastsbelle said...

Hi Meritre! Maybe they did restock some stuff. I probably just missed it. ;)

I've seen the photos of the Frozen Fever costumes, too. I can't wait to see more merchandise!! :D I'll be at a Disney Store in February and in March, so I'm really hoping that there will be some Frozen Fever stuff in stock by then! :)

tofanpw said...

Mattel's blue cinderella has better hair and dress than the disney store's, but googling when they'll be released and prices gave me no information at all. I kept getting results about the animated dolls.

beastsbelle said...

Yeah, I haven't had much luck finding info on Google yet, either. I know some people have already found her in Target stores. I guess we'll just have to keep our eyes open! ;)

Oh, and I think she's around $40 from what I've heard.