Monday, July 20, 2015

Inside Out Funko Mystery Minis and Tomy Figures

After seeing Inside Out on opening day, we all were kind of put in the collecting/accessorizing mood. ;) So when my mom found the Inside Out Funko Mystery Minis at Hot Topic, we decided it would be fun to get a few and see what we ended up with. I was hoping for Joy, Sadness, or Bing Bong. Mom wanted Bing Bong, Joy in Bing Bong's wagon/rocket (a Hot Topic exclusive figure), or Sadness. :)

Here's what the box looks like from the outside. I took these pictures by my mom's van in our church parking lot because we couldn't wait until we got home to open them. ;) 

Side views: 

The back of the box shows all of the possible figures. Mom and I both actually prefer the regular Inside Out Funko Mystery Minis (not the ones at Hot Topic), because there is another Bing Bong, another Digsust, and another Anger instead of the subconscious guards. 

Rabbit Trail Time! ;) We were a little more interested in them when we discovered some behind-the-scenes tidbits about them. The subconscious guards Dave and Frank (who are guarding Jangles the Clown and other mysterious creatures) are played by Frank Oz (who plays Miss Piggy and Fozzy Bear, among many other characters) and Dave Goelz (who plays Gonzo and Dr. Honeydew, among many other characters). The funny thing is, Dave plays guard Frank and Frank plays guard Dave. Such a Pixar humor thing. ;) 

Ahem. Okay. Back to the post. ;) 

One nice thing about both the Hot Topic and the regular Inside Out Mystery Minis is that every single figure is a one in twelve chance, which makes it much more likely to find the particular figure you want. ;) 

My mom had picked up two boxes, so we decided we'd take turns and each select two to open. Mom went first and got...

...the Hot Topic exclusive Joy in Bing Bong's wagon/rocket! :D This was the character she really wanted, so she was thrilled. :) 

I realized as I put this post together that I only got one picture of Joy, while I got front and back pictures of all of the other figures we opened. Sorry, I guess I was just so excited I was going too fast to keep track! ;) 

It was my turn next. I got Anger with his flaming head. Hmm, this is definitely me on some days...especially during certain parts of the month. ;D 

Here he is from the back.

Mom chose next and got this adorable Bing Bong figure! :D Isn't he cute? 

Back view. I love his tail and checkered jacket. :) 

My last package had Joy with a core memory. I was super happy to get this one. I think she's really cute. :) 

Joy from the back. 

I'd love to get the crying candy Bing Bong from the regular package and the laying down Sadness to add to my collection eventually. There are so many cute figures. :)


As we were out and about, we found another fun line of Inside Out characters, this time from Tomy.

These Tomy mini figures were at Barnes and Noble. They had these three and Joy, but no Disgust. I've since learned that there are a really cute Disgust and a Bing Bong included in this line. Now I just have to find them! ;) 

They were $3.95 each, a very reasonable price...especially for such well-painted figures.

I picked up three figures for Charlie's Pixar shelf:


Sadness (my favorite!)


Each of the figures opened easily from their clear plastic packaging and were held in place by clear plastic.

Opened they stand between 1.5 inches (for Anger) to just over 2 inches (for Joy).

Anger from the back.

Sadness is just adorable. I'm also impressed that she actually stands up on those little, tiny feet. 

Sadness from the back.

Fear is cute too, but sadly, he does NOT stand up on his own.

Fear from the front...

...and from the back. 

I guess the fact that he falls over in a heap is fitting for his panicky character. ;)

Middle Gal let me borrow her Joy figure for this post. Oldest Gal bought Joy for Middle Gal and Sadness for Little Gal before she left for camp for a week. She wanted each of them to have something from her. :) 

Joy from the back.

Most of you know that Charlie is my Pixar nut. I've tried to collect little figures for her collection, at least one from each Disney/Pixar movie (aside from sequels). I wanted to get her some Inside Out figures, and as soon as we saw these in the stores, I knew they'd be perfect for her.

And my instinct was right...they're the perfect size! :)

I decided to keep my Sadness in her packaging (the earlier opened one was Little Gal's). I might open her eventually, but I loved how this package was just the right size for Charlie, too. It adds a fun level of realism to my doll rooms. :) 

Here's a size comparison between the Funko Mystery Mini Anger and the Tomy mini Anger. The Funko Anger is more stylized and a bit larger. The Tomy version is a more exact representation of the character and is painted a little better. I love both lines for different reasons, though. 

I hope all of you Inside Out fans out there enjoyed this little look into some of the fun collectibles you can find. Will any of you be looking for these in your local stores? :)


DJwolf-Addy said...

Love 'em!!!!

Farrah Lily said...

We have yet to see the movie, but my girls are already really into it (just from seeing commericals, etc...) I really like the Tomy mini's! Great photos and it's always fun to see them as a size comparison with your AG dolls. :) That was so thoughtful of Oldest Gal to think of her little sisters!

Mark Patraw said...

I haven't seen the movie, but the premise seems to be something like the old television sitcom, Herman's Head (if memory serves, I think it used to air on Fox). Cool looking figures though. The pattern on Fear's vest is pretty sharp for something that small.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was just wondering if you could post a movie review on Inside Out?

Thanks in advance!