Friday, February 12, 2016

Random Updates and a Few Sales

Hey guys! So sorry I didn't get to that Little Kingdom review post, but I've spent almost the whole day typing to finish my Mount Hermon assignments. I just emailed everything to my instructor mere minutes ago, so now I can relax.

Well, actually, now I can go pack for the girls' birthday trip so I'll be ready when my mom comes tomorrow morning at 7:00. ;)

So, next week, I'll have posts about our trip and our goodies. I'll also be focusing on submitting my first book to the agents next week.

Before I go, I wanted to alert you to a few things.

First, the Disney Store is currently running its 25% off "Friends and Family" sale. This is online and in stores (one of the reasons we normally do the girls' birthday trip over this particular three-day weekend). ;) Online you need to use the code "DISNEYPAL." Enjoy!

Also, the New York Toy Fair is this weekend. One of these years, guys, I'm gonna make it. (When we're independently wealthy and I can afford a plane ticket and hotel. And, while I'm dreaming, maybe a ticket to a Broadway show, too.) ;)

Luckily for all of us who can't make it, there are plenty of lovely bloggers, YouTubers, and other Internet friends who post all sorts of updates from their trip, so be on the lookout! :) I won't be able to post anything over this weekend, but I plan on doing another of my Toy Fair Pinterest boards again this year. Once it's up, I'll put a link in a post here. :)

All About MLP Merch has already posted several early reveals from Hasbro, so be sure to check those out HERE. :) I think so far I'm most excited about the "Guardians of Harmony" line and some of the new EG Minis. :D

I guess that's all for now, folks. So sorry I didn't get to blog comment responses yet. It's been quite a week.

Talk to you again in a few days! :)

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