Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Line of Dolls Available on the American Girl Website: Wellie Wishers! Plus New Products

Good morning, everyone! Just wanted to let you know that a new line of dolls has been released by American Girl: the Wellie Wishers. These dolls retail for $60, are all vinyl and are 14.5 inches tall. They remind me a lot of the Hearts for Hearts Girls. They have extra outfits, playsets, and accessories. You can see all of the Wellie Wishers line HERE.

I think my favorites are Willa and Emerson. :) I would love to add one of these dolls to my collection eventually. Thankfully, my mom is planning on purchasing one soon. When she does, I'll be sure to do a review. I'm super curious to see how these dolls compare to regular American Girl dolls and to the Hearts for Hearts Girls. It would be lovely if they could share clothing. :)

What do you guys think of this line? Will any of the Wellie Wishers make their way into your collection?

There are also some fun new releases in the regular AG line. You can see all of the new stuff HERE.


dannyscotland said...

My own daughters and I agree that the dolls are very cute, and we like their outfits and faces. My oldest likes Emerson, my youngest has no opinion, and I think I like pretty much all of them for different reasons, though the consensus for us is that we are not drawn to Ashlyn's bangs. The sets are pretty cute, but we do wish there was a little more in the ocean set. We have Hearts for Hearts dolls, and we all really love them, so we are also hoping they can share some accessories and clothes. I'm so glad your mom is getting one of these so you can do a comparison for us. I don't know if we will buy one of these dolls or not, they are a little out of my personal budget, but we'll see what happens.

jSarie said...

I saw these in person a little while ago (I wandered through AGP Houston while waiting for my car to pass vehicle inspection place across the street), and they're cute!

I'm on the fence about buying one though - in part because most of the kids in the family are too old for them (or too macho), but even for my own collection I'm not convinced that they're unique enough compared to Corolle's Les Cheries or Paola Reina's Las Amigas (or Hearts for Hearts, since they're making a comeback as well). Still, they are awfully cute, so I'll probably be eating my words on that soon enough! ;)

SwanburneGirl said...

I went to AGP Chicago today, and I didn't pick up one of the Wellie Wishers- yet. After seeing Emerson, I think my Jess doll might have a little sister... ;)
(Also, I love some of the things from the mix-and-match collection- I've been saying they should sell separates other than the AGP ezclusives for years! I got the denim dress, leggings set, and plaid shirt, and they're really nice.)

Farrah Lily said...

These dolls are gorgeous. I think Willa is my favorite...I love everything about her, but the blonde one would make a cute little sister to my JG Meredith. I can't wait to start seeing more of these reviews so I can decide! Most likely I won't buy one for myself, but I would love to get one for my youngest around the same time my older one is ready for her first regular AG doll. I am so curious to see if they can share clothes with the H4H gals...I would love it if we could buy the outfits separately!

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hi dannyscotland! Lol, it sounds like you spent your morning the way we did, gathered around the computer looking at the stuff. Oldest Gal likes Kendall and Emerson, Middle Gal loves Willa the best, and Little Gal loves Camille (because she has blonde hair and blue eyes like her). ;) It's always fun seeing which dolls appeal to which daughters. ;)

My mom ordered Willa this morning, so as soon as she's here, I'll have a review on the blog. Like you, I'm eager to see if they are compatible with Hearts for Hearts Girls. :)

These are out of my budget for now, too. Thankfully I have a mom with a more flexible income who loves dolls as much as I do. ;)

Hi jSarie! From what I've heard, it does seem like people are just as pleased with them in person as they are with the stock photos. I'm glad to hear you liked them.

I can understand wanting to make sure they are unique enough to add to your collection. Especially when you already collect so many similar doll lines. (Believe me, I COMPLETELY understand.) ;) I'm not 100% sure I'll add any of them to my personal collection at this point, but like you, I may change my mind. Especially when my Mom's Willa doll arrives. ;D

Hi SwanburneGirl! Oh, I bet Emerson would be perfect with Jess! :D

I really love the fact that they have the mix-and-match option this time around, too. It's so nice to know you can buy the outfits a piece at a time. Or, if you only like part of the outfit, you don't have to pay for the whole thing. Great planning on AG's part. :) I loved all of the things you bought. Glad to know you're happy with them. :)

Hi Farrah! Willa's my favorite, too. :D Oh, these would look great with the Journey Girls dolls, wouldn't they? :)

I'll have a review up as soon as I can, but I have to wait until my mom's doll arrives. ;) Like you, I'm eager to see these dolls in person and compare them to some other lines.

That would be so fun to get a Wellie Wishers for your youngest and an AG for your oldest. How special for both of them! (And less expensive for you than getting two regular AGs, which is nice.) :D

I feel the same way. I really hope they work with the Hearts for Hearts Girls. It would be nice to buy the outfits separately. I guess we could at least get the pajamas. :)

Karina (@mia.kate.andco) said...

I think the Wellie Wishers are pretty adorable! I really want to see them in person. I will have a chance to do that within the next few months, since Portland is getting a temporary store in July! It's so exciting; we had one last fall through March of this year, and it was so fun to be able to go and look at things! ;) I was also quite impressed with the TM items that were released today. Some of the separates I hope I can buy someday! =) I look forward to your review of your mom's Willa. She is one of my faves, along with Camille. I really like Camille, for some reason!

SwanburneGirl said...

Forgot to mention, I'm glad the Wellie Wishers basically look like smaller versions of the 18-inch girls- that way, I think younger girls will be more drawn to them than they were the Bitty Twins. I like that they're billed as ages 5+, because the Bitties were 3+ and the 18" dolls are 8+ so now they have something in-between.
(Also, I spelled exclusives wrong. What are ezclusives? *wince* Just had to point out my own spelling error. Because that's the kind of person I am, lol.)

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hi Karina! How cool that you guys get a temporary store. Hmm, Portland is a lot closer than the San Francisco area...maybe I need to plan a road trip in July! ;D I'm so glad you get to see everything in person, that must be so lovely!

I really liked the Truly Me separates, too. I'd love to add that plaid shirt and the shorts, at least. ;)

I'm so glad my mom bought Willa! I can't wait to see her and share photos with all of you. :D

SwanburneGirl, I completely agree. I think these will be appealing to younger girls but feel a little more like "big girl dolls" instead of baby dolls. It is nice that AG is branching out to include something specific for each target age group, too. :)

Lol, I have the same urge whenever I have a typo. No judgement here. ;) Actually, I didn't even notice! I guess I need to work on my observational skills. ;)

Nikki Fielder said...

I didn't like the dolls when I saw the stock photos (they seems a little bug-eyed to me :P), but now that I've seen actual in-person photos of them, I like them mostly. I think the whole wellie thing is a bit strange really, but I like the dolls themselves (I'm not a fan of Ashlynn (I think that's the name of the Hispanic doll?) but I especially love Willa). In a way I would love to have one or two for sisters to my regular AG dolls.

Joanne Mariel Maniago said...

Hi Beastsbelle, apart from the Wellie Wishers... The Bitty Twins have also retired! I was actually giving a set of Bitty Twins to my niece.

Now, back to the Wellie Wishers. Out of the five, my favorites are Camille, Willa, and Emerson.My mom likes Camille, my sister Jayne wants Willa, and I like Emerson! It's because Emerson looks like Jayne!

The Wellie Wishers are 14½ inches tall, only half an inch Taller than the Hearts For Hearts Dolls. I will purchase three outfits and see if they fit.

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hi Nikki! It's funny, I kind of like the Wellie thing. It reminds me of my girls, wearing random shoes with their outfits. ;D Plus, "wellies" is fun to say, and is a much more fun name than "rain boots." ;)

Hi Joanne! Thanks for pointing that out. I'd missed that the Bitty Twins were discontinued.

It's fun that your family has the same favorites as mine. :)

It's looking like the Hearts For Hearts Girls and Wellie Wishers can share clothes. jSarie shared pictures over on "Revenge of the Toy Box" HERE.