Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Upcoming Shopkins Happy Places Sets!

Just a quick post today. My girls and I are huge fans of the Shopkins Happy Places line, and we've been looking forward to seeing some of the new releases that should be showing up soon.

I noticed that some of the new toys are starting to show up on It looks like most of them will have a release in early August:

Happyville High School Playset (You can see My Froggy Stuff's YouTube review of this set HERE.)

Bearry Fun Convertible


Kiki Creme




Season 3 Blind Bag Surprise Delivery Packs (These are also featured in the My Froggy Stuff video.)

They also have a few of the Shoppies that were supposed to be part of Season 2 of Happy Places, but never showed up in our area:

Fria FroYo

Pia Puzzle

Macy Macaroon

I love the creativity and detail that goes into this line. I'm especially excited for Macy Macaroon, Kiki Creme, and the new blind bags, since according to the info from My Froggy Stuff's video, they will feature art classroom supplies. :D

Which ones are you most excited about?

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Farrah Lily said...

I love the Shoppies minis! I'm excited about all of them, to be honest. They are so cute and colorful and irresistible to collect. I've missed a few as they never seemed to make it to my area so I don't them all. I'm so confused as to why the prices on Amazon for these always seem so mo much higher? They must not market their line through Amazon for some reason. I'm excited for the bigger dolls as well!