Saturday, December 18, 2010

Emma the Fashion Queen :)

Hi guys!  My camera battery is all charged, so I just took some great pics of Emma in all of her outfits.  Hope you enjoy them! :)

Here's the outfit she came in, as you saw from the pics yesterday.

Here's the new My AG meet outfit.  Lavender and purple are really good colors for her!

Don't look too close at this pic...after I took it, I realized that it looks like she has a hair sticking right up her nose! :}

And here (drum roll please) is Emma's Liberty Jane outfit!  I must say, I love all of the clothes Nora sent, but this outfit is my favorite!  I think it's because it's so unique.  It just made her personality jump out at me! :)


I put the silver ribbon in her hair as a looks pretty cute!  I don't know how well you can see it, but Emma has some very faint reddish brown highlights in her hair (which is really cool, because I do too).  :)

Emma with her special teddy bear...yet to be named. :)

I laughed so hard when I found this Scrabble tile pendant!  Like I said before, I'm still working on her personality, but I knew that her favorite book was going to be "Emma" by Jane Austen.  With all of the "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" stuff around, I thought this necklace would be perfect for her.  And I quite agree...I'd take Mr. Knightley over Edward or Jacob any day! :)

I also gave her this pretty rose charm that I got through Disney Movie Rewards after I bought "Beauty and the Beast" on Blu-ray and DVD.  I know she's going to like "Beauty and the Beast" and "Tangled". :)

My beautiful Emma. :) 


AGDollPrincess said...

She's so pretty! Congratulations again on winning!

Claire said...

Congrats on winning! She's beautiful in every way.

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, gals! :) I had so much fun taking these pics. :)

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

She is beautiful. The pants from Liberty Jane look very cool, especially with the purple shoes.

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Shari. :) The shoes came with the My AG meet outfit. They're so cute!

Nora Demington said...

Great pics!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Nora. Wow! I feel so honored to have a comment from you on my blog!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow .. she really is beautiful .. and she has great style there in clothing and love love the necklace. I love it when girls have their special things .. she will have fun living at your house ..


beast'sbelle said...

Hi Tirya! Thanks for the comment. :) I'm glad you like her was so fun picking it out for her. :)

AlexAndrea said...

One of my little "Barbie Girls" at church was "signing" for the soloists at our Christmas Cantata. She's 10 years old!

Another little girl in the children's choir, who has black hair like Emma's, was wearing a bright red dress with about a dozen or so scattered "sparkles" above the waist. You might consider this as a "dressy" outfit for Emma. It was quite striking.

By the way, I always give the Barbies to the parents so they can decide when and how to "present" the gift.

I always enjoy a smiling dad walking up and telling me how much their little daughters enjoy the Barbie stuff.

One dad still talks about the vintage red MG roadster I restored and how much his little girl still enjoys playing with it. I also gave them a photos of three cars being diassembled and the best parts being reassembled for her's.

I enjoyed the restoration and she enjoyed the final result . . . good feelings all around.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi AlexAndrea! I love the idea of a red dress with sparkles for Emma. Unfortunately, I'm not a seamstress myself. Hmmm, maybe I'll have to talk to one of my sewing friends. :)

It sounds like you have a fun ministry with your Barbie girls. :) What a great idea! I know how special Barbies were to me as a child (and I still enjoy them now). I'm sure they'll always remember your special gifts.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a random time, but have you seen any #41's on the secondary market?

beastsbelle said...

I haven't seen any recently, but then again, I haven't been actively looking for AG dolls on the secondary market. The My AG dolls can be rather hard to find specifically since many of the people selling them do not know their numbers. I would recommend looking her up by hair color or eye color. You might even try entering "just like you" in the search, as many sellers still think they are called "Just Like You" dolls instead of "My American Girl".

Above all, be patient. :} Finding a specific doll secondhand can take weeks or even months of searching every day, but usually persistence will pay off.

Hope you find your #41 soon! :)

Forever AG said...

Hi! This one of my first comments on your blog (although not my first time reading it) and I was wondering if I get #41, may I name her Emma as well? I'm not sure if in the end, I'll name her Emma (I may do a variation of it or something similar, like Gemma) but I wanted to see if I could! And I really do love your blog so that's partly where that came from. Thanks and hope you reply!

beastsbelle said...

Hi Forever AG! Thanks for commenting. :) I wouldn't have a problem with you naming your #41 Emma. It's a really popular name, and I don't own it. ;) Gemma would be really cute, too. I'd love to hear what you decide when you get her!