Thursday, December 23, 2010

Emma's Christmas Dress

Just wanted to do one more quick post with some pics of Emma in her new Christmas dress, another beautiful creation by one of my favorite eBay sellers, shopamericangirl.  Be sure to follow the link...she's got some great stuff on eBay right now.  Of course, you won't be able to get it in time for Christmas, but maybe it can be a New Year's Eve dress or something. :)

Here are some pics of lovely Emma:


Elinor Dashwood said...

Beautiful dress, beautiful doll!!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Elinor. :) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

AlexAndrea said...

The black and red print is beautiful on a doll with such dark hair and eyes. The white fabric reminds me of snow. Is the red flower 'silk'? I confess I have a large (very large) assortment of doll-sized silk flowers rescued from old floral arrangements. The prices at the craft stores are outrageous (although one store recently had a 90 percent off sale on the fall colors).

I recommend air-dusting thrift store silks, followed by decontammimation.

She's lovely.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi AlexAndrea. Yes, the flower is "silk", or something similar. What a good idea to use flowers from floral arrangements! I agree, craft stores charge way too much for their fake flowers. I'm glad you like the dress. I thought it looked pretty stunning on Emma myself. :)

AlexAndrea said...

A few more comments about recycled flowers:

Some older arrangements have the 'rubbery' plastic flowers very similar to the early Mattel products. I have an early Barbie Dream House which used these in the flower boxes.

I don't discard anything. My dolls range in size from the 4 inch 'Kelly' (too many to count)to the 38 inch 'Just My Size Barbie' (12 but I can only display the best 7).

The leaves are always huge! I use scrapbook punches (even the snowflake) to make little ones out of the big ones.

The dried flowers probably need a dip in thinned acrylic medium.

This sounds like a good subject for a Blog Post.

beast'sbelle said...

I definitely think you should do a post about it! I love the idea of using a scrapbook punch to make the leaves the right size. :) It's fun hearing what different people use for their dolls.