Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Karito Kids Sale at

 Hey, just wanted to post really quickly for those of you interested in Karito Kids dolls.  On they have a sale going on Karito Kids dolls and outfits.  The sale only lasts until Friday the 20th.  They have KK dolls for $50 each (plus shipping), KK books for $6 (plus shipping), and KK outfits for $10 (plus shipping). 

I went ahead and ordered an extra outfit for my Pita doll.  With shipping, it worked out to $15.95.  I'm not sure how much the shipping is for a doll, since I didn't order one. 

The dolls available are Piper, Wan Ling, Gia, Pita, Zoe, and Lulu.  They all appear to be in their second series of meet outfits.  They also have copies of the books for each of the dolls, if you just want the books.  I've never read them myself, so I can't say whether they are well-written or not.  If you buy a doll, the book comes with her.

The outfits they have available at the present time are the "Pretty Paisley" dress and sandals and the "Flower Power" dress and sandals (this is the one I ordered!).  If you want to pay $18 plus shipping instead of $10, they have Piper and Wan Ling's meet outfits available.

Hope you get a chance to check everything out! :)   Here are some samples of the available goodies:

Gia and book

"Flower Power" 

Wan Ling's meet outfit  
Pita's book

If you're interested, then hurry!! The sale is only until Friday, May 20th, or while supplies last.  One of the outfits was already sold out by the time I got there.  Thanks to the lovely folks at AG Playthings for giving me this tip! :D


Chloe said...

I like Piper. I really want her. Maybe I will get her if the shipping doesn't end up being that much.

beast'sbelle said...

Piper is a beautiful doll! :)

Spicemuffin and Company said...

I already have Ling. :) I love Zoe! Her freckles and curly hair are to die for...but I don't have 50 dollars to spare. :(

beast'sbelle said...

Your Ling is so pretty! :) Zoe is a cutie, too. I understand...$50 is a good deal, but still a lot of money for most of us. :{ Just thought I'd share in case any of us had $50 just laying around, waiting to be spent. ;)

Elliebob said...

I really want one of those dolls. Can you buy them at a store or do you have to order them? :)

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Elliebob. The Karito Kids dolls used to be at some Tuesday Morning stores, but I haven't found them there in the past several months. They have an online site: You can also find them on eBay sometimes, but they are definitely harder to find than American Girl dolls on the secondary market.

Hope this helps. :)