Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thrift Store Goodies and McDonald's Build-A-Bears

I have a random collection of fun doll goodies I've accumulated in the past week or so, and thought all of you would enjoy seeing them. :)

First up, for those of you who don't know, McDonald's currently has small plush Build-A-Bear animals in their Happy Meals.  These are just the right size for your 18" dolls.  The animals this year have a Valentine's Day theme.  Here are two of them:

A cute green froggy.

A sweet pink and white bunny.

I believe there are 6 different animals in all, if I remember correctly.  They're already on #3 or #4 in our area, so if you're interested in adding these to your doll's stuffed animals, I would get to McDonald's sooner rather than later.  

For the record, I like the mini Ty Beanie Babies that McDonald's does a little bit better, but these guys are cute too.

Next up, we have a doll-sized hand puppet...sort of.  It doesn't actually fit over their thumb.  My mom and I found these at Michael's.  They're actually human finger puppets, but we think they work pretty well for dolls, too.

Mom got the cow...isn't he cute? :)

Now on to the thrift store goodies.  I've been collecting vintage 80s and 90s stuff for Hayden, since I'm basically making her like me when I was 12.  My mom found this really cute Rainbow Brite doll-sized nightgown at one of the thrift stores in town.  I thought it would be just perfect for Hayden. :)

I was never into the Rainbow Brite cartoons as a kid (and was actually pretty disappointed the first time I watched one), but a lot of my friends had Rainbow Brite dolls.  I always loved the pictures of Starlite, too.  I thought that no horse could be lovelier.  I was very disappointed to discover that Starlite was a boy!  I'd always pictured him as a girl!  He's also quite snooty and conceited in the cartoons.  So I just enjoy the pictures and pretend the cartoons don't exist! ;)

Just today, I went into Salvation Army and found this adorable doll-sized radio for just $2.50.  I didn't expect it to still work, but I put some new batteries in, and it worked perfectly! :)  I'm thinking I'll probably put this in Maggie and Rachel's room. 

The handle can come up, just like a real radio.

The speakers can also be detached, although I'll probably just keep them together.  

That's all for now.  Have any of you found any doll-sized treasures lately?


Bama said...

Cute stuff! We collected the BAB minis at McD's several years ago. I too like the beanies better. Love the little radio. So cute! Your girls are spoiled! LOL! :o)

Emmie Johonna said...

Oooooo… these are some cool finds! especially that little finger puppet cow!(Since my Izzi collects plush cows) I love using finger puppets, keychains, or pretty much anything plush and tiny for them ^_^ I need to go to Michael's anyway as i have a gift card that needs using! I watched a Rainbow Brite cartoon out of boredom one day with my little cousin and wasn't very impressed. Oh well, Hayden's Nightie is a d o r a b l e!
Oh my goodness just $2.50 for that little radio! I really think you find THE BEST stuff beastsbelle!
As for goodies I've found lately, I'm planning a blog post soon with all of the Victorian goodies I've found at thrift stores!(Samantha's era basically)
These posts make my day so please continue making more!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for the comments, gals. :)

Bama, I was so excited about my radio find! My girls are definitely spoiled. ;)

Hi Emmie Johonna...good to hear from you again. I'm glad you're enjoying the posts. :) I'll definitely be doing more, so don't worry. :)

Can't wait to see your Victorian goodies. Thrift stores are the best! :)

Jessie said...

Love all the things you got! The radio is adorable. I know absolutely nothing about Rainbow Brite (in fact, I'd never heard of it until I read your post), but the nightgown is really cute! The animals are super cute too. I just recently re-discovered my Calico Critters (mini plush-covered pose-able animals) after sticking them on a shelf about a year or two ago. I've been looking for 18" doll-sized stuff for a while, and realized that I have a whole box-full! I have at least 6-7 families, not to mention extra people and tons of furniture. I'm looking forward to presenting them to my dolls! :D

OK, now I'm done typing this super-long comment! :)

beastsbelle said...

Oh, we're big fans of Calico Critters here! :) My daughters and I all have some, and yes, they make perfect little toys for the dolls. :) I love how adorable they are, too! :) I'm sure your dolls will love them. :D

Rainbow Brite hasn't been around for a while...she was almost a little before my time. She was kind of phasing out by the time I got to upper elementary school. The cartoons are not worth watching, in my opinion (some of them are really scary for a kid's show!), but like I said, I really had a thing for her horse when I was little. Oh, and her rainbow-haired puppy, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhhh .. I used to have a rainbow bright doll and a starlight horse, but I did not watch the cartoons really either, think I watched with a friend when I was at her house at times, but did not like it at home .. lol .. i was into breyer horses and played horses all the time myself .. lol But that nightgown is sooo cute.

The little stereo is cute too you got some great fun things at the thrift stores. lol .. wish we had good ones here, but maybe we will find some fun things in Seattle ..


beastsbelle said...

I used to have Breyer horses too, TracAn! :) In fact, I still have several of my favorites in storage. I used to play with horses the way most girls played with Barbies. :}

I hope you find some goodies in Seattle. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that nightgown and the radio is cute you are always so lucky at thrift stores. I got a black trash can/laundry basket in the dollar section and they were 70% off so with only 30 cents i bought it. And my bday was yesterday and I got MaKenna she is a gorgeous doll and recommend her to everyone and I love her stories
Your Reader
Sav anah

beastsbelle said...

Congratulations on your dollar section deal and on getting McKenna! :) She's a lovely doll.

Mickey's Girl said...

What sound or song does the mini radio play?

beastsbelle said...

Hi Mickey's Girl. The mini radio has AM/FM tuning, so it works just like a regular radio.

Anonymous said...

Awesome finds! I really love the cow puppet. Cows are just the cutest things(in my opinion).