Wednesday, August 29, 2012

American Doll Room Review

Last week, a large package arrived at our house and spread excitement throughout the ranks. ;)

What was in the package?  Here's a hint:

The O'Connor family, creators of "American Doll Room", very generously sent me one of their rooms to review.  The girls and I couldn't wait to open it! :)

Our first view of the open box.  

The package included one fold-up doll room, two bags, 2 sets of white curtains, and a carpet.  

The curtains, still in the package.

Duffel bag #1

Duffel bag #2

The house itself.

The carpet was nice and soft and had rubber backing. 

In fact, it was so soft that I couldn't stop petting it (and neither could my daughters, for that matter!).  I found it was somewhat like petting a cat, though.  The carpet had to be stroked a certain way.  If you stroked it the wrong way, the back would show through just a bit and not look as nice.  It's a lovely, lush carpet, though. The girls' dolls will appreciate having this thick, plushy goodness under their tootsies. ;)

So here it is all set up.  I love the beautiful shade of purple on the walls and the hardwood look of the floor.  The rooms are made of heavy paperboard wrapped in vinyl laminate.  It's a great combination of materials, because the room is nice and sturdy, but still light enough to move around without difficulty.  

The carpet looks great on the floor.  It fits just right and really makes the white trim of the room stand out.

I also love the attention to detail on these rooms.  Notice the beautiful garden scene out the window? :)

Each set of curtains comes all in one piece.

On each of the top corners, there is a square of Velcro with adhesive on the back.

Hanging the curtains was simple.  I removed the Velcro square, peeled off the paper covering the sticky back, and attached the sticky sides of the 2 squares to the corners of the window. 

Then all I had to do was match the Velcro on the curtains to the Velcro on the wall, and Voila!  Perfect curtains! :)

One of the things I enjoyed the most about this set was its versatility.  This is the same room on the opposite side.  See how it looks like the outside of the house?  The floor even flips over to look like a back patio.

Close-up of the outdoor flooring.

They cleverly made the window look even more realistic by making the purple room on the opposite side "visible' from the window panes. :)

And the great part is, when playtime is done, the room very easily folds up for storage.

It even includes this large duffel bag, a great place to keep the room until it's ready for play again.

The room easily fits inside...

...and there's even enough space for the carpet, too. :)

Here it is, all ready to go.

The bag has both a hand strap and a shoulder strap, making it easy to carry the room from place to place.  

There is also another duffel bag which can be used for 18" doll accessories. 

It is smaller and wider than the room duffel and has only a hand strap. 

While this was most likely meant to store furniture or accessories to bring along with the doll room, I found that it also held the dolls themselves just perfectly!

I was able to fit all six of my daughters' 18" dolls inside and still had room to spare!  Of course, if we were planning on traveling any sort of distance other than across town, I would probably wrap towels or baby blankets around each individual doll to keep them from banging into each other and getting damaged.  Still, it's nice to know I have this option for our next big trip. :)

Since we only had one room and I have three daughters, we made the decision to use it as a communal room for all of their dolls to share.  My girls lost no time in setting things up in the room and making it their own.   (Notice how perfectly the room matches with their playroom colors?) ;)

The girls decided to spread the wealth by using the natural floor in the room itself and using the carpet next to it.  I think it looks great under their doll bunk beds. :)

Oldest Gal's Josefina checks out the new digs.

I think she approves. ;)

I'd like to thank the O'Connor family for giving me this opportunity to review their wonderful doll room (my daughters give their thanks, too!). ;)  I would highly recommend these rooms for their high quality, their attention to detail, and their versatility.  

The rooms come in different colors and there are also color choices for the carpets.  The rooms cost $89 each.  You can choose to buy one room or buy them in sets of 2 or 3.  If you purchase the 2 room package, you get a $9 discount (it costs $169 instead of $178), and if you purchase the 3 room package, you get an $18 discount ($249 instead of $267).  You can also purchase the curtains, carpets, and accessory duffel bags separately.

There are several beautiful new rooms that will be released in mid-September, including a barn, a cabin, and a few rooms with a white bead board look on the walls. :) 

To find out more information about any of the rooms or to see more pictures, you can visit the American Doll Room website, (the new rooms are visible in the gallery section on the site).  You can also visit their Facebook page. :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)  More posts to come...I think life is starting to settle into a routine again. ;)


Kristina said...

This is really cute, but gosh are they pricey!

Alice xox said...

How cute! Love it. I love how everything reverses to provide more scenes and how easy it is to change it up with the hardwood or carpet, curtains, etc.

On a random note, I also love how your girls set up Josefina's shawl to dress up the dresser! :)

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for the comments, gals. :)

Hi Kristina. :) It's true that the rooms are more expensive than I would be able to afford, but for those who can afford them, they are a wonderful, high-quality product that I would definitely recommend. If I had the funds and it wouldn't cause Hubby to tear his hair out, I'd snag a couple more for the girls' doll display. ;)

Hi, Alice! I love all that too. The design was obviously well planned out. :)

Josefina's shawl on the dresser was Oldest Gal's idea. I really enjoy watching them do their doll displays! It's fun seeing what they come up with and the different things they focus on. :)