Tuesday, September 4, 2012

American Girl New Releases

So anyone who's even slightly into American Girl most likely knows about the new products that were released early today, including the newest historical doll, Caroline Abbott.  I know there will be a ton of posts about this today, but I thought I'd share my two cents anyway. :)

First off, the doll herself.  While I don't plan on adding her to my collection, I am more impressed with her than I was when she was first released.  Her eyes are a really unique color, a beautiful combination of blue and green.  I'm not a huge fan of her meet outfit, but some of her other outfits are quite lovely.  I've seen some non-stock photos of this doll, and let me tell you, she is a stunner.  I just don't need another doll right now, and definitely not another doll with curly hair!  I love the look of curly hair, but it involves a lot of maintenance.   If I get another doll, she will have straight hair! ;)

I do love Caroline's Travel Outfit, Spencer and Hat, and Travel Basket (all 4 are pictured above).
The dress is just beautiful (Tess and Emma are begging me to get it so that they can wear it). ;)
I really like the Spencer jacket and hat, too.

The travel basket is very detailed, especially the incredible embroidered map.  And hurray for food that is not all clumped together!! :D  

I don't know if any of these items will be coming home with me, because American Girl raised their prices once again.  To buy all three of these items would cost me $84 before tax and shipping. :{  Yikes!  

Even without the basket, it would still be $52 for the outfit.  There are a lot of other doll-related things I could get for that same amount. ;)  

I do really like mini Caroline.  Tess has officially added her to her wishlist.  She told me that Samantha could use a friend. ;)  For those of you who don't know, you can get mini Caroline on Amazon.com for $16.31 instead of the $24 you have to pay at the American Girl website.  However, it works out the best if you spend $25 or more on Amazon to get the free shipping.  But for $32.62, you could get two mini dolls with free shipping instead of paying over $50 with tax and shipping for 2 of them directly through AG.  It's definitely the way to go if you're already planning on this purchase.

There were a whole lot of other releases for Caroline, which you can see HERE.  I just thought I'd touch on my favorites. :)

There were also some really fun releases for the My American Girl line.  Here are the two I liked the best: 

The Casual Chic Outfit.  
I love everything about this outfit, but especially the hat. :)  Can't you see Maggie in this? ;)

The Rosy Red Outfit.
This is my absolute favorite out of all of the new releases.  Of course, seeing it modeled on Hayden definitely helped me in my opinion. ;)  It is just gorgeous.  I'll definitely consider saving up for this one...I think.  It's $36, and I don't even spend that much on clothes for myself! ;)  We'll see what happens. 

There are a lot of other really fun clothes and accessories that were released as well.  You can click HERE to go see them all.

What are your thoughts on the new stuff?  Do you have any favorites?


Lauren said...

I love Caroline's collection! I especially love her birthday dress...it reminds me of something Emma Woodhouse would wear:) I would really like to get Caroline...I need a new model for my Etsy shop, right? Okay, maybe not...we shall see.

All AG said...

I love, love LOVE the rosy red outfit! Perfect for Clove custom doll from the Hunger Games I am asking for for Christmas! ;)

beastsbelle said...

Hi Lauren! If you get her, I'd love to hear what you think. And I think she'd enjoy modeling for your Etsy shop. ;) Could I get the link to that again? I couldn't find it on your blog.

Hi All AG. That one's definitely my favorite, too. Although thinking about a custom Clove doll wearing it slightly dampens my enthusiasm...such an unpleasant character! :( I think I'll stick to Hayden in my collection. ;)

AGTriviaMaster said...

I think all Hathaway sisters would look great in the Rosy Red Outfit! And the Casual Chic one would be perfect for Maggie!

Also, what happened to the custom 25 with Samantha's eyes you made awhile back?

beastsbelle said...

I agree. :)

Um, let's see...her body was sold to one AGPT member, her brown eyes were exchanged with another AGPT member for an eye swap, and her eyeless head was sold to yet another AGPT member. Morbid, I know. :} I just didn't bond with her, and the character I had in mind for her didn't quite work out the way I'd planned, so I figured I'd pass her on to someone who could use her...or...parts...of her. :}

Alice xox said...

I adore Caroline's collection. But like you pointed out, it's pricey. =/ I may just wait until some items go on sale, or they start popping up on the secondary market. My Nicki did point out how lovely mini Caroline is though - she has mini Samantha too! Nicki sure loves frills.

For the MyAG stuff, I LOVE the skating outfit but $48 (before tax and shipping!) just isn't happening. My Jess will just have to continue on with the 2005 version, lol.

beastsbelle said...

Lol...your poor Jess. ;) Sad how our dolls must suffer due to our restricted budgets. ;)

I do like a lot of Caroline's collection and several of the My AG releases, but I know I won't be able to get all of the things I like. I suppose one sign of maturity is to be able to enjoy things without having to OWN them. I'm...getting there. ;)