Saturday, September 8, 2012


...and she has informed me in no uncertain terms that whoever had the audacity to dress her in such ridiculous get-up and then ABANDON her with a group of pathetic, castoff toys at Goodwill shall SURELY PAY for her crimes!!

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.  I mean, finding Mother Gothel in this outfit with that disgusted sneer on her face...hee hee.

Okay, in all seriousness, I wanted to let you guys know that I finally got my act together and got some eBay listings up, which just so happen to include Miss Vengeful herself.  Eugene and Rapunzel would never forgive me if I actually kept a Mother Gothel doll.  And yes, I realize that there will likely be a target on my back as well now. ;)  I tried to explain to her that I was going to find her a good home where she wouldn't feel the need to wreak havoc on everyone's lives, but she would hear none of it.  

Anyway, I have several eBay listings, but there are also some items I decided to list on AGPlaythings to avoid all of the eBay listing fees. :}  Since some of the things I listed there were items that some of you expressed an interest in (including my Hearts 4 Hearts Lauryce doll), I thought I'd try a little experiment.  I'm providing a link to the Picasa album that has pictures of all of the non-eBay items I'm selling.  So click HERE to see everything.  

Now, here's the deal.  For non-eBay transactions, I accept Paypal only.  In order to use Paypal, you must have a Paypal account (just thought I'd mention this to save you some headaches later on).  You must be at least 18 years old to purchase from me (for your safety as well as mine). If you're younger than 18, you will need to have a parent or grandparent purchase for you using their Paypal account.  Also, I am not able to do International shipping at this time, so these items are only available for those of you in the US (sorry to all of my International readers!).  Also, all prices do NOT include shipping.    

If you see an item you're interested in, or if you have any questions about an item, please email me at  It would also be helpful if you could email me your zip code so that I can estimate what shipping will be.  All items are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and have already been listed on AGPlaythings, so I cannot guarantee that everything you want will be available.  However, I will do my best to update the album as things sell.  

And while you're at it, be sure to check out my eBay listings, too!  You can see all of them HERE.  I have lots of great stuff, including some nude Barbies for OOAK projects, happy meal toys, tons of LIV dolls, a Princess Luna pony, a TLC Moxie Teenz doll, and more.

And of course, Mother Gothel is waiting there too.  So if any of you have been wanting a delightfully evil diva to add to your collection for a reasonable price, here's your chance! ;)  However, she will not be in her current garb.  She will actually be without clothing.

Which brings me to my last point.  I have to apologize ahead of time for the large number of naked fashion dolls in my eBay listings.  I just flat out didn't have enough clothing to go around this time.  Sorry if this offends any of my readers. :{     

P.S.  Wowee!!!  I just looked at my stats and saw that I've officially gone over 200.000 pageviews!! :D  You guys are awesome. :)


All AG said...

Awww, I wanted Laureyce doll! To bad because, my Clove doll I wany would not be happy! xD

Nikki O. said...

Is item JLY #3, blonde hair, blue eyes, still available? (

If yes, how much would you charge for shipping to 64506?


beastsbelle said...

Hi All AG. :) I've had 2 people ask about Lauryce already, so she's as good as sold at this point...sorry about that. At least there won't be any problems between her and Clove. ;)

Nikki, I've had someone ask about JLY #3 already, but you'll be next in line if anything falls through. I'll check on the shipping for you just in case. :)

MulanFan_95 said...

Poor Gothel. I've never re-dressed mine because I'm afraid she'll hit me or something hahaha Lol. Today's my birthday btw. So I got some money to spend on new dolls... Hopefully Maximus and the new Wedding Rapunzel.

beastsbelle said...

Lol...yeah, she does have a pretty severe expression. ;)

Happy Birthday! :D I can't wait to hear what you get!

misspiggy=awesome said...


beastsbelle said...

Hi Nikki,

Yes, Kaya is still available. I've sent you an email. :)

Christine said...

Will you be listing any more dolls on eBay in the future?

beastsbelle said...

Yes, I will. At this point I don't have any Disney dolls, but I may by the time I list again.

I always do a post here before I do a listing, so you shouldn't miss it. ;)