Friday, January 11, 2013

EBay Updates (Including a Complete List of Items For Sale)

Hey guys...just another quick post.  I've managed to get the majority of my stuff up on eBay, but I still have about 15-17 more listings to go.  Our family has caught a bad flu bug, so I probably won't get the rest of the items listed until tomorrow, as I need to be nursemaid to my little gals. ;)

I wanted to mention things specifically since some items have Buy it Now prices (I already sold 2 items shortly after they were put up).

So, without further ado, here's everything that's up:

-My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Princess Luna (newly released)
-My Little Pony FIM Scootaloo from the Wedding Flower Fillies set
-My Little Pony FIM Apple Bloom from the Wedding Flower Fillies set
-Pullip Peter Pan Outfit and Accessories (complete)
-Mattel Barbie Veterinarian lot
-Lot of 11 My Little Pony G3 Ponies
-Vintage My Little Pony Dream Beauties Trim n' Grow "Sheertrimmer" in TLC/bait condition
-My Little Pony G3 Styling Pony Pinkie Pie
-Disney Store plush Wedding Rapunzel (this is Oldest Gal's doll that she's selling so she can have extra spending money on the birthday trip we're taking next month (heavily funded by Grandma) ;)
-Disney Fantasy Fashions Belle (those of you who follow "Belle's Bulletins" know her as "Isabella"
-Disney Classic Belle and Beast dolls (those of you who follow "Belle's Bulletins" know them as Marguerite and Raoul)
-"The Tenth Kingdom" NBC/Hallmark TV miniseries on VHS, unopened
-Disney Store 17" Singing Belle from 2010
-Moxie Teenz 1st wave Melrose, TLC
-My Little Pony Friendship is Magic WHITE Princess Celestia, newly released (hooray for accuracy!!) ;)
-My Little Pony FIM Lily Blossom pony

You can see everything HERE.

Things I will be listing tomorrow (with the exception of a few items if I hear back from a buyer within the family):

-American Girl Pre-Mattel Samantha, original meet outfit, bloomers, and shoes, off-brand tights and hair bow
-Disney Princess and Me Rapunzel doll, complete with her flower braid
-Autumn Rose Belle, NIB
-Winter Dreams Belle from KB Toys, NIB
-Dress Up Dreams Belle, deboxed for display only
-Mattel Prince Doll from early Beauty and the Beast set, played-with condition
-"So Happy Hannah" Baby Face Doll, Bathtub edition, played-with condition
-Various 80s/90s Barbie siblings (2 Stacies, 1 Kelly, 1 Kevin, 1 modern Chelsea friend)
-Slinky Dog toy from Toy Story
-Wizard of Oz Dorothy Barbie with light-up feet and Toto, deboxed and missing shoes
-Mattel Pose and Style Rapunzel, deboxed for display only (she was renamed "Romola" in "Belle's Bulletins", but never had the chance for much character development)
-Four different Thomas Kinkade Disney promo postcards:  Peter Pan, Snow White, Pinocchio, and The Princess and the Frog
-A brunette Corolle doll with 3 non-original outfits

Sigh...still so much to list.  I'll get things up as quickly as I can. ;)  If you have any questions about any of the items, you can comment or email me (  Talk to you later!

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