Saturday, March 9, 2013

Of Voting, Hailstorms, Nancy Ann, and Lalaloopsy (aka My Week) ;)

Howdy, all! :)  Hope you're having a great weekend.  I thought I'd finish this week off by sharing some of its highlights with you. :)

First, voting officially begins today on the Doll Wardrobe's Grand Photo contest.  There are a lot of great entries this time around, so be sure to stop by and check them out. :)  You can see details about the voting process HERE, and you can see all of the entries HERE.

The weather has had a difficult time making up its mind this week in my neck of the woods.  We've gone from beautiful sunshine and gorgeous blossoms to crazy hailstorms in the blink of an eye, and then back to perfect weather again.

This pic was taken in the middle of the hailstorm...

The hailstones were really coming down!

And just a day later, here are some of the pretty blossoms on the tree in our neighbor's yard.

On one of the sunnier days, I took some Lalaloopsy photos.  This was my first time doing outdoor photos of my Lalas, so I had fun playing around and experimenting with different looks and locations. :)

Lucky Lil' Bug enjoys the beautiful blossoms and spring weather.

Snowy Fairest and Scarlet Riding Hood sit and chat.


And Snowy again ;)

Playing "hide and seek" among the violets.

Snowy rests in the clover. 

Alice joins Snowy and Scarlet for a visit in the sunshine.

Alice takes a walk. :)

In other news, on Wednesday, I got to meet with the local doll club for the third time.  I'm happy to announce that I'm now an official member of the club!  I'm so excited to join these sweet ladies every month.  Not only are they enjoyable to be around, but there is such a wealth of knowledge and history in the group.  I'm looking forward to knowing all of them better. :)  

Several months ago, a woman from my church very graciously gave me a box of Nancy Ann Storybook dolls from the 1940s.  They were all in TLC condition, but still adorable and sweet.  I decided to share them with the ladies from the group.  Some of the gals remember receiving Nancy Ann dolls when they were girls, and they all enjoy the line, so it was great to be able to pass some of the dolls along.  I was given a total of 28 dolls, so there's no way I would have been able to have room for all of them anyway. ;)

Here are 3 of the 7 that I kept.

I think this one is my very favorite.  Her name is "Quaker Maid".

Because this batch of dolls was given to me, I ended up working together with another of the ladies to talk about Nancy Ann dolls at the monthly meeting this past week.  It was a little unnerving to talk about a line of dolls I was not very familiar with (especially in a room of ladies who are all very knowledgeable about dolls), but they were all very sweet about it. Through my research for the meeting, I learned a lot about the Nancy Ann line that I didn't know before (I hope to share some of that info with all of you at a later date), and it was good for me to stretch myself and step out of my comfort zone a bit. ;)

Next month I'll be speaking again, this time on American Girl face molds. :D  I'm super excited to share with the ladies about that.  They were very surprised to find that there were 8 different molds and seem to be looking forward to it. :)

And to finish off a great week, I got to have a date night with Hubby last night. :D  I can't even remember the last time we were both able to get away. :)  We had a great time (thanks, Mom, for watching the kiddos). ;)

I think I've just about covered everything.  I know this post was a bit random and jumbled, but hopefully you'll be able to enjoy it anyway. ;)  Have a lovely weekend, and I'll be back next week with more blogging fun. :)


Anonymous said...

Great! I'll vote for you ;)

beastsbelle said...

Aww, thanks. :) I honestly want people to vote for their favorites, whether they're mine or not. But I appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

I know. I <3 your pictures, though. That's why I'm voting for them ;D
I'll vote for others, obviously :D

beastsbelle said...

Thanks. :)

olivia said...

those la la loopsies are soooooooooo cute! where did you get them?


beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Olivia. I found most of them through the Lalaloopsy forum. I swapped for some Lalaloopsies that I had. :)

You can see the fan club here (you'll have to copy and paste, and you have to join to see the actual threads):

olivia said...

ok, well do you know if they sell them in stores?

God Bless

beastsbelle said...

They do sell Lalaloopsies in stores such as Target, Walmart, and Walgreen's. The Fairy Tale ones I found are no longer currently in stores, so you have to find them online. There are still plenty of other cute ones available though. :)