Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review: Doll Outfit from Trendy Dolls

Today I wanted to share a fun doll outfit with you.  I was recently contacted by Trendy Dolls with an offer to send me some of their products for review.  And of course, I was thrilled to accept. :)

Trendy Dolls is run by a mother daughter team who offer fashions and accessories for 18" dolls, such as American Girl, at discounted prices.  You can visit their online shop HERE.  You can also sign up for their newsletter if you want to receive coupons and promotions.  

I was very impressed with the company's friendly communication and quick shipping.  And as for the product?  Well, let's take a look:  

Here's a first look at the items right out of the package.

And here they are!  The clothing model is an Alexander Girlz 18" doll from the Madame Alexander Company, my mom's latest Goodwill find.  I thought it would be fun to show her off at the same time.  ;)

As you can see, Trendy Dolls sent me a ruffled pink shirt, white leggings, and some ADORABLE pink lace-up boots/tennies (I'm not even sure what to call them). :)

Here's how they look from the back.

The shirt is very cute and girly in pink.   

The bodice is accented with pink lace and pink flowers.

A closer look at the back of the shirt.  The straps on this particular shirt were a bit uneven, but it was more noticeable in the back than in the front.

The leggings are nicely made (and just what I needed for my doll wardrobe).  I'm looking forward to mixing and matching these with some of my other doll outfits.  

The leggings from the back.

And what can I say about these shoes?  They are just adorable!!  The lace-up front makes them very easy to get on and off of the doll's feet.  Young ones will probably need some help tying the shoes.  They appear to be very well-made and are definitely my favorite part of the outfit. :) 

I think the as-yet-unnamed Alexander Girlz doll is happy with her new duds, too. ;)  Here she is with my latest Goodwill squee:  mini Elizabeth for 99 cents!! Yep, it was a good week. ;)

I also wanted to try this outfit on one of my American Girl dolls so you could see that it fit them too.

The top is a bit snug but still fits nicely.

I personally feel that this type of top looks better on dolls with vinyl shoulders, such as the Alexander Girlz, but a lot of that is just personal preference. ;)   

And, of course, I had to include another shot of the shoes.  Aren't they just adorable? :D

You can find this outfit on Trendy Dolls' website HERE.

I would definitely recommend stopping by their shop and browsing through their great items.  You can also connect with them through their blog or through Facebook.

I'd like to thank Trendy Dolls for sending me this product and giving me the opportunity to get to know a little more about them. :)


Miss.Superman said...

Aww that outfit is soo cute! So is a lot of their other stuff on the site. If I had any 18" dolls I would totally spoil them with clothes from Trendy Dolls.

Cindybin said...

Cute outfit--I love those shoes!

beastsbelle said...

Me too...but you probably got that from the post. ;)

Izzy Zhao said...

Please do a review on the mini ag! I tried to contact you via email but you didn't reply.

beastsbelle said...

I'll see what I can do, Izzy. Sorry I didn't get back to you...I couldn't find your email for some reason. :(

leah said...

I don't think Maggie would wear that.

beastsbelle said...

Definitely not. ;)