Monday, September 9, 2013

Ever After High Briar Beauty and Apple White Dolls

I thought it was about time to get pictures of these gals up since I've had them for over a month now. :}  Sorry to keep everyone waiting.

Before I delve into this post, I wanted to say a quick thank you to all of my Pinterest followers.  I hit 200 followers on Sunday and gained 3 more by the afternoon.  I've been having waaay too much fun pinning stuff. ;)

I also wanted to let you know that I posted a video on YouTube today...a singing video.  So if any of you are interested in hearing me attempt to sound halfway decent with no music, sitting in my bedroom with a little point-and-shoot camera, while you stare at an unmoving picture of my doll rooms, the link is HERE.  Doesn't it sound thrilling?  ;)

Okay, now on to some doll pics!  I'm combining Briar Beauty and Apple White's pictures in one post because I already did quite detailed reviews of Maddie and Raven, so this is more of a "filling in the blanks" post rather than an extensive one.  If you missed my earlier reviews, you can see Raven's HERE and Maddie's HERE.

Oh, and before I forget, those of you who are interested in the Ever After High dolls will be happy to know that the "Legacy Day" dolls have started showing up in Justice Stores.  (You can see great video reviews of them on YouTube.  Click HERE for Raven, HERE for Briar, and HERE for Apple.)  Also, some people have reported that the Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman pack has started showing up at Walmart.  All of the dolls are supposed to be available in stores (besides just Justice) in time for the holidays, so keep an eye out.  My area only has the original four so far.  Phooey. ;)

Okay, really...I'm getting to the post now...I promise. :}

Here are Briar Beauty and Apple White in their boxes.

We'll start with Apple.  Here's the front of her box.

A closer look at her face.

Like the other dolls in the series, the side of her box looks like a storybook.

The back of the box.

And a few details:

The other side of the box.

Apple's story bookmark.  I didn't take pics of Apple or Briar's stories for this post, but by now you can find them pretty easily online.

Apple's apple purse.

Ever After High logo.

Here she is out of the plastic.

I would NOT want to have to walk in these shoes!

Apple, free from her cardboard prison. ;)  She comes with her bookmark story, her purse, her stand, and her brush.

Here's a closer look at Apple herself. 

Her hair tends to fall in her face, but it can be swept to the side so it's not in her eyes as much.

I was disappointed when I first removed Apple from the box.  She had this huge thin patch on her head.

Thankfully, with a little rearranging of her hair, it looked fine.  I think a lot of it was just the way her hair lay in the package.

And speaking of her hair, my Apple's hair isn't too bad, but I don't think these curls will hold up well to a lot of play.  If I was getting one of these for my daughters, Raven would probably be the best option because her hair is lower maintenance.  

My Apple had this shiny patch on her face, which concerned me at first.  Thankfully, it was easy to remove with a Lysol wipe.

Her dress

Her necklace, shrug, and bodice.

A closer look at her skirt.

Her purse is really cute, but it comes apart easily.

Great for storage, but keep an eye on that purse top, moms, or it will disappear in the playroom. ;)

Apple's shoes are very bright and cheerful.

They have apple motifs on the back.

I didn't undress Apple or Briar for this photo shoot because I wanted them to stay as mint as possible.  If you have any specific questions about them that I missed in this simple review post, feel free to leave them in the comments below. :)

Now for a look at Briar:

Box front

Side view

Back of the box

A closer look at some of the details:

The other side

Briar without her plastic shell.

Her pretty, rosebud-like dress.

Crazy tights and pretty heels (once again, though, I don't envy her...I wouldn't want to walk in these either). ;)

Her purse

Her bookmark story

Every time I take this type of picture, I so want to go into the 80s toy commercial voice.  You remember:  "Briar Beauty comes with everything you see here.  Other toys and accessories sold separately." ;)  

Anyway, she comes with her bookmark story, her stand, her brush, and her purse.

Briar, showing a bit of attitude.  Hmm, we'll have to work on that. ;)

I really like her pretty pink sunglasses.

I love that her purse looks like a pillow.  I guess that way she can take short naps if she needs to . ;)

Side view of the purse.

My original plan was to keep Briar and Apple completely dressed and mint, but I ended up needing to change her clothing for another photo shoot, so I had to take her necklace/sleeves off.

They attach in the back with a hole and a "stick" (for lack of a better word) in the plastic.  There's probably a technical term I'm missing here. ;)

Her bodice is plain with two clear straps holding it up.

For those of you who are planning to display Briar, I would highly recommend keeping her necklace and sleeves attached with the rubber band.  Ever since I took it off it's been difficult to keep it closed and laying correctly on her shoulders. :(

Here are the two friends together.

I really love photographing this line. :)

Overall thoughts?  I'm really enjoying the Ever After High dolls.  I do wish their facial expressions had a little more variety and suited their personalities a little more, and I wish their skirts were just a little bit longer.  However, I'm loving their posability and the fun idea behind the line.

Since I have all four dolls, I thought it would be fun to get some pics of them all together.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Hope you enjoyed the post!  Stay tuned for Wednesday's post, when I'll talk about another clothing alternative for the Ever After High girls. :)


BlackKitty said...

The promo photos made it look like Raven and Apple had the same skin tone. Raven would have looked so good with porcelain skin. Although your Apple is pretty good - everyone else's I've seen had terribly crooked eyes.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not a fan of these dolls BUT Briar is my favorite!! I think she is really pretty!! ( I prefer dark hair )

beastsbelle said...

Hi BlackKitty. A Raven with porcelain skin would have definitely added to her supposed villain look. I have to admit, I really like her the way she is. Apple's skin tone is almost a little too porcelain for my taste, especially since her coloring is so fair.

I had the blessing of a mom who picked my dolls out in person, and she's got a great eye for detail, so I didn't have to worry about crooked eyes. ;)

Hi Anonyous. I like Briar's coloring, too. :)

Heather said...

Oh I really love Apple, she's really grown on me! She looks really good in the colors they've chosen for her with her complexion.

I also really love Briar's thorny tights but she still remains my least favorite of the line. She's just not as visually interesting to me as the other girls.

I also have Maddie and really love her. I'm very excited for the Ashlynn and Hunter pack too!

Anyways I really love your photos of them together!

misspiggy=awesome said...

Clothes option? *starts anxiously waiting for Wednesday*
Seriously, all my Only Hearts Club clothes are pink or yellow with the exception of a purple nightgown- but you can't wear a nightie all day, can you?
(I wish.)
peace, love, llamas,

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Heather! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

misspiggy=awesome, sorry to disappoint, but I found alternative clothing for everyone BUT Maddie. Her coloring is definitely difficult to match. :}

You may not find the post all that helpful, since it was your suggestion of the Only Hearts clothing that led to my post idea. :{

Nina said...

Cool! I love these dolls! I really want Ashlynn Ella, because she's beautiful and my cousin's name is Ella!

Apple White is really pretty, too. I love her apple purse!

beastsbelle said...

My youngest really likes Ashlynn Ella because she's a huge Cinderella fan. :)

I'm looking forward to the Ashlynn and Hunter set because I'd really like to see the articulation on the male dolls. :)

Anonymous said...

I really want the Apple White doll! Snow White is my favorite princess so that pretty much explains why I want her :)

beastsbelle said...

Apple White is Middle Gal's favorite for the same reason. ;)

TG said...

I just found your blog and love it. I'm so happy to know there is another person in their 30s who enjoys collecting!

You have me wanting to get one of these dolls now.

Have you ever heard of Volks Dollfies? They are these amazing Japanese dolls that look so lifelike.

beastsbelle said...

Hi TG, thanks for stopping by! :) I'm glad you're enjoying the blog, and like you, I'm always happy to meet another fellow collector, especially one from the same age bracket. ;)

Hee hee...sorry...I guess I'm a bad influence. ;) I have the same problem when I visit other doll blogs. ;)

I've heard of the Volks Dollfies but they are way out of my price range. :} They look beautiful, though!

leah said...

where do we go to find the story the comes with them?

beastsbelle said...

Leah, you could try the Ever After High Dolls Facebook Page (click it to go there). It's a fan page that often shares detailed photos of dolls. I know they've posted at least some of the other doll stories. Hope this helps! :)