Thursday, February 13, 2014

American Girl New Releases

Hey everyone!  I wanted to do a quick post today sharing the brand new releases from American Girl, just in case any of you weren't aware of them.  It was fun to see some new releases for the Historicals as well as the My AG line. :)  Most of the Historical outfit sets are out of my price range, but it's still nice to see that the Historical line is getting new things. :)  I've added links underneath each picture, so just click on the names of the items to visit their pages on the American Girl website. 


$24 for the coat, $34 for the umbrella and boots

$30 for the swimsuit and cover-up, $34 for the swim gear (click the link for more details)

$24 for the outfit and $24 for the accessories

$95 for the table and chairs, $34 for the chair covers and table accessories 

There are some fun new things, but I don't think anything will come home with me at this point. :)  My favorites are the Double Bow Dress, the Rainy Day Outfit, Kit's Candy-Making Set, and Kit's Hairstyling Set.  Which of the new releases is your favorite? :)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I'm really excited to see a new dress for Kaya (I have her)! Sometimes it feels like Ag is neglecting their historical characters, because there's years between new releases.

beastsbelle said...

I was excited to see the new Historical releases, too. It does seem like many of the new things are focused on the My AG line. :)

Cindybin said...

It's all cute stuff, but I could never bring myself to pay that much, especially when I could make the dresses and things myself. I'd rather spend the money on a doll--which of course I can't make myself, lol.

Heather said...

I love that they are releasing new historical things even if they are out of my price range. I especially love the old fashioned make up that comes with Rebecca's set.

If you look at the pages past Isabelle's stuff there is even more new stuff for Bitty Baby and the Bitty Twins and also the MyAGs. There's some really cute vintage inspired sunglasses I'll have to get for my Kit and some tights that are sold separately too.

Gods Girl said...

Ooh, new historical releases! Thanks for sharing (esp. on facebook), otherwise, I would have probably missed them for a while. :)

Anonymous said...

I was really excited to see a new outfit for Kaya, and then I saw the price.
GOOD GRAVY, $64??!!
I don't care if it's a "limited edition" or comes with the drum, that's waaaayyy too much for a play doll outfit. In fact, I wouldn't pay that much for an outfit for one of my Ellowynes, and their clothes are far more high quality, detailed, fancy, etc. Grrrrr.
Ah well. I like the new hair stuff for the historical dolls, and I'm eyeing Caroline's (is the fake ponytail thing the right color for Elizabeth?), Addy's (adorable hair net!), and Rebecca's (love that vintage curling iron!).
Anyway, I think AG needs to remember that first and foremost, these are playthings for little girls, collectors' items second, and shouldn't be status symbols for the rich little girls to show off. :(

--Kate :)

Jen said...

I can't see anything I'm even remotely tempted by, which is sad. The MyAG sets aren't particularly inspiring, I'm baffled as to why some historicals get $64 outfit sets while others get $20 accessory kits, and of course $64 ARE YOU SERIOUS.

I'm thinking more and more of my doll funds are going to be directed toward the Pullip side of things...

Gracie said...

Happy Valentine's day! <3

Anonymous said...

I have a random question. I've seen your doll rooms on Jane Austen and Unicorns, and they look really different. Could you do some kind of updated tour on them?

beastsbelle said...

Such is the dilemma, Cindybin. ;) I don't even spend that much on clothes for me! ;) My mom pointed out that Kit's set is probably the best value for the price since it has so many extra goodies, especially most of the outfits by themselves are around $32. It's still a bit over my budget, though. :}

Heather, I agree. I'm glad that the Historicals are not being overlooked. :)

I think that most of the new items behind Isabelle's were released in an earlier release in January, but I may be mistaken on that.

You're welcome, God's Girl! :)

Hi Kate! Sorry about your disappointment over Kaya's new outfit. It is really cute, but I can understand not wanting to pay that much.

I really like the hair things, too. I don't think Caroline's accessories would work well for Elizabeth, though, because Caroline's hair is a much paler blonde.

Hi Jen. The prices are definitely high this time around. Again, I'm still glad to see new Historical releases, but it would be nice if they could split up the sets like they're doing for Isabelle's stuff. That way, we could pick and choose what we wanted from each set. :)

Your Pullips are amazing, so I'm glad you'll be doing more active collecting for them. Can't wait to see your next set of customs! :)

Thanks, Gracie! :)

Hi Anonymous. Lol, I was just looking at my rooms this morning and thinking it was about time for an updated video tour. I'm not sure how soon I can get it up, but I will definitely see to that in the future. :)